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A Special Pre Release Anne Lange and Shehanne Giveaway

Okay, so it’s an Anne and Shehanne naughty day in our special giveaway to in honor of the cover reveals for our same day upcoming releases from Etopia Press.


Day 6

on the song..which when I last added to it , looked like this.

Four red silk ti-eyes

Three French kisses,

French Kisses

Kiss Two lace stockings,

red stockings

And a brand new pretty red thong.

Red thong

Yes Anne’s whose giveaway looks like this….cover-reveal-giveaway-fwb1

added another line on Friday there while I was offski being all industrious, nicely answering Christmas questions here….


Yes. Anne threw this into the mix….


Five of them. The lovely Noelle Clark was concerned that we might not be able to fit the words to the tune. But it’s not Five Harry met Sallys…

It’s five…look, I am sure Anne meant the drink. convI mean, I hope Anne realizes the trouble I have had trying to find stock photo images here. And of course Anne and I have sung the song through. And we got it to fit perfectly. We just took our time.


So there is no reason for our lovely Noelle not to sing it specially for everyone.

As for following that….. There is only one way I can. That is by showing you all a piece of my cover. Here it is. Ta-Dah…


(Sprinkles glitter dust)

Now then, mine is the sixth day and on the sixth day the actual song says….

    Six–just let me make sure I spelt that correctly, these three letter words beginning in s and ending in x are hard.  Six geese a-laying.

I don’t know that needed to be changed. I have a hero who will lay anything….. No not eggs.  It just must be my mind is so grimy that …well…

Anyway  our line goes like this…

     SIX –

–again being very careful here…

          New Positions

So what are they? Well…

As you can see..


That’s five and now we have one more. conv

Sorry. Were we meaning other positions? Well…okay. Let’s  take it from Harry and Sally.


The crouch……


                             The wishful thinking


                     The Mile High club…not…


               Aliens just put their elbows together.


                  In the street with a tree  as cover. Aka the Fooling Santa. Or even the having had enough of this Christmas shit, ramming the tree where the sun doesn’t shine.


                    the It was this size honey.

  Oh, all right…


says there’s a hundred, so, it should be no trouble to find six. Do Saff and Dev, my heroine and hero? Now that would be telling. Let’s just say they find quite a few.

There you have today’s line and of course what Anne is sharing on her blog. http://authorannelange.com/2013/12/16/joy-to-the-world-and-lazy-geese/

As well as today’s tidbit from Loving Lady Lazuli.  I gave you that piece of the cover. What more do you want? Oh all right. The other day we had what they want. Now we have what they are…..


You might know I don’t do perfect heroes and heroines. As for their backstory that snowy Christmas Eve…..it’s simple.. saff and devv

Remember to enter the rmblings4

forget last week’s naughtiness regarding bedrails, ties and the When Harry Met Sally charade poll, just tell me your fav Christmas Song. Oh and please join me tomorrow when I have some fabulous recipes to share. Not mine by the way, so it’s quite safe.