13 thoughts on “contact”

  1. What delicacy

  2. Your illustrations are wonderful. I saw them on your 365 days blog

  3. Bonjour

    Belle semaine à venir
    Pure, claire, fraîche
    Sans couleur et sans âme
    Elle est très puissante
    Impalpable comme le vent
    Forte comme l’océan
    Que l’ont garde comme un trésor
    C’est sur ces mots que je vais
    Te souhaiter une bonne journée
    Gros bisous ,Bernard

  4. Hi Shehanne,
    I have nominated you for an award -

  5. your work i mean m falling in love with ur wotk

  6. re: “The Worm Turns”: Glad you liked it, Shehanne. My brothers and I shared most everything – as far from Mom and Dad – as possible – purely as a matter of both self-protection and as emulation by osmosis. Those two quickly determined they had bred monsters and their only protection would be to erect not just a strong shield wall but a deep and wide moat. So long as we did not cause family notice to officialdom – next door, our own block or even our neighborhood, not to mention city, county or state we might be allowed to progress from one breakfast to the next with an unflagging effort by both Sally and John to keep their kinetic-energy machines roaring at full furnace, the minor broken bones, ruptured spleens, rents in limbs and the missed fork-in-thigh by their offspring would go mostly unnoticed. Or so it seemed. They, for our part, were not told of the several thousands of dollars that circulated amongst us three in furtherance of our education outside the college classrooms. Storm, the youngest, was told by a high school guidance counselor circa 1968 or 69: Why are you not smart like your older brothers Glenn and J? With your grades you probably won’t even be able to go into the Army. He’s He’s the one with the Ph.D. (Geography – and for a strongly dyslexic that’s a deal rather big, no?) who delighted in telling me that counselor stopped by a roadside some few decades ago and said to Storm who was then knee-deep in a drainage ditch harvesting aquatic plants – for a wetlands restoration project he was heading for a major international airport – “I see you are just where I thought you’d be, Storm.” Later that same counselor approached me at a girls high school basketball game I was covering of a nearby newspaper. He asked me if the rumor that Storm made $600,000 the previous year was true. “Nope,” I replied. That was just one contract and two-thirds of that was expenses including wages he paid out.” The counselor did not wait for me to continue. Little booger-eating bugger of a disreputable scrum-half.

    • Rich… So glad to hear from you. Saw you were back after a long absence and reckoned you had things to say. ANd this is a wonderful comment . I love it.

      • Got a maybe hurricane with which to deal end of week possibly. Will invest Saturday in caring for my ghost- dragon-tail cayenne- New Mexican Hatch-peppers and assorted (sordid?) fancy tomatoes and suchlike because they take not well to swimming lessons in wind tunnels. Hatch-battening time. You are such a wonderful encourager of rouges, Shehanne. Mayhap that is what you write. Local libraries seem not to have noticed. I will renew my askings. Be well and tend your loved ones…you are at the other end of the hurricane conveyor-belt Gulf Stream.

      • Aw you are kind re the libraries but don’t worry if it is a trouble. Just spent three days in the pouring rain in Glencoe… Think we can weather the storm x

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