A Little Slice of Raunch

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Welcome to Smexy Historical Romance…………


– Kate Furnivall, author, The Russian Concubine, The White Pearl. Shadows on the Nile

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-The Book Review

 But you’re here anyway, so pull up a chair. Don’t let the fact reviewers say


-The Book Review



– Incy Black, author, Hard to Hold

not to mention


Alison. Goodreads

devand casErin Moore, Author, Awakened by the Minotaur.

Incy Black, author, the Hard to Series.


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 who are


Kate Furnivall, author Shadows of the Nile.

deter you….unless your preference is for pretty flounces.  Mine is for flawed  ruthless anti-alphas and their equally dangerous ladies.

all the bad girls love a pirate

Carolee Croft- author The Vampire’s Lair.

Author Paul Andruss

Girls who don’t take their shit but dish it back shovel for shovel-load, till there’s total melt-down characters who,


—– Kate Furnivall, author, The Russian Concubine, The White Pearl. Shadows on the Nile

A collision of worlds. With the emphasis on smexy, trying not to forget we all…


-The Book Review


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As for the raunchy scenes….

But I also blog – tab in bar above, me too on occasion–here mainly on writing, as well as what today’s fancy is, Glencoe mountains, friends, films, Mr Shey, the difference between mushy peas and broccoli soup, hey, you name it, often inviting fellow authors to share books and experiences.



 My fictional character, Lady Fury, also blogs and has her own book-club. Just click the right above. For readers and lovers of Hot Scot Romance, please click the one below.


488 thoughts on “A Little Slice of Raunch”

  1. And YOU are the most talented, amazing girl and the kindest. Truly. Now I will be tearing ahead to get my current one finished, feeling I can do it now. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx to you. got tears here. xxxx

  2. Hi my name is DR. King powerfully and I am blogger. Can you follow me on my website and like and comments on all of it and share with other people please..i need Email follower on my website.

  3. Really great! The title caught my eye but this was an enjoyable read!

  4. I never get enough of your amazing posts. They are so beautiful and so entertaining, your books are awesome. Can’t say enough about you and how gifted you are. xxxx

  5. love your blog beautiful

  6. Looking wonderful, congrats. I love to travel and miss it during lockdown. Keep safe and well.

  7. Shey, your novels are beautiful, there covers gorgeous, you are a fabulously gifted ( and prolific) author ! Hats 👒 off to you my dear!
    Much love xxxx

    • My friend, you are so so kind, truly. I never think I’m very much at all so your words have given me the what’s needed to get this present book finished.Will work on it with passion tomorrow xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


    Your Welcome sweet

  9. Such a lot to be proud of, great reviews, beautiful enticing covers my Nana loves romance novels I will point her in your direction.

    • Charlotte, you’re too kind. Honestly. I’m never sure if what I write is actually romance. More two really difficult people finding an inch of space hey might be ok on. (No guarantees even then.) I would truly hate to disappoint your Nana that way!!But xxxxxxxxxxx Keep singing . This will all end soon and i know we will hear you back out there xx

  10. Absolutely great 👍

  11. Un petit bonjour SHEHANNE du matin ou d’après midi ou du soir
    Pour te souhaiter une bonne semaine avec des mots d’amitié.
    Que ce jour ne soit que douceur et bonne humeur !
    Chaque journée qui nous est donnée à vivre est une nouvelle chance pour cultiver le bonheur !
    Alors concentre-toi sur ce qu’il y a de meilleur et mets tout le reste de côté.
    Trouver sur le net bise Bernard

  12. Very powerful writing style!

  13. Being more than semi-Luddite I’d love to transpose your opening both to my wordpress blog, richwrapper, and to sent titers of delight to those staid facebook friends who think me curmudgeon enough without having Shehanne Moore cropping up to amuse, abuse, mortify and otherwise delight. I still do not read you – yet – but as Smexy as your come-read-mes are I need to go find a good clone-ist and make that newer version see what all the bub is about, hub. You give me hope that Scots part-o’-me will see a true rise from staid-sides.

    • My friend, please PULEASE, feel free re the opening. . Truly. So good to see you back here. Saw some of your posts cropping up again. Missed you, you know. xxxxxxxxxxx

  14. Bon Jeudi gentille fille
    “Faites-vous votre objectif de faire sourire quelqu’un ce jeudi par un petit acte de gentillesse, vous pourriez changer la vie d’une personne d’une manière que vous ne réalisez même pas.”

    “Le moindre acte de gentillesse vaut plus que la plus grande intention.”

    “Les jeudis et matins ne se mélangent pas. Rien ne va avec les matins.”

    “Une des meilleures choses que vous pouvez faire jeudi est de vous tenir pour responsable de vos objectifs.”
    bisous BERNARD

    • bernard25,

      Je parle (jusst enuff)
      To get me into trouble
      Gretat comment
      Je pense…
      Or is it…
      I thinks??
      To think
      or not to think?
      Or to drink?
      C’est la meme ‘to choose’?

  15. I am stupid.
    Too stupid to figure out how to comment on your posts that are, all over the place.
    But I’ll keep trying.
    Not sure if you will even see this, but I type it anyway:
    Your work is wonderful complex.
    And fascinating
    And deep.
    And brilliant

    • Man, YOU are epic. Your own posts are what we call here ‘pure braw’, especially in the irreverence stakes. Truly and yah did comment. Thank YOU as aye. Bottom of my heart . Forget my day, YOU just made my week. xx

      • You are so very kind and generous.
        I don’t know what to say
        I’ll just say
        Thank you from my heart.
        Bottom and top.

      • Listen, you’re the one who is kind and generous. I always love your no bullshit posts and I am truly honored you read mine.

      • “irreverence?”

        (Often a word loosely used to describe Lenny Bruce and his ‘sick’ humor)

        And I was tryin’ so hard to be relevant!



      • Yeah, Lenny Bruce was irreverent. The best people are. Reverent is way too boring seeing life through the rose tinteds cos they never really live it. SO you stick with it and keep the flame that way.

  16. Dear Good/Great Friend o’ Mine,
    You know it is my ‘policy’ to never ‘like’ w/o saying why.
    Leaving a comment.
    Just how I choose to roll.
    Do not fault those who choose to not roll this way!
    A like is a like of course of course.
    Never look a gift horrse in the mouth.

  17. Raynauds???

    Had to look that up.
    Never heard of it
    Hope it isn’t contagious
    On the Internet

    Don’t sound pleasant!

    I just survived WuFlu!
    No Big Shakes!

    Hope you are OK!


    You are a great friend to me.

    –Lance-a-Lot (Of BS)

    Thank you for all the times you have visited my feeble lame-azz blog.

    • Your blog ain’t feeble. I LOVE it. It is my kind of blog and like that I see many. Seriously I am aye ok. Hypothermia is a way of life to me is all. And the misunderstood thing?? It is f *^£ all to do with circulation. Soooo..you survived WuFlu.. Kudo, my friend. Kudos. xx

      • Right before HELL Week when I was in Navy SEAL Training, one of the BUD/s Instuctorors was carrying around a book..
        He made a big deal of showing it to all of us
        The Title was….
        Wait for it…
        “Hypothermia and You”
        I had to laugh
        Becuz I knew how we were gonna be
        ‘surf-tortured during Hell Week
        (The Pacific is COLD)

      • Ooh-oh, the best/worst bit re this level I am on?? I don’t know what is cold…despite living in Scotland… ergo I could cut a finger off chopping up potatoes and not know. Seriously. Kid you not. That is the truth. So my typing is pretty shit but as I aye say, so long as that is all that is wrong wi me and I can still have a drink and write a bit, mind my wee grandbairns, I am good. I go mountain bagging in the snow and all despite it (prob being a liability to anyone else there ) . And yeah I gotta LOVE ‘Hypothermia and you,’ Man, that is epic cos yeah I could imagine cold cos everyone tells me I am but I don’t feel it. my hands and all do but not me. .Hell, I love your posts about your times in the Navy. All the places you were. Bloody epic in terms of camaraderie and everything else.

  18. Once during hell week they made us get naked (It was four int the morning) We were then ‘instructed’ by one of the BUD/s intructors to get into the water and just tread water — we were on the Ampib side of the base–San Dog bay–the water was about a half-degree ‘warmer–bout 36 degrees. We did this for about two hours. In and out of the water. Arounf sunup they pulled us out and told us to get dressed and ready for chow. We all got dressed—took some time. We were all shaking so uncontrolably. Last thing we had to do: put our boots on. The instructors said we had five minutes to get our boots on and they set their watch. No one was able to do it in time—shaking so bad.
    Guess what? They made us get back into the water.
    We did not get breakfast that day.

    Looking back, I loved it.
    Not really, but fun to remember….

    • My typing suks! Please ignore the typos! Hahahahaha

      • Lol… Join the club re the typos. Jeez, I think a memory like that would be fun to remember at a distance right enuff. Obvi they thought they were doing you all a favor…… But my god, a wonder no-one died of shock! The bastards prob had nae intention of giving you chow and that was why you only got five mins to get the boots on. But look, you look bakc and you think… I did that…

  19. Actually, someone did die.
    Few weeks later, but there are some things even I won’t write about
    Out of respect.

  20. Suffice to say:
    He died of hypothermia
    In the Pacific Ocean

  21. shehannemoore,

    I will say just one more thing about this and then I will shut up (becuz it is painful to recall)

    week or so after he died, my class was in a ‘class-room’—rare occurrence in SEAL TRAINING! cHANCE TO SLEEP!

    The BUD/s Proctor
    Cracked a joke about the recently departed:

    He said,
    And I loosely quote:

    “Ol’ So and so. He always put out (SEAL Vernacular)
    He always put out
    Right up until he died.”

    We were doing a five mile ocean swim in the Pacific, and he had just stopped swimming and moving and talking.

    (They took him to Balboa Naval Hospital to try to save him, but…
    obviously, he did not make it.)
    They did CPR for hours
    No dice
    He died.

  22. God a’mighty.. I say that instead cussing and not on the god word either…like tae be polite on here.. That? Wel? No wonder you f don’t like talking about it. I wouldn’t either. Look at it through the lense of a drink maybe but that’s it.

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