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My pleasure today is to review

My pleasure today is to review

Shehanne Moore’s exciting book,

“The Unraveling of Lady Fury.”

There’s a back story worth sharing,

an unbelievable event left

Fury Celia Fontanelli on a quay

by a pirate-style Captain who didn’t

look back, commandeering his

large ship, the Calypso, off

into the Caribbean.

How embarrassing!

Fury had to keep going ~

life wasn’t going to be “easy”

nor ever “uncomplicated.”

Establishing her good manners,

throwing herself into society

with a goal to capture a

fine Gentleman who

could marry her.

These days we might say:

Fury needed to be

“back on the market.”

Establishing her genteel persona,

Lady Fury gets married to

Thomas Beaumont.

Don’t worry, this is not a

Big Reveal!

Unfortunately, Thomas is

long gone before the first page.

The setting is in Genoa, 1820.

An important mission must be

achieved, a Beaumont heir!

How this comes about, who

will be chosen from three

“worthy suitors.”

There’s Count Vellagio,

The Duke Malmesbury

or the Duke of Southey.

There’s a sexy scoundrel,

thrown in for good measure:

Captain James Flint Blackmoor.

This is a taut, tightly wound

plot in the beginning,

until the unraveling

starts to take apart Lady Fury’s

resolve and staunch “rules”

which actually form a contract.

❤  💓  💕  💘 💋  💗  👄 💟 💞  💖 ❤

So much fun, such steamy scenes

ensue. Please invest in a pretty fan,

to prevent swooning from the heat

generated from two remarkable

and most memorable leading

characters, Lady Fury and

“Flint” which varies to

“James,” depending

on  her  mercurial

moods and temper.

It has depth in emotions

and secret plot development,

motivating change and surprises.

The side characters like Susan,

Lady Fury’s personal attendant

(her maid, friend and confidante)

and the brothel keeper, Frau Berthe,

provide practicality and humor

in equally measured doses.

There’s not just Fury;

but a Storm ahead!

I hesitate to say too much,

preferring to recommend highly

this exceptional historical

romance novel.

I would give

this book,

5 of 5 stars.


Please check out

Shehanne Moore’s

blog which has the

invention of a word:


which needs to be

added to all




and if you are interested in her other

books, please look at her other blog:


Have a sizzling read

and terrific Tuesday!


“What did you say to her?”

“What do you think? I told her that her precious son was lost at sea.”

“You didn’t!” Fury did her best to keep her voice lowered, even though the Blue Chamber stood at the other end of the landing. The prescience that this only made things worse intensified. As if Thomas’s ghost had risen up to haunt her for pushing him on that staircase and keeping him in a box. “How could you?”

He frowned. “Because you didn’t leave me a whole lot of choice with that little story you told about his holiness, the Pope.”

“What was I supposed to say? That Thomas is lying dead at the bottom of the bay, because you put him there, after I kicked him down the stairs and kept him in a box in the cellar for several days?”

He canted his jaw. “Well, how about a thank-you for getting you out the hole you were in?”

“It wasn’t a hole. I just didn’t know he was a freemason. They keep these things secret.”

“And you didn’t seem to know he was a protestant either. Is there anything you do know?”

They were going to quarrel. It was not the place with Lady Margaret along the corridor. Maybe Flint had left Susan with her. But no doubt Lady Margaret had disposed of her and had her ear to the wall. Then there was Malmesbury. The thought of Malmesbury made Fury sick to the pit of her stomach.

“Flint, I am grateful. It’s just her. Lady Margaret. You have no idea how much she hates me.”

“Isn’t that funny? She was soon guzzling out my hand.”

Of all the nasty, recalcitrant, self-seeking toads. She supposed she should just be grateful. Even Lady Margaret wasn’t immune to this man. But when Fury thought of all she had suffered at that woman’s hands, and Thomas too, because of her silly dictate…

“Of course, you like to imagine.”

It was just the thought of Flint encountering that lack of immunity with other women. Women far younger and more beautiful than Lady Margaret. He was going to now. There was no question of it. Despair engulfed her.

It wasn’t wrong he was so handsome, so beautiful. It wasn’t wrong she had succumbed to him as all other women did. It was terrible.

Sighing deeply, he turned his face to the side. “Look, I did it for you.”

“Me?” Oh, that was rich.

“Hell. It’s not exactly like it’s a lie, you stop and think about it for a moment. It’s probably quite smart. Smartest thing either of us could come up with in the circumstances. ’Specially if his body ever washes up.”