The Brotherhood of Wolves

MEET THE BOYS………………………


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grungey 1

grunge 23



kara 2

love most





The cover reveal blog with Antonia Van Zandt.


And the guest spot with Sandra Dailey


Guest blog with Faith Ashlin. It’s all a case of Smoke and Mirrors  Watson…….

Author invite. Four Reasons to read His Judas Bride

Blog Swop with Christine Elaine Black.



11 thoughts on “The Brotherhood of Wolves”

  1. bonjour belle semaine

  2. Bonjour Shehannemoore

    Aussi légère qu’un papillon

    Mes mains survolent mon clavier

    Pour te dire te dicter quelques mots d’amitié

    Et les déposer sur ton blog si merveilleux

    Je pense que mes mots te feront plaisir

    Voila je me fais un peu discret ces temps-ci

    Pour toi

    Juste du bonheur envers toi et ta famille

    Passe une agréable journée , un bon week-end

    Profite du soleil annoncé en faisant

    Attention de ne pas trop s’exposer au soleil sous ses grosses chaleurs

    Bisous , Bernard

  3. Love that reflection!

  4. Aye. C’est bonne. x

  5. Bonjour du jour
    Quelque soit ta ville
    Je sais que tu me souris
    La distance n’existe plus
    Le temps est superflu
    Un échange avec toi , c’est un cadeau
    Et même si cela semble fou
    Je te souhaite une belle journée
    Une belle fin de semaine
    Que ta demeure soit de rires et de joie
    Remplit de lumière

    Gros bisous

  6. you are a wicked hoot!

    • Indeed I am. Life is too short to be anything else. (BTo and I think I just shortened mine wrestling with the Christmas tree…. x

      • thank you too for your follow! I like to think of myself as a teller of tales or less poetically a story teller- only short stories mind you. Sometimes I feel I have a long way to go in light of other’s abilities and accomplishments but other times inspired! I mostly have fun and do it as the spirit moves without a huge amount of discipline :D. I will be perusing more of your blog and hope you might pop over and read one of my tales some time. Great to meet you and your fabulous blog.

      • Well, welcome in here Dune Mouse. I may try to be disciplined but hell, I like my fun. What’s more I am often away to Glencoe which I saw you’d blogged about. I love blogging about there too. I am well going to read your tales. I love connecting with people from all round the globe. It’s the nicest thing about this biz, meeting people, seeing the enormous talent that is out there and how beautiful this planet we share is. Thank YOU for following me . And never say ‘only short stories’ They are some the hardest things to write xxxx

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