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Totally unrelated to this post,  but not to the blog swop earlier this week with the lovely Christine Elaine Black……  https://shehannemoore.wordpress.com/2013/11/18/one-lovely-blog-swop-with-christine-elaine-black/con12

Yes. Richard 3rd as reconstructed from his skull and Richard 3rd as portrayed in The White Queen. I  made them look Chistmassy knowing it’s now onlyconv

to Christmas. That was as opposed to doing a poll on which do you prefer. Which Richard that is. Who is the sumexier one. Excuse me did you think I was going to poll  you about Christmas there and whether you prefer we drop it? Or whether I just shut up about it, when it is hardly my fault it is only 32 DAYS  away?

Okay, so, pick of the litter?  That may sound as if it is about this … pick_of_the_litter_cover_contest_badge

It’s all right I am not putting the dog in the poll, though the dog may say 31 days tomorrow.

I do  want to take a moment to thank the fabulous Amber Shah for her work on the cover of Lady Fury though, since I found out last night it took first place. I also entered the cover over here http://www.yougottaread.com/ voting is now on. Obviously I’m a’mooching.  There’s a cover contest tab and it brings the entries up.

No. Pick of the litter is who I’m going to go see next Saturday at Loud and Clear Day. bookweekorange2013The program is now out and there’s so much to choose from. conv1

  I quite fancy the whole day actually. Not only will Andy Jackson be reading from conv1

‘ a unique anthology of poems inspired by the city of Dundee and its surroundings. In it you will find poems about the city, its history, its architecture and its landscape, its peoples, both celebrated and ordinary. Poets range from Sir Walter Scott and William McGonagall through to contemporary voices such as Douglas Dunn and Don Paterson’ says the event blurb………OOOH!

There some stellar writers in the actual live writers’ line up, there’s some fabulous writers in the …er …dead writers line up too. Dickens, Shakespeare. There’s dramatized readings from Harry Potter,  a mega representation of foreign writers, the Rebel Poet of Bangladesh, Günther Grass, Noviolet Bulawayo AND readings from local poets, Beth McDonough, Fran Baillie, Keren MacPherson and Nikki Robson–all very active on the Dundee scene.

In fact you name it, it seems to be there, as you can see on the Dundee Uni link http://dura-dundee.org.uk/category/loud-and-clear/  It makes you realize Dundee is a city of culture, it doesn’t need the tag.

What a day! I’m just humbled to have opened the program today to see the following..

TheUnravelingOfLadyFury-ShehanneMoore-Draft25.10-5.30 Local Writers: Shehanne Moore reading from Lady Fury.

A little steam. A little ‘smex’. Lady Fury sets the rules and her sexy Captain must obey them – even though when he does, it nearly kills her! But so long as she produces the heir to the Beaumont dukedom does it matter if she loses her heart?

Come on… You might know I’m not gonna behave!