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A Special Pre Release Anne Lange and Shehanne Giveaway

A Special Pre Release Anne Lange and Shehanne Giveaway

Now, we all know what this is, don’t we? This logo means just what it says. Whereas a nice Christmas pic… Like this….


Or this….


Means another one of my lovely Advent Calendar guests. We’ve had four so far all told, counting Cat, Julia and Steve, horror writers extraordinaire,  individually.

Today…well, you can see what today is, the second line of the 12 Days of Christmas  which started yesterday over on Anne Lange’s blog-


and which I introduced here too. https://shehannemoore.wordpress.com/2013/12/09/on-the-first-day-of-christmas/

Since we’re both sharing the same release date courtesy of the just revamped Etopia Press. Anne with the Rush imprint, me with Raw Silk. Just click the pic if you want to see some of the fab books or the submission guidelines.


So, the second day of Christmas our true loves gave to us… We know the song says Turtle Doves. turtel

emblems of devoted love, before any of you start thinking  handy for the Christmas table.

A migratory species with a southern Palearctic range, also known as the European Turtle Dove. Will I stop boring on for turtle doves now and show you what Anne and I came up with? Yes…….


Yes. Lace stockings. Anne mainly since I was a bit busy.

Oh all right. I’ll behave now… Or rather….NOT.red_stockings

Look…. Anne picked this pic.

What have stockings to do with Loving Lady Lazuli? Apart from the fat the top pair are more what she might wear to put the hero off……? Why, the little tidbit I want to share today..

Here’s two tiny tasters, one for each leg.

Let go of my stockings, Ruby.” Cass continued folding them. “And stop arguing. I don’t have time. The carriage will be here soon. I’ve made up my mind. Anyway he has things I want.”

She meant the papers of course.


“Miss Armstrong…”

“Yes, Lord Hawley.”

“What do you think you’re doing?”

What did he think she was doing? With his wrist, a piece of stocking, and the bedrail? What did it look like for goodness sake? That she was practicing her embroidery?

“I’m making you comfortable. My way.”

……..copyright Shehanne Moore. Etopia Press

So what do you think she was doing? Telling  I could ask you to leave an answer in the comments section to enter the giveaway but the answer might surprise you. Instead I’m doing as Anne did and asking you to tell me your fav Christmas song or carol.

rmblings4There’s no prizes for it being ours, but there is an ecopy of Loving Lady Lazuli, (not available till 17th Jan.) And a cover keyring for a randomly drawn commenter.  Anne has goodies too over on her blog.