The Starkadder Sisters Jewel Thief Quiz



The Starkadder Sisterhood London Jewel Thieves  From Loving Lady Lazuli

Okay, so, you just pulled your latest heist and now you need to escape with the loot. Just how far will you get? In other words which jewel thief are you?

Sapphire, Pearl, Ruby, Amber, TOPAZ, Splendor or Diamond?

You’re stuck with a set of diamonds in a locked room. Do you


A. Think what a mess the girls made, I really need to tidy up

B. Don the chimney sweep’s outfit and start climbing.

C. Cower a bit but hide under the desk till the coast is clear.

D. Not a clue. Just get caught. But drink that glass of wine first.

E. Take down anyone who gets in your way

F. Panic and take off your clothes to woo some sexy man

G Nick the candlesticks as well.

saff w

It’s Christmas Eve and having nicked a necklace you accept a lift home but the coach slows. Do you

A. Say the floor needs cleaned

B. Kiss the smexy guy and shove the jewels in his pocket

C. Say what is a necklace?

D. Open a bottle of gin and offer some to the sexy guy

E Kill everyone including the sexy guy

F Leap out the coach and hope for the best

G Nick the coach.

You are crawling a long a rooftop with a sack of silver plate when someone below sees you

A You wouldn’t be doing this

B. Keep going cos you know what you’ll get if you don’t

C Say what is a roof?

D Throw the sack away now you’ve been discovered. There’s more to life.

E Berate the world

F. Deny everything. You are carrying this for some smexy guy

G Nick the chimney pot.

staradderYou’ve had enough of old Starkie, the man who has enslaved you. Do you

A Clean up the mess after someone runs him through.

B. Fake your own death and run away

C Run away cos you’re told to

D Run away and hope there’s gin

E Run him through

F Take the first offer that comes along, especially if it’s from a smexy guy

G Nick his pet snake.

You are going straight but now you must steal again. What do you think?saffy-244

A You were never a thief

B I said I was straight and I mean it

C Well, if people say so

D Long as there’s booze..

E Never. Not if it kills me and it might

F What is in it for me?

G What is going straight.

So how did you score?

Well mostly A’s…Splendor
B’s Sapphire
C’s Pearl
D’s Ruby
E’s Diamond
F’s Amber
G’s Topaz

Happy heisting.


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