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You know, just when I thought I was involved in one blog hop along came another…XMAS_Authors

Snazzy huh? Sumexy too.

What can I say though except you think I would learn to keep my big gub shut?  More of the TNT Confidential 12 Days in a mo. I hope you are as mixed up as I am with this incestuous blog-swap/hopping.  For the time being let us return to the present which means this.conv

Sorry this…


Wonderful, benevolent ones…especially to my copyeditor who may, or may not see  my copyedits on the agreed day….  Of course she will. Just kidding.

So today is an advent calendar day, a rest day for me on the

A Special Pre Release Anne Lange and Shehanne Giveaway

giveaway to celebrate our same day, forthcoming releases from Etopia Press. That’s a rest day as opposed to an arrest day the kind of things we have been posting..

co Today Anne adds another line to the song. (Tomorrow I sit in a heap foaming at the mouth) This is the fifth day line…

Just thinking Charades here…. a popular Christmas game. So, it’s your turn and you reach in the bowl and you draw out the slip of paper. You unfold it and it says….


How would you do this charade. Would you do…four words. Film.  Second word and fourth word, name.  Third word sounds like wet. Or would you just go for broke and ….give a long passionate moan……


Why am I asking? Well Anne’s day five is somewhat daring….


I have no idea how on earth I am going to follow that….At least I have till Monday to figure it out. I might have to scene steal this by showing a bit of my cover…. Seriously go pop over to Anne’s blog and tell her your fav carol. It’s all you have to do to enter her fabulous giveaway. To enter mine today. Please leave me a comment answering my charade question.

Now I said OTHER BLOG HOP . And yes I am moonlighting. I also have here today the organizer of that hop, my fabulous and special doodle pal, the lovely author Elyzabeth M. Valey. conv

No she ‘s not here to tell us about the hop (I will at the end.)  I promised you different things this Christmas and Elyzabeth, who lives in Spain is here to talk about——

The American+ Cuban+ Spanish way of Christmas

(P S…get ready to lick your lips!!! Here goes)

‘I love Christmas! Love, love, love it! Every year I look forward to this time of year.  I wish I could say why exactly, but I have no idea *shrug*  I guess it’s the magic in the air *smiles*or the way I celebrate Christmas. Due to my cultural background and my place of residence, you could say that my Christmas has always been and is still special.XMASinBrasil

  (AWWW. A little Elyzabeth in Brazil.)

Food:  Ah, the food, one of the best part of Christmas is that you can eat all you want and it never makes you fat,  right? (Yeah, yeah,I know, wishful thinking there).conv

Anyhow, at my house we have Christmas dinner on December 24th. It begins at around 10pm and last until 11pm or so because we are a small family. We follow a more Latin approach to the meal and eat a pork dish, rice, black beans and yuca. In my house dessert varies with each person, but usually we will bake something like a cake or cupcakes for the occasion. conv

For breakfast the next day we like to have pancakes and maple syrup, something not common here in Spain as many Spaniards still confuse pancakes with crepes and don’t even know what maple syrup is*sigh*.

Spaniards also have Christmas dinner or cena de Noche Buena on December 24th. Their meal also begins at around 10pm and can last several hours (depending on the size of the family). A lot of the time it includes appetizers like ham, chorizo, cheese, salchichón…  and most families have fish and shellfish for dinner. Some popular Spanish sweets are turrón and polvorones.conv

The typical turrón is made of almonds, honey, sugar and eggs, but every year new flavors come out. My favorite is the white chocolate one and that’s a must buy at my house since the end of November when they start appearing in stores.conv

Polvorones, are a sort of soft and crumbly short bread. Can’t really explain more because I don’t like them much, *Shrug*

*Roscón de Reyes* This sweet oval cake is worth mentioning because it’s very typical and yummy, but it’s not eaten during Christmas. Instead, Roscón de Reyes is sampled on January 6th, Día de Reyes, which is when most Spanish children get their gifts. The Roscón has sugar and dried candied fruit on top.conv

Some come with whipped cream filling too. Finally, most Roscón have a hidden figure inside. If you find the hidden figure (I’ve found anything from a baby to a bird to a Donald Duck) you’ll have a year of good luck. However, if you find the haba (a bean) you’ll have to pay for the Roscón.

Gifts: Santa has always been the Big Boss around my house. Ever since I can remember, letters were written to Santa and the jolly old man delivered the gifts on the 24th and we opened them early on the 25th. Now a days, we don’t wake up so early any more but we still open gifts on the 25th *smile* MysisandIwith3kings

(EVEN bigger AWWWWWWWW Elyzabeth and her sister with the 3 kings)

Since my mom is Cuban she didn’t want us to lose her part of the Latin heritage so The Three Kings also came to my house. Los Reyes Magos  brought their gift/ gifts on the night of January 5th to be opened on the morning of January 6th. Spain celebrates Reyes more than they celebrate Santa. As a matter a fact, most children (and adults) only get presents from the Three Kings.  Part of the Spanish tradition is to put the children’s shoes out under the tree so that the King’s can know for who the toys are. (In my house we put up stockings).

Some other fun curiosities…

If you’ve misbehaved… (Shehanne looks innocent.)Here, if you’ve been naughty parents will tell their children that the Reyes will bring them Carbón or coal. A few years ago (well, more than a few) we discovered that they actually make candy called sweet coal and well, it looks like coal.conv

(One I snapped last year)

Ornaments: At my house we set up the tree, the stockings, the lights and my dream is to have a train going around the tree. Spaniards and Cubans like to place nativity scenes or what is called a Belen. When I was a kid we used to set up a small one with Jesus, Joseph , Mary, the Three Kings, and the animals, but Belenes can be huge.  A good example is the one set up by the Madrid Town Hall every year. If you ever visit Madrid during Christmas time it’s well worth the visit even if the lines are long because the detail of the figures and the way they’re set up is overwhelming. You can get an idea in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVfKYoV-gyE

Music: Spanish Christmas carols have nothing to do with those from the USA or Britain. In Spain we call them Villancicos and most of them have a religious connotation. conv

Some popular ones are Los Peces en el Río, Campana sobre Campana, 25 de diciembre fum fum fum, Ande, ande, ande la Marimorena.

This is Campana sobre Campana: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXyxXPok4hE

As for me, I fill my mp3 player with songs such as Here comes Santa Claus, Santa Claus is coming to town,  Let it Snow, Jingle Bell Rock, All I want for Christmas is you, Twelve Days of Christmas,  and so on… both in a more traditional and a more metal version *wink*’

Happy Holidays!


Okay. Hope you enjoyed hearing about Christmas in Spain. Two things…

One Elyzabeth has a new release here. A Christmas one!! Ideal for thus presently naughty blog.  OOOH. ‘The Uncertain List.’

Tristan’s job is to investigate those people on Santa’s Uncertain List  and determine whether they’re truly Naughty or Nice. His last mission of the year is Amy, a sweet girl with a kinky streak that will make his  job harder than expected.

AND there is her blog hop. conv


It starts today and  features

AND her good self of course. Every day until December 24th (included), one of us will pop in for a merry visit, share a  holiday anecdote, talk about the season and their seasonal book. On December 25th all winners will be announced.

 Each author comes bearing with them gifts. All you have to do to win is come visit each day and enter the Rafflecopter giveaway.
Furthermore, there is also a Grand prize of $30 Amazon Gift Card, so by entering each author’s individual contest you also get an entry for the card.
What are you waiting for.

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