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Anne Lange gave to me…..

shine on awardA Shine On Award. 

Sorry, were you all expecting to see something else….Something like..

A Special Pre Release Anne Lange and Shehanne Giveaway

A Special Pre Release Anne Lange and Shehanne Giveaway

a naughty version of a certain song? It’s okay Anne, there’s no need to regret that lovely email you sent me this morning saying how glad you were to be doing this with me. You should know by now I NEVER do things properly. And if you want organization folks you need to visit Anne.  http://authorannelange.com/2013/12/09/first-day-of-christmas/

She’s even got nice photo up of her giveaway while right now I don’t even have a giveaway. BUT I WILL. Just bear with me, this post is complicated. The basic deal…aren’t you glad to hear there is one… is that Anne and I have new released due out with Etopia Press on the SAME DAY. Yes.

Loving Lady Lazuli (Shehanne)


Friends with Benefits (Anne)

And rather than banjo each other out the way —I might lose– we came up with a whizzo idea. To rewrite the 12 Days of Christmas song line by line, alternatively each day–no weekends– leading up to the Cover reveals on December 24th, when we will also give you the full new version of the thong.  conv

Sorry. SONG. Goodness did I just give away–talking such things–Anne’s first line?  I think I did. So I might as well show you her lovely giveaway.

cover-reveal-giveaway-fwb1My lord, I better get something together…..

We’ll also be sharing tidbits about our forthcoming books.  So Anne starts over on her blog.  TO enter just follow this link and answer a simple question http://authorannelange.com/2013/12/09/first-day-of-christmas/

What is your favourite Christmas Carol? conv

That’s a sort of hideous pic of Regency carol singers because Loving Lady Lazuli is set in England in 1809. And Christmas Eve  features prominently in the story. More of that later.

Dear author friends, Noelle, Rhonda, Tracey, Charley and Elyzabeth…your posts will all be here on the days between. And as some of these posts are fabulously Christmassy, what continuing treats await you all, to go with the two you’ve already had, you fortunate people……

To return to the Shine On Award– I am impressed that with my gammy, unlettered  keyboard I spelt that correctly– to accept it I need to  spill 7 things about myself,   while linking back to Anne.

shine on award

You have her blog link above.  I also have to pass it to 4 writers of ‘sufficient talent, character, and fortitude’.

Rather than bore you with 7 more useless facts about myself, as well as sharing this blog with Anne,  I wanted to take Anne’s and see how much we have in common. Especially as at the weekend there, for the space of a day,  we were both on Etopia’s snazzy new website as Rush imprint writers http://www.etopia-press.net/

So. 1 Anne is a couch potato….. Hmm.. I would love to be. I just hardly get the chance!

2 Anne says Pasha to measuring when she bakes….. But does she bake the icing sugar by mistake?  Should I even mention last Christmas’s cup cake disaster and how they were on the blog…photoshopped?





(Nancy Cassidy, Etopia’s Managing Editor asked us for recipes for Facebook recently. needless to say I kept out of that one. TO think Nancy thought I genuinely meant it when I said I would but I would have to photoshop any offering first. )

3 Shoes? Oh yes. I own 100 pairs easy and that’s not counting boots. it is to with owning 2 as a child!

4 I’ve never been to Hedonism in Jamaica.

5 I don’t have three children. I have two and the credited to Hemingway baby shoes not worn line.

6  Dancing? YES!

7. If I could go back to school, the teachers would run a mile. Actually, to go back I’d have had to have gone in the first place.

Ok..So Anne and I do share some things. But not all! Now I want to hand this on for courage and fortitude, to the following writers, some of whom have been calling on every ounce recently.

Catherine Cavendish www.catherinecavendish.com who writes wonderful dark horror. The real McCoy.

Incy Black    http://incyblack.weebly.com/ who doesn’t just write with bite, she has it too.

Noelle Clark http://www.noelleclark.net/  who writes wonderful books in wonderful settings.

Faith Ashlin http://faithashlin.blogspot.com/

Faith writes M and M. Okay. But then she forgets she does and she has books out……