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Are  we serious here?


Come on, aye? It cannae be this much

Fraid so

I am checking the props’ list

It went this way like the script did every night.


Fraid so.. Here’s the photographic evidence



The Duke of Sutherland clears the Highlands

Charles Trevelyn clears Ireland

Miss Perfect fae Perth

No that’s NOT William Wallace it’s my daughter….HONEST


‘The Romans find the Scottish weather is not to their liking. Shoulda brocht a brolly wi Italia on it


India has enough of the Jute Wallahs

When it comes to McGonagall as Macbeth it’s Macbeth’s death take one. The only genuine retake in the whole show.


Em takes up tour guiding


Are you two licensed to give tours? …Play’s either….Nice adlib Richard…

Does it look like it…?

What a goal….

Churchill inspects the Dundee contingent

Parliamo Dundee

Hecklers hard at work AND due a break…

The Jute Mill Song

Behind the scenes