A native of Scotland, I believe -About

I believe Ms. Moore is a native of Scotland……


sheyseToo right namesake author Erin Moore! Shehanne is a Dundonian by birth, stayed over the water in Newport-On-Tay for a while and now lives in Broughty Ferry, with her husband Mr Shey. She has two daughters.

What hasn’t she worked at while pursuing her dream of becoming a published author, which was why she was delighted to sell The Unraveling of Lady Fury to Etopia Press six days after subbing it  She sold her second, His Judas Bride on the day Lady Fury released. Since then Shehanne has launched her London jewel thieves series with  Loving Lady Lazuli and brought out her fourth book, The Viking and The Courtesan- a time slip story – with Soul Mate publishing. She has also been contracted for Splendor, the second jewel thieves  and The Writer and The Rake (working title) the prequel to the Viking and The Courtesan.

When not writing intriguing historical romance, where goals and desires of sassy, unconventional heroines and ruthless men, mean worlds collide, or hugging inn signs in her beloved Scottish mountains, she plays the odd musical instrument and loves what in any other country, would not be defined, as hill-walking….




57 thoughts on “A native of Scotland, I believe -About”

  1. Thank you for nominating me for the ABC Award. I have finally passed it on! Here is what i wrote. Smiles.

    I have nominated you for the A B C Award for blogging. I hope you will accept this award and pass it along to other deserving blogs. Please visit the page below to read the details. Thanks for your great work!

  2. Hi there.

    First of all, you probably already know how incredibly envious i am of you living in that wonderful place, God’s own country, especially having spent a week or so up there in Glen Coe just very recently (apart from enjoying the stunning surroundings, I did lots of writing too in the evenings, except for one when I was huddled up in a bivvi), so I won’t dwell on that.. it’s easy t see where you get much of your inspiration from though….

    Anyhow, that’s what brings me here – I wasn’t quite sure where to post this so I settled on right here. I’d really like to read and review one of your books, but as they’re quite a long way outside my usual genres (which I’m trying to expand upon), I was just wondering if you’d like to recommend one, one that you think would be best suited to someone reading you for the first time…


    • Firstly Paul, How wonderful to hear from you over here! I know from your inspirational posts you love it up our way. Glencoe is a favourite place on earth for me. In every weather. We’ll…as you say….avoid the bivvy night. The weather is purty changeable there. Goes with the turf. But hey…gives lots to write about once you get over the hypothermia!

      Okay. Loving that my books are outwith your usual genre. I’m actually humbled that you are considering reading them. I would say I don’t …er …quite do the norm that way. I just can’t. I should provide the hard hat here. Especially to anyone considering me for the first time! I’m actually surprised that some men do read me though!

      Ok.. I guess it depends what you are after. His Judas Bride and Loving Lady Lazuli are darker than Fury, although they all have characters who don’t have much more to lose, except the one thing they are desperately holding onto. When I say dark, they are more impossible romps than anything with a lot of black humour. I do leave the bedroom door open but I don’t centre the book on that.
      His Judas Bride is set in Glencoe. I may have called it Lochalpin but it is Glencoe and I was heavily inspired by the area to write it, using several places. Lazuli is in Berkshire. Fury ..Genoa.
      Lol…isn’t this just no help at all? !!

  3. lol.. Possibly a cigarette paper’s difference between help and no help, but based purely on the Glen Coe connection, I’ve opted for ‘His Judas Bride’… It’ll probably be about three weeks before I get round to actually reading/reviewing it but as I’m sure some of the authors I’ve already reviewed would tell you, that’s pretty much the norm unfortunately – tweeted and on my kindle and TBR now as we speak…

    Best wishes

    • Paul, you’re a sweetheart really. You didn’t have to do that. Especially as I’m as much help as a soleless shoe up a mountain. Totally gobsmacked at your interest and kindness. next time you’re up in the Glen lemme me know. if I’m there we could grab a drink in the Boots bar! We’re back not this weekend but next. Thank you for tweeting too. Yir a gent . Hugs xx

  4. Awww thanks. You’ve always been kind enough to take the time to’like’ and comment on some of my posts, and besides, it gives me the opportunity to read something new and exciting, and even possibly learn from for my own writing. I’ll give you a shout next time I’m up your way again, just so long as you’re not too put off by me probably turning up in my dirty old mud covered land rover (though I’m sure most people are probably used to them in Scotland).

    Best wishes as always,

    • heavens Paul, you any idea what I can come off the hills like? I’m not going there about the last time. Thank you. truly. It’s a pleasure to read your posts. And you’re very good to writers.

  5. Gorgeous pics! 🙂

  6. Hugs xxxx

  7. Thumbs up!!! leaving for Glencoe first thing tomoz. Will get that post done when I get back. Thanks again and congrats yourself

  8. Hello! Just dropping by to nominate you for the Versatile Blogger Award!

  9. Bonjour SHEHANNE
    L’amitié c’est une main qui vous soutient
    Dans la douleur et le désarroi
    Sans trahison
    C’ est une oreille qui écoute
    Tantôt votre peine, tantôt votre joie
    Et au plus proche de vous pour vous soutenir
    C’est un regard qui vous regarde
    Jusqu’au plus profond de votre âme
    Et qui cherche à vous comprendre
    C’ est un coeur qui s’ ouvre
    Et jamais ne se referme
    Sans en être le juge
    Très belle journéeée mon Amie ou Ami
    Quelle belle amitié ces petits oiseaux et quel partage

  10. I will start with the Vikings book. I suspect they might be my ancestors:)
    Your country is beautiful and Edinburgh is one of my favorite places.

    • You are an absolute darling and from a fell bonnie place yourself. I know I have some Viking ancestors cos my dad had a tendon condition that is apparently ladi at their door. Maybe we are related !!!!x

      • I have no doubts we are related thanks to Vikings 🙂 Look forward to reading your book. Starting tomorrow night ( a few pages left to finish of the previous one). Thank you for writing! Sharing your gift is the purpose of life.

    • Also, huge lines of my mother’s family were from Ireland. The Moores were from Cavan, the Lees from Derry and then…well the Morgans said they were Irish. They are a mystery though.

  11. Thanks for all the photos! They’re lovely (including the one of you), and make me more determined than ever to come back to Scotland someday. I love your style (writing and blogging–looked around a little bit). Thanks for the visit today and for the Kev post recently.

    • Elouise! How lovely to meet you. Kev does so much unsung work for everyone else, I wanted to do something for him. I love that you have been to Scotland. Your post was so nice to read in every way. You’re too kind re the photos and everything else but I hope if you come back you let me know. xxxxx

  12. Bonjour mon Ami ou Amie SHENANE

    Le sourire c’est un rayon de soleil
    Comme un brin de lumière
    Qui descend sur la terre
    Il apporte dans le cœur
    Un instant de bonheur
    Bonne et agréable matinée
    Avec une superbe journée

    Belle semaine à venir



  13. Coucou et bonjour SHENANE

    Je ne suis guère présent
    Je passe chez toi malgré tout
    Pour déposer une petite pensée
    J’espère être une petite note de gaité
    Pour agrémenter ta journée ainsi que ta semaine
    Même si les mots pleurent
    Je te laisse un sourire
    Pour apporter dans ton cœur
    Un petit instant de bonheur
    Bon début de semaine

    Bisous d’amitié

  14. Amazing photographs! I love how the land we live in, whether by birth or choice, influences our writing.

    • Jean, how lovely to meet you. I was just over reading all about you again because what you’d said about where you grew up had struck a chord earlier. The bit about meeting places as a writer especially. Now you’ve left this comment which is it exactly. It is so true. We do love the land we live in because it shapes us–it’s more than just pride–and it does influence what we write. I’m no photographer. The scenery so just so stunning, it’s hard to get a bad picture of it.

      • Ha! Yes, it’s a big help when the land is so photogenic. The land has always resonated as a piece of the fantastic to me: when I was a child, my favorite outdoor game was to imagine myself in Narnia. The land is full of magic, when one takes the time to sense it.

      • Lolf, for me it’s a big help that the land is photogenic! The land is full of magic, you are so right. Glencoe where the mountain pics are from, is a place of the most savage grandeur. Yet you go explore the lands on the other side of it and they are so very different. It’s as if some almighty fist reached down and grabbed up the earth and stone to create Glencoe. I see we must have been similar children. I was always imagining myself somewhere else. I also thought yesterday, what you said about what you had as a child growing up place wise. I grew up in one of the kind of area they built to replace the city slums. In many ways it was like living in an outpost. Going right back there weren’t even shops, Just a row of sheds selling things. There were no buses on Sundays. Talk about a world that’s gone.

  15. Thank you for stopping by and taking a peek over on my blog. I have two. I live life in recovery, and I am a book promoter many fine authors. I am always happy to stop by your fabulous website “-)

    And? I wish I could find the time to write so I can get my second and third books out. And I love reading about your life in Scottland, a destination on my “bucket list!” LOL.
    Stop by my book promo blog anytime. We have many genre offerings 🙂

    Author & Recovery Columnist, Catherine Townsend-Lyon XO

    • Oh my, Catherine, you have totally made my day here in freezing cold, blitzed– I would like to say kissed– by hailstones Scotland. But no this is a blitzing. You are very very kind. It means so much to me if someone likes coming by. I am coming right over to your blog, richt the noo as we say. I wish you the best in getting your other books out. Writing isn’t just a touch biz, you have to be on top of everything in order to get the words bashed out don’t you? I have never been more aware of that than right now with a looming deadline to deliver a book.I can’t just say, oh I have done so many words today, time out. Anyway, I am off to see all your blogs xxx

      • LOL … Well, I don’t like deadlines myself. But I did take on a new project which helps me stay in “in recovery!” … I am a new columnist for In Recovery Magazine and my first column debuts in the June Issue… So now I have deadlines … YIKES! LOL.

        It only comes out quarterly, so I have 3 months to interview recovery writers & authors for: “The Authors Cafe” … I enjoy it! Very different than just righting articles or a book.

        I hope you enjoy exploring my blogs. And Now I can say I have a new friend in Scotland! My very first XOXO


      • Love it re the Scottish friend. You do indeed. AND I will be using your services when the next book releases. Best of with the June issue, YIKES and all. Sometimes you just need to leap from the cliff… (well, sort of…… Well? Whose idea to break a leg was this?) Seriously, the very best on this column to you xx

    • Ps, you are a brave lady, you write so honestly x I checked your promo sight. Have book arked it. Will get a proper look later tonight. Thank you for leaving the link x

  16. Likewise lovely to meet a fellow Scot. Love your blog, not a genre I have read much in the past, but your blog and writing certainly draws me in and interests me. Look forward to reading more of your work, Iain 🙂

    • Iain, yir very kind. BTO it ain’t a genre I’ve read much myself but there, why worry about such things? I love that you have film reviews and artwork etc as well as writing on your blog. Plenty to dip into there and yes it is good to meet a fellow Scot. Tell yah we seem thin on the ground. x

  17. so glad I happened onto your blog – love the fun & adventurous spirit here 🙂

  18. Bonjour ou Bonsoir ★* *★ SHEHANNE

    Ce jour
    J’écoute Le Vent

    Me souffler des mots puissants et attachants
    A mon oreille il est venu me murmurer

    Des élans d’amitié avec des envies de liberté

    Me dire combien notre amitié compte entre toi et moi
    Une Amitié avec un grand A
    je te souhaite une excellente journée ou soirée’
    Une douce belle journée si je suis de journée

    Ou une tendre nuit si mon passage est du soir

    Gros bisous


  19. the place looks nice, love the picture pf the the forest 🙂

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