The Viking and The Courtesan -Time Mutants

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The Viking and the Courtesan (EPUB format)


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In 898 AD she wasn’t just from another land.

Wrecking a marriage is generally no problem for the divorce obtaining, Lady Malice Mallender. But she faces a dilemma when she’s asked to ruin her own. Just how businesslike should she remain when the marriage was never consummated and kissing her husband leads to Sin–a handsome Viking who wants her for a bed slave in name only?

She came from another time.

Viking raider Sin Gudrunsson wants one thing. To marry his childhood sweetheart. Only she’s left him before, so he needs to keep her on her toes, and a bed slave, in name only, seems just the thing. Until he meets Malice.

One kiss is all it takes to flash between two worlds

But when one kiss is no longer enough, which will it be?  Regency London? Or Viking Norway? Will Malice learn what governs the flashes? Can Sin?

Where worlds collide can love melt the iciest heart




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‘The chemistry between the courtesan and the Viking is memorable, despite the incongruity of their situation.’  Jane Hunt

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‘My favourite line – ‘these stars are not mine’ -Malice when talking about her current location. Shehanne Moore is almost poetic in her dialogue at times. It also introduces a whole new level of visual depth to the reader.’

‘I really liked the quirkiness of this book, the witty and sometimes very funny dialogue but also some very poignant moments mixed in. ‘ 

         Alison Lodge.

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‘Malice Mallender, the heroine of The Viking and the Courtesan, is not nearly as malicious as her name suggests. She is just trying to survive in the harsh world of 19th century London by running a business that breaks up people’s marriages…….

Shehanne Moore portrays Malice’s personality so well that the reader unquestioningly accepts that the heroine will “swallow a crocodile” as she likes to say, if push comes to shove.

Carolee Croft. Author of Engaged to the Earl

‘Malice is a great character, vibrating with such intense emotions that it was like watching a moth darting in and out of a flame – totally hypnotic as she verges on self-destruct’….. Kate, Amazon,


book and benches rev

 ‘ I usually don’t have a problem writing a review, but this story, The Viking and The Courtesan, written by Shehanne Moore, has so many twists and turns that I don’t know how to start!’ A real page turner  well-written, fast paced and intriguing, with a touch of time travel!’

Nicole Laverdure reviewer Books and Benches.


Sharon Struth multi published author of women’s fiction.

‘Moore’s witty prose and exceptional characters pervade another delightful romance. In 19th century London, Malice is an independent woman whose profession is breaking up marriages.’ D. Walalce Peach. Myths of the Mirror Feb book reviews.

Chapter One – the illustrated version.

Somewhere near Regent Street. London 1819.  

If she could not have a man, she would have shoes. Silver shoes with pearl encrusted buckles, delicate kidskin slippers with beribboned points, blue shoes, cream shoes, high throated pumps with clasps and buckles. While Malice Mallender had perhaps grown a shade cynical about such things, shoes were surely a concept many women wouldn’t just love, they’d understand.

Upstairs, cracks ran like spider webs across the bedroom window and the landing roof leaked like a sieve. Spend a halfpenny on repairing the roof? On things that would make this place nice? She’d sooner swallow a crocodile. Whole. The humiliations she suffered could hardly be assuaged by possessing gleaming panes of glass the rain could run down unchecked, or a new Turkish rug to replace the one Agnes burnt with the fire tongs yesterday.


Shoes came from another world entirely. It was this or starve. There was a shortage of crocodiles in Regent’s Park.

Malice might as well throw off any bleak self-reflection about those things. A hundred guineas to ruin a marriage was nothing. A hundred guineas was a snip when she thought of the unsatisfactory state of her own life, never mind all the shoes for sale in Madam Faro’s shop window.

So there was no need to ask why the elegantly dressed woman with her tumble of red hair, seated opposite, candlelight playing about her features, had chosen to come to this discreet, carefully furnished salon, the only room in the house that was decent.

Lady Grace, the spidery scrawl on the visiting card, read. The scallop-edged vellum one that lay on her desk blotter. Lady Grace Newell.

graceFrom the looks of Lady Grace, the high heeled points with the dusting of diamantes were going to belong to Malice sooner than she could say the word divorce. The silver kidskin boots too and the kidskin boots were beautiful. So she might as well stop procrastinating and do everything in her power to ensure this went smoothly.

After all, it was not unknown for clients to bolt at this stage. She insisted on dealing with the female half of the partnership only and, as many of those were red-faced virgins, who had spent the greater part of an afternoon walking up and down the street trying to pluck up the courage to enter her salon, Malice risked them losing it all together.

Baiting the hook was never easy. Would she be wearing such awful undergarments and this drab brown dress with no ornamentation whatsoever bar a solitary black lace ruffle, if it was? Although Lady Grace exhibited not the least trace of nerves as she held to her parasol handle. Shame neither. Tall as a church candlestick, she’d swept in here as if the entire business was second nature to her. Or perhaps that was simply the impression she gave to mask her nerves?

“I am led to believe you have a little business here?”Mist_on_Bodmin_Moor (2)

Malice fixed what she hoped was her most serene smile to her lips. Once upon a time she might have thought words such as little and business an insult when the law was such an ass and she provided a vital service. Now sadly, she simply took the money.

“Yes. Indeed, I do. Please be assured the service is as discreet as the person who must have given you my name.”

“You don’t know how glad I am about that.” Lady Grace’s dimples deepened. She leaned across the desk in a rustle of lilac scented silk. “Because it’s like this… I have a man needing ruining.”

Relief slicked Malice’s palms. For a horrible moment there as the woman leaned forward, she’d wondered if Lady Grace had come to offer her services. But, no.

Lady Grace and her rake were very much in love. Rakes and ladies always were. Either that, or desperate. A hundred guineas? Shockingly cheap at twice the price. Was it any wonder as Lady Grace babbled on, Malice dipped the quill into the inkwell and drew a daisy on the blotter?daisy

“But of course.”

“The problem is his wife.”

Obviously it went without saying that the problem was his wife–whoever she was.

Once Malice would have stopped, have thought badly of herself. That was before, before she hadn’t seen Cyril for dust. Before she had tried to help fallen women. Before she’d been reduced to touting embroidered tea cosies around Spitalfields Market at tuppence a time, earning enough to keep herself in candles for an entire afternoon. Now she doodled a few wives’ names to accompany the flower. Then she doodled a pair of shoes. High heeled ones.daisy 2

Strictly Business dealt with such menaces as wives. This quiet room, with its drawn shades, the wardrobes stuffed with shoes, this sturdy oak desk, even the spindle chair she sat in, were testament to that fact. Her services weren’t just as discreet as the lavender scented candles burning in the Wedgewood candlesticks on the mantelshelf, they were necessary when the law was such an ass as to bind together couples who didn’t want to be bound, who had no further use for one another.

“A hundred guineas you say?” Lady Grace snapped her beaded reticule open. While she may have narrowed her sparkling green eyes, her excitement was so palpable, Malice could have reached out and touched it.

She gave a grunt of satisfaction. “A hundred guineas. In advance.”

“Well… it seems a lot, but…”

“Trouble yourself not, Lady Newell. Here at Strictly we believe in the power of true love. We believe in making such problems go away.”

Go away? For the wad of notes Lady Grace produced from the depths of her bulging reticule and set in a line along the oak surface of the desk Malice would have ruined Christ Almighty. notes

One hundred and twenty five pounds. Was she seeing this properly? Had she really thought only two pairs of shoes? The woman needing ruin must be a termagant. Nothing Malice had not done before. Nothing she could not do now.

Still, to seem too eager would not speak well of her business-like detachment. It would say that this was something she did for money and not for true love. For all she ran things like a well-oiled machine, she slackened her grip on the quill, pretending to consider it.

“I take it he’s tried asking?”

“Asking?” Lady Grace drew auburn brows together. “A hundred times a week. Twice on bended knee. He has tried everything and she refuses point blank to entertain him. You have no idea of the spite of this creature.”

“I can imagine.”

“For the last…oh let me think, three years… she’s been a wife in name only. I hardly need tell you that at twenty seven, the age I am now, time is not on my side. In another few years I shall be thirty. How perfectly awful will that be for an unmarried woman of my standing?”

Exactly what Malice wanted to hear. Enough to knock any little qualm of conscience on the head when she wanted these shoes so badly. When she herself had tried in her own miserable, inexperienced way to be more than that and been horribly refuted, why be troubled by the thought of a woman who wanted her rights while refusing to bow to her husband’s? So now they came to the sticky part of the transaction, the actual infidelity, although it never ceased to amaze her just how many were desperate to grasp that notion of future happiness, if not wreak revenge on a tiresome spouse. Would the women who sought her services do that, unless they were desperate? Would they walk through her door to back out? Annulment bastardised children and meant no-one ever spoke to the guilty parties again, but Canon law allowed for separation, if a husband was unfaithful. That was why she’d no compunction now about reaching for the leather folder that lay on the far side of her desk. About taking a sheet of paper from it either.quill

All that was needed was a name, then she would discreetly arrange the rest.

“Well, never fear. It is certainly my experience that most wives, when shown Strictly’s written testimonies, can’t agree to be divorced fast enough.”

Lady Grace’s peal of laughter echoed around the mulberry walls. “Thank goodness for that. For a moment there I thought you were going to tell me they still want to keep them.”

“Seldom. Once a discreet time has passed you will both be free to marry. He needn’t pay a penny towards his former wife’s keep either.”

“That is such a relief. I must say the service you provide is exceptional.”

“Oh, I won’t be providing it.”

Lord, no. What did Lady Grace think? That she slept with hundreds of men? She employed women to do that.

“Now we’ve discussed the nature of the transaction, I only need a few details. This man, the one you want us to ruin…what is his name?”

Lady Grace leaned closer as if the salon and all its contents had ears and it would damage them to hear. “Lord Hepworth. Lord Cyril Hepworth. Do you know of him at all? He is quite a dandy. But very dashing. And we are so in love.”cy hepwroth....the viking and the courtesan

Know of him?

Malice’s gaze widened before she could stop it. For a second she felt as if rug, desk and chair had been yanked from beneath her and she sat in mid-air with nowhere to go except the floor.

Know of him?

Lady Grace had just asked her to ruin herself.



36 thoughts on “The Viking and The Courtesan -Time Mutants”

  1. This is my next read, starting this weekend :). Cannot wait!

  2. I must buy this book! I’m hooked!
    I’ll have to do a search engine to find out if it’s available on amazon .ca (amazon uk 🇬🇧 won’t sell to Canadians).

    • Bloody amazon uk! HUH!!! It should be on amazon ca as well. I am just bad at putting up links. ,But you know something, you have just made my night!! I am kind of happy dancing the noo as we say here. Thank you my darling xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Big hugs

      • Amazon .ca is horrid, they never send the right stuff, old and tattered books, digital equipment that has no warenty –but they don’t tell you there is no warranty, that’s why I’m buying it locally, do you have the ISBN number? That would really help a lot.

      • I have heard that before about them in Canada. Here what I aye get the laugh at is the size of box they send even the smallest thing in. Last week they sent this tracked parcel which I never asked them to track. it weighed a flaming ton. (It was 100 floor tiles) Anyway we weren’t in so the poor guy had to lug it back down the path and along the road to be collected elsewhere. My Mr nearly broke his back collecting it the next day, so did the post office staff.
        Isbn is 978-1-61935-863-8

  3. Great 👍 got it: Isbn is 978-1-61935-863-8

  4. This is too funny, I’m reading your book with a mix of Scottish/Irish/English/Welsh accent!
    It’s the way you write it, I usually just read, but this is the first time in my mind’s eye, as I read, I picture it in those languages — the words, that’s incredible that you write so well — I’m experiencing reading in a new way… with accents!

    • HEE HEE…. I imagine you tangled up in accents my darling. I do like to hear my characters speak in my head when they speak. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx You are so kind to me. I am away this weekend, will be catching up on any blog posts fro you special lady when I come home xxx Enjoy your weekend

  5. Bonsoir SHEHANNE

    Prendre le temps d’aimer
    C’est l’éternelle jeunesse
    C’est du rire
    C’est la musique quand on se sens en pleine forme
    C’est pleurer quand on a l’émotion
    C’est du cœur à partager avec les siens ou avec ses amis
    C’est de lire pour s’instruire et avoir su savoir
    C’est écouter
    C’est l’intelligence
    De penser est la clé de la réussite
    De jouer nous rappelle notre enfance
    De rêver c’est un souffle de bonheur
    Il faut prendre le temps de vivre car les jours passent vite
    Passe une belle soirée
    Gros bisous Bernard

  6. The book already paints to be very interesting. Let’s see how we got it.

  7. OMG, Shey – Not only did I read the excerpt, I just watched your trailer. It is wonderful, and certainly forced me to move this book UP on my long reading list (many items of which are science tomes – must-reads to keep up with my field).

    But lady, if this is what it takes to get a fiction book out there these days, I don’t know how you or *anybody* ever gets read — or how more than one book gets out there in a lifetime (writing, editing, beta readers, more editing, book & cover design, publishing, book tours, i-net placement and marketing — and NOW producing trailers!?)

    Do you have to hire a staff to take care of this stuff? How much of the “post-book-written” work do you have to learn to do yourself? When was the last time squeezed in more than a nap?

    I do NOT know how you do it. I can barely keep up with blogging! (crawling back under the covers now).
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    “It takes a village to educate a world!”

    • Madelyn, obviously Idon’t hire anyone cos I got hamsters and they do it all for me. They write the books they make the trailer, they blog, what don’t they do?? Seriously I quite like making trailers. I used to write comic book strips. YOU have to think in picture frames and I have done a lot of drama, , so I don’t find making trailers too time consuming. I was NOT going to make one of this book, I didn’t know where tos tart but alas bits of my brain start chirruping away going…oh how about starting there…then why don’t add that/ I stick pillows over my head at nights. That bit still yatters on. I don’t have beta readers. i just write. I am with two diff publishers, they assign editors, cover designer etc .Edits don’t get done themselves. Editors can be quite brutal and cos I just write I hav things to sort. . But you are right about the work afterwards cos you have to do your own marketing. It’s a busy life. Thank you for your kind comment. You and Kate have quite made my night xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Now I will fly back to the prequel to this book that I have been tearing hair over all week

      • Even a prequel? You ARE a dervish.

        And I’m sure the dudes do a lot, but the time spent keepin’ them all in line debits the writing time. Good that your publishers pitch in. (mostly good, anyway 🙂 )

        I have no doubt that ideas for the trailers are a cinch – would be for me too – but the tech-time would leave me bald.

        Write ON!

      • Unfortunately my back was against the wall with the Viking book when my ed wanted a stone circle for the time travel and I didn’t. So I did the bit about malice being from a dynasty of time travellers…….. Now she wants their story….. Yea learning how to do things like work the movie maker package was ‘difficult’. (Lowers voice again ) But I am a great believer in trying anything once!

  8. Our Shey is so talented a lady – I’m sure she could ice sculpt a working furnace and knit a house as well :0)

    • Kate, you are way way way to kind lady. I only wish I was these things …Hey I could save a fortune if i could knit a house. I got a lot of wool kicking about. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx to you my darling, you are a sweet lady.

  9. xxxx :0)

  10. Ooh, I followed the link you gave Genie and MUST get this book, Shehanne. I had wondered which book would start my descent into the wickedness of your beautiful mind, dear. ;). ❤ xo
    Thanks and hugs for this devious Malice and her now devilishly handsome "subject" of downfall! Poor (soon to be lonely) Lady Grace!

    • OOH my mind is indeed wicked at times. Malice is indeed devious in every way as those who tangle with her soon find…. You are an angel xxxxxxx

      • You are special, too! I enjoy your fun spirit and meant to tell you the grandbaby won’t stay little for long and your time with them is always precious! My two oldest grandies are 12 now!! Thank goodness, still have a few who think “I’m all that!” I am excited to read them and very rarely purchase books since my world is outside my one bedroom apt. 😉

      • PS. xoxoxo Have a wonderful week ahead! Thanks, Shehanne. . .

      • Well you are very kind, very very kind. Thank you. You always make your world seem huge my darling, your poetry and photos are always a treat I do like having a laugh. Indeed the grandbaby is almost three already. Can’t believe it. But they just live five minutes away on foot so we see a lot of him. !2 eh? Very grown up. I loved your photo of them the other day. Have a lovely week yourself. xxxxxxxxxx

  11. I feel so privileged to have found your blog, and the icing on the cake is having your comments on mine.. 🙂
    I will try buying this book in India and will post a review of the same.. It looks fabulous, and I am sure reading the entirety of this book will be even more fascinating..!!
    Hope to also get it signed by the author herself in Glencoe.. Don’t know when I will get that lucky, but shall try.. 🙂

    • That is so very kind of you. I mean that. Now I feel privileged that you want to do this. But listen if you contact me through the contact form with your address, it would be my pleasure to send you a copy signed. I mean that. I will be over later today to read more of your blog. That is also a promise.

      • I think I am still dreaming..!!
        I am so honoured to hear this Madam. Believe Me. I shall follow your instructions at the earliest.. (feeling I am on cloud 90, crossed the ninth level long back)..
        Thank you once again Madam for such kind words.. 🙂 🙂

      • The pleasure is mine, I assure you. It is so kind of you to read my blog, want to read one of my books and spend time commenting. I have your email and I will reply later. Having some internet problems right now that to quote my latest heroine, ‘are doing my head in.’

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