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Let’s start with that happy news shall we, even if it’s now almost the second? A sort of belated advent calendar opening, plus a seasonal, tart up of  the blog with the snazzy snow effect I had the bright idea and the nervous breakdown over earlier.


Time for a hat on Teenie I think.  All that is needed is a wee bit music and we’re off.

So, how the Book Week Scotland reading yesterday?bookweekorange2013 In answer to the emails, that have kinda stacked up here…No I was not keeping a low profile. Me? I was just waiting for the blond to send me the pictures and the video. I did say she was a blond right? SO there are no pictures and no sound on the video either.

But we do have….boookchauir

Les Chair…. Much more intimidating than that hot seat I keep here for characters to chargrill their creators on. And we do have a sort of blurry….. bookread

Me on the chair reading to the lovely people who were there. And we do have many pics of Mr Shey’s  pint of beer afterwards.  We also have several pics of gentlemen in kilts we took in the pub afterwards too–you can tell the sort of night it was, St Andrew’s actually.  These were for Sharon Struth’s benefit. Needless to say some of my author buddies wanted to come  but they live too far away. But it was probably as well. I mean let’s face it…. convSharon now, she would have got us flung out, chasing every kilted guy in sight in order to get a nosey. As for Anne Lange, she’d have been chasing Flint. Did I tell you I auditioned one?conv

Incy Black….   incy

I fear Ince and I might have depleted voddiie stocks. Aimmie Duffy and me,conv

jaeger bombs… Noellle Clark would simply have partied

Noelle Clark is a romance writer. Photo by Chris McCormack

Faith Ashlin would have turned up on the wrong day..oe the wrong reading, sorry Faith but you would, Susan Arden


would have hit the chocolate machine. Aubrey Wynne,….conv

I am sure she is corruptible. Charley Descoteaux…no way would she have been sitting knitting, unless it was some of her very interesting garments.

As for Nikki Dee Houston..I ain’t going there. And it would have taken the refined and very mysterious Antonia  Van Zandt to flash her European royalty credentials and save us all been chucked out.

Yeah we often say if only we could all meet but hnnnnnnn. My guess is that would be the result. And if we threw in Ranting Crow now… I am saying no more.