Those the dudes have insulted. The Hamstah Hall of Fame





Dolly Aizenman -Recipes

Jerrie Alexander – Suspense
Susan Arden -Erotic
Katya Armock – Paranormal erotic

Faith Ashlin -M/M

Carol Balawyder -Contemporary Women’s Fiction.

Susanne Bellamy -Contemporary

Christy Birmingham- poetry
Christine Elaine Black- Historical
Willa Blair -Scottish
Incy Black -Suspense

RBH Bookmark – Memoirs

Shannen Brady Paranormal Suspense

Fiona-Jane Brown – Local History and novels

E.E. Carter Historical Romance

Felicity Cates – Erotic

Catherine Cavendish -Horror

Robbie Cheadle — Cake making

Noelle Clark – Romance
Kevin Cooper -life

Carolee Croft – Erotic Historical Romance

Sally Cronin, health, children’s adult

Sandra Dailey -Contemporary
Scarlett Dawn YA Paranormal

Michael Dellert – Medieval Fantasy

Charley Descoteax -M/M
Adrienne deWolfe -Historical

Zen DiPietro – Fantasy/Sc-fi
Aimee Duffy – Contemporary. Erotic.
Susana Ellis – Historical
Steve Emmett -Horror
Mike Evers – Fantasy

Sylva Fae –  Childred

Christoph Fischer – Historical Fiction
C.P. Foster – Paranormal

Nancy Fraser Contemporary

Tina Frisco. Children’s New Age, Vampires

Kate Furnivall -Historical Fiction

Claire Gem- paranormal

Madelyn Hill -Historical Romance.

Emily Guido -Paranormal

Heather Hiestand – Mystery

Nikki Dee Houston – Erotic

Sara Hubbard YA. NA

Jane Hunt. Paranormal Romance Romantic Suspense

Mishka Jenkins. Paranormal, fantasy, historical

Iyana Jenna M/M

Elaine Jeremiah -Contemporary Romance

Eric Johnson – Cooking and short stories

The Kabrini Message. Marie Carhart on behalf of the late J.R. Egles. Sci-fi

Julia Kavan- horror

D G Kaye -memoirs

Paul Kennedy – Visionary

Anne Lange -Erotic

Rhonda Laurel -Contemporary Romance

P.J Lazos – Eco fiction

A.J Locke – Paranormal

Ka Malana -Art and poetry

Kate L. Mary -New Adult

Renea Mason -Paranormal erotic
Jess Michaels -Historical erotic
Carole Ann Moleti -Fantasy/Paranormal
Erin Moore – Paranormal

Annika Perry- Short stories/flash fiction/poetry

Freya Pickard – Fantasy

Ian Probert -Kids.

Lindsay J. Pryor – Paranormal
John Quinn – Poetry

Erin S Riley – Viking Romance/Saga

Jane Risdon -suspense, mystery, paranormal

Tracey Rogers -Contemporary

Addie Jo Ryleigh Historical Romance
Peter Romilly – Eco

L.D Rose – paranormal, urban fanstasy

Aurelia B Rowl-Contemporary

Eva Scott Contemporary

Michelle Smart-Contemporary

S.L.Stacy Paranormal

Mike Steeden-Poetry

J.M, Stewart Contemporary

Sharon Struth – Romance
Milly Taiden – Paranormal erotic

Lindsay Townsend – Contemporary Suspense, Historical Suspense

Elyzabeth M. Valey. erotic

Antonia Van Zandt – Erotic

Ellis Vidler -Suspense

Caroline Warfield -Historical

Anna Wells – Erotic

Tracey A Wood – Paranormal.

Aubrey Wynne – Romance



4 thoughts on “Those the dudes have insulted. The Hamstah Hall of Fame”

  1. A wonderful list of authors, and thank you for including me ((Honored))! I am SO excited for your next book, Shey!! ♥

  2. I’m back dear, hope that you’re good

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