Works in Progress/Coming Soon

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40 thoughts on “Works in Progress/Coming Soon”

  1. noelleclarkblog said:

    About time you dragged that old trumpet out of the cupboard under the stairs.

  2. This is looking intriguing. TWO new books on the horizon. Better fire up my Kindle rightaway! Looking forward to these, Shey!

  3. Aw Cat, I am so glad your neck survived the hamsters’ attack. What is it they say? I have been busy improving my shining hour. Things have been a bit topsy turvy here but I have been writing away.

    • It’s writing madness that keeps us sane, Shey! yes, the neck;s almost completely healed now, thanks. Apart from two little holes I shall wear with pride. I’ve developed a strange aversion to garlic though. Strange…

  4. OOH. Catherine Cavendish the horror writer in more ways than one! Seriously you are write about what keeps us sane. Where would we be without these other worlds we create!

  5. Enjoy your victory! 🙂

  6. Intriguing!

  7. LOL!! Probably not! But thank you Kev xxxxxxxx for saying so. Listen I am always looking for folks to be on here. Contact me. Would love to host you and your own books I mean that.

  8. Bonsoir Shehanne

    Mais que fais-je par ici
    Me serais-je perdu
    Mais non ça y est je me rappelle
    Je venais te dire bonsoir
    Te souhaiter une belle soirée
    Après une petite halte chez toi
    Je vais continuer mon trajet
    Je te fais une bise d’amitié

  9. The SPLENDOR book sounds fascinating! Shoot, I missed the release date. How’s it coming along?

  10. Wowsers! Hey we should do an interview or something, Shey… Let folks know what’s happening! 😉

  11. Oh will do Kev…. In the editing cave right noo x

  12. It’ll probably take me till December to finish reading The Viking and The Courtesan, because I love savouring it and reading it slowly, so I think that I want to read the sequel next (The Writer and The Rake) when it’s released in December.
    I hope that it’ll be sold at amazon so that I can read it on the kindle app on the iSlave.

    • Ooh, OOH!!!!! it will be. on kindle. It’s about how the time travel starts. Have a sneaky at the blurb. Malice’s grandmother as a young woman is the heroine.

      He saw her coming. If he’d known her effect he’d have walked away.

      When it comes to doing it all, hard coated ‘wild child’ writer, Brittany Carter ticks every box. Having it all is a different thing though, what with her need to thwart an ex fiancé, and herself transported from the present to Georgian times. But then, so long as she can find her way back to her world of fame, and promised fortune, what’s there to worry about?
      Georgian bad boy Mitchell Killgower is at the center of an inheritance dispute and he needs Brittany as his obedient, country mouse wife. Or rather he needs her like a hole in the head. In and out of his bed he’s never known a woman like her. A woman who can disappear and reappear like her either.
      And when his coolly contained anarchist, who is anything but, learns how to return to her world and stay there, does he break or has she underestimated him…and herself?

      • I’m hooked, I need to read your sequel, when is it available to purchase on Kindle?

      • You are an angel. It will probably be coming soon as I smile nicely at my publishers…. I am waiting for what is called the ARC copy which should arrive any day now and that means roughly two weeks to release for the Writer and The Rake. I am sitting with a book trailer I made and all I can’t release yet. I just finished the first round of edits on Splendor. I tend to make that a big round thus hopefully cutting too many other rounds. But I avhe been smiling nicely for a few weeks now and biting my tongue too….. xxxxxxxxxxx

  13. Bonjour ou bonsoir SHEHANNE

    Par des mots simples

    Je viens déposer sur ton blog

    Quelques mots de bonheur et te donner de le joie en cette fin de semaine
    Vois-tu je t’ emmène sur des chemins

    Je les ai tracé pour toi principalement

    Sur ces chemins j’ai découvert
    Une pétale de rose pour effacer ta peine
    Un sourire d’enfant contre une larme
    Des mots que je dis à ceux que j’apprécie
    Dont tu fais réellement

    je te souhaite un bonne journée ou soirée

    gros bisous


    Je tire ma révérence LOL tu me troubles que j’en perds mon équilibre

  14. AW….so so SO sweet. You always make my day Bernard xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  15. Brava my friend! Looking forward to reading your books! Oh, and what’s up with no dudes here today? Are they sulking or being punished? LOL xoxoxo

    • Oh my darling, they have never been allowed on these pages. I keep them well secret from the dudes. They will be back with another blog post either tomoz or Tuesday but I think Kate McClelland found this page and she reblogged it!.

  16. Mwahahahahahaaaaaa!

  17. them dudes would mince this !!!

  18. No wonder your books are soon to come true. You have shown that there is more than enough capacity to write not two books, but several in a very short time. Your vein of writer is abundant and have the full security that will be a success. I am not a literary critic, but like to read and at least recognize when a work is brilliant. Congratulations. You deserve it for a long time.

  19. Mi amigo, cuando este negocio no es para los débiles de corazón, no tienes idea de lo mucho que tus palabras encantadoras significan para mí y cómo me tocan. Tener un fin de semana maravilloso. Xxxxxx

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