For Romance Writers


Welcome. It always makes me smile when people say there’s nothing to writing. Romance writing especially.  This page has links to articles on honing various aspects of the craft. I’ll be continually updating so, please keep checking back. If you want to share any helpful articles please contact me

incyIncy Black.  Author of forthcoming Black Ops series  on these dreaded sex scene. How and how not to write them.

SharonWebPicSharon Struth. Author of The Hourglass. On the importance of NEVER giving up.

untitledChristian Mihai, author of Jazz, and The Writer does not write category romance and he is older than this. But this post isn’t just great for dealing with rejection, it shows how wrong any reader can be about a book.


Savvy Book Writers.  So you’ve got the contract and now the dreaded words social media have raised their ugly heads……

johnaJonathon Gunson, best selling author of The  Merlin Mystery says just the same there be dragons. The do’s and don’ts of marketing your book.

incyIncy Black, Entangled author on what advice you would give yourself three years ago, on being a writer. Oh and telling someone Unravelling has two l’s…….

incy1Winter Bayne aspiring author of numerous works of fiction, mostly all paranormal on getting building and keeping the romantic tension going.


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