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William Topaz McGonagall a Scottish poet of Irish descent, writer of roughly 200 poems, including “The Tay Bridge Disaster” and “The Famous Tay Whale”, which are widely regarded as some of the worst in English literature.

ONE……..A writer with a voice that took uniqueness to a whole new level.

TWO….. A true journalist in terms of reporting everything.

THREE…. He self published.

FOUR… He was shameless when it came to self promotion.

FIVE.. Proving there was no such thing as bad publicity. And could you imagine him on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter today?And the use he’d make of it?

SIX…. He was deeply into public appearances in terms of meeting his fans.

SEVEN … He also did literary dinners. And bestowed himself briefly on New York, as other famous authors including Charles Dickens

and Oscar Wilde had.

‘Oh mighty city of New York, you are wonderful to behold,

Your buildings are magnificent — the truth be it told.’

…….’When I go to Ireland, they won’t treat me as I was treated in New York. In the streets there when they looked at my poems with the Royal coat of arms, printed on the top, the Yankies shouted ‘To the deuce with that.’ ………..W McGonagall. ….

EIGHT He was very well read for a man from a poor family quite important for a writer and prepared even more therefore to branch out…

NINE…. He rubbed shoulders with the famous.

TEN….. Like him or loathe him he has not only remained a controversial figure to this day, he has stood the test of time.