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convIt was now 10  o’clock on Christmas Eve and she had done no shopping…….Duh de duh du DAAAAAAAH. I guess that would be a nightmare.

So, today in the advent calendar of sorts, I am going  to show you something  really Christmassy, stick with the fact C is for Christmas and M is for Massacre New Official Log_edited-1 The just launched brainchild of horror authors Steve Emmett and Julia Kavan. That is horror as in the genre ok? Steve and Jules are nice people. What is more they and the lovely Catherine Cavendish have a surprise for you today— specially written 50 word stories, on the theme–


Where does it lurk? What does it do?  Is it happy, sad, or just plain demonic? These were the questions I asked the willing threesome. We all like a creepy Christmas after all. I mean these little children up there on the Christmas card, could just as easily have found a box of human limbs….  And maybe a creature wasn’t stirring all through house, the poem says nothing about demons…   So hush now, draw up your chair….we start with Catherine Cavendish.Catherine Cavendish

Cat is the author of several horror books, including

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in addition to recently signing with Samhain Cat has plainly found inspiration in something we all associate with Christmas…



I see everything from the top of this tree.

The family – one less this year – toasts the absent son. Cocktails of merriment and sorrow. Next year will bring another empty chair.

 December 31st.  Darkness falls.

So mote it be…

They call me the Christmas angel.

They couldn’t be more wrong. conv

copyright Catherine Cavendish.

Are you all still here…? And you thought these red things hanging on your tree were baubles? Is the angel still there? I don’t mean have you removed it… I mean is it walking about?

Providing you are still here and the angel has flown, we move to our second offering. This time from Mr Steve Emmett, conv

author ofdiavolino_200-300_300dpi1 a very devilish tale, to name but a few of Steve’s many talents.

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Steve has even appeared on a video with us! Lucky Steve! Steve’s story could just as easily be titled, Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the sack again… It seems empty. Oh and look, it’s nice and red.

                          THE DEMON AT CHRISTMAS


The arse end of the sack. What a place to spend Christmas. All those jolly souls I could be gathering. But no. Stuck here –  hungry, alone under these boxes.  But wait, what approaches?

Oh, I smell an innocent! I see tiny fingers.

One innocent soul will last a year.conv

copyright Steve Emmett.

All right so that was definitely,  Honey have you seen the kids?’ Or maybe even… Honey have you eaten them?

Last, but  by no means least, we have Julia Kavan on her first visit here, which we hope will not be her last….


Like Steve and Cat, Julia is a UK horror writer who loves exploring the darker side of human nature. (WordPress can you please upload Julia’s book cover or you will be exploring mine–thank you.  conv

a beautifully told short tale about a woman seduced by a dream lover who slips into …….More would be telling.


So what did Julia make of the 50 word horror challenge, I horribly set her? Hmmmm well.. Read on Macduff… her demon takes on quite a  different shape.

                        THE DEMON AT CHRISTMAS 


“Tis the season to be jolly…” Jim grinned and swung the axe. Her fault… damn song…every Christmas… thirty years… over and over…Holly’s screams drowned the words out. Blood dripped like falling berries. He was only doing what he’d been told… over and over… “Deck the halls… with boughs of holly…”

Copyright Julia Kavan. conv

One thing’s forsure, it gives new meaning t the song. Seriously I want to thank three very talented horror writers for coming up not with this fabulous advent treat today for you all but something very different. Not only can they be found here…

http://steve-emmett.com/    http://juliakavan.com/  www.catherinecavendish.com ……………


launched a few days ago AND as well as being available on kindle on

Amazon.co.uk Amazon.ca  Amazon.au  as well as flying up the charts because it’s bold and different, and you can read an itnerview with Steve and Julia here, www.catherinecavendish.com/…/massacremagazinelaunches
they are open to submissions  http://massacrepublishing.com/submissions/
Write horror? Push the boundaries? What are you waiting for?
Now…..where’s that angel?