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Ka Malna  – No, but that sounds like a good idea. I’ll chew on that.
Ka Malana– I never thought of it. I’m sorry, dudes.
Ka Malana  -Art for Art provides glimpses of my personal mind/body/spirit journey in the format of poetry. The contents spans over a couple of years of time. Most of the poems started out on the blog but they wanted to be in a book,
so a book was made to give them a home. Almost all of them were edited, and some of them now look like new poems – some divided, some grew.
Ka Malana –There’s also quite a bit of new content, and of course the arrangement was naturally put together in mostly the order of its occurrence (poem’s birth). That said, friends came in to help this new budding author (me), and that really made it happen, and inspired me that “I can do it.” For years, I had been talking about writing a book, so many different kinds of books. I used to make handmade art books of different types for friends throughout the years, and have gotten myself interested in and busy with different types of skills. For some reason, this book was born the way it was, when it was. What surprised me was I started my blog on astrology, and then I remembered that I was a writer, and had a love for different genre, format,…etc.
Ka Malana –Oooh, I can’t really stop being inspired. I think when I see that I’ve made a difference, or an impact, or when I’ve led someone to their next step in their own process, that is a particular compliment to me that sort of fuels me on to be more expressive and creative in my own expression. Does that make sense? When people say, “your book really inspires me.” I’ve heard this many times now, so I believe Art for Art will bring that ‘something’ into your life that helps you ‘go.’ Also, people are very nice – they were inspired all along and maybe I helped remind them. That’s inspiring.
 Ka Malana  – The original name for my blog was Fiestaestrella.com.  I was living in a different state (2011) – not of consciousness – a U.S. state. Anyways, I was taking my first Spanish class in person with this adorable old Cuban engineer retiree. It was unconventional and conversational right from the beginning, a unique format – it was teaching formal Spanish (and basically though now I can’t speak or write, or understand Spanish) because I went to Hawaii and my life got transformed, and I was whisked away into doing other things and living in other places – all very long stories — in and of themselves. So that Spanish class and language in general, I appreciated for the way it sounded. “Fiestaestrellas” to me, means “star party.” Then years later, I was uncertain of whether I wanted a literal translation because I was uncertain of a lot of things, like my audience. Who are they? So, I figured, I’d make it plural to be more comprehensive of many celebrations, many stars, and just because it happened that way.
Ka  Malana. My blog tag line has changed many times throughout the years. After answering this question, a new more updated tagline made itself known to me, and I will switch it shortly. That said, 
 Magic, as I am thinking of it now, is the part of the experiment that doesn’t exactly botch our work, but also doesn’t go the way we planned on. It’s that mysterious guidance system that shows us the next step in our projects, or provides miscellaneous inspiration along the way. It might be something that we intended long ago, but then had forgotten. Magic is also intentional and developmental, and I think that I love the word because I think it belongs with Science. In the way that Science is a process, Magic is also an element. Science helps us work through our curiosity and (just now as I’m writing, my font changed and one word was highlighted: curiosity). Magic helps us stay on task with the Great Work, while taking us deeper into what interests us, until we are utterly lost in it. 
Ka Malana –Yes, dear. I will write another book. And, thank  you for mentioning my photographs earlier. I enjoy photography very much – in many ways I ‘see’ through photography and map the world in my head through it. Sometimes my brain feels like a lens. I think I have a poem that hints about that.
 all  photographic images  and artwork copyright of Ka Malana.
Ka Malana  –Oh, that’s so difficult to answer. I have a new favorite place from memory to memory, and visit to visit.  Angkor Wat in Cambodia (back in 2001 there were virtually no tourists! I felt like Indiana Jones. Do you  dudes like Indiana Jones?)
Ka MalanaCurrently I’ve been working through a rigorous graduate program as an acupuncture associate intern. I’ve got a couple years yet to go, so that’s been my main project. I try to keep myself open, even when I am extremely busy, to the possibilities, which is why my new blog tag line will play with the idea of,”living on the edge of infinity.” I’d also like to get back into painting some more. Maybe I’ll try to draw a hamster? But please do not hold your breath little dudes: That kind of cuteness is hard to capture!
Do you  dudes ever meditate? I’ll meditate, and what’s next… we shall see 🙂 Thank you! 🙂
Ka Malana says she is a Shamanic-Astrologer, Reiki Master, Massage Therapist, Creatrix, blah blah blah. (Her words)   Since herniating  a lumbar disc, she has   refocused her energy towards other endeavors – such as pursuing a graduate degree in Traditional East Asian Medicine (TEAM) and renewing her focus on posting on her blog about poetry, art (including photography), and just telling stories as they come.
  ‘Art For Art is a quiet prayer into the dark abyss of night, a candle flame that lights a path when the map has been lost for ages. It is clear that Ka Malana is a disciple on the timeless journey to the enlightenment of the soul, and here, through her accessible verse, she provides human insight into that becoming. “What other temple is there? Sitting at the altar of my broken shadow, loving all parts of it, and trusting in the sacred.” These lines are at the heart of this beautiful collection. Art for Art is a poetic companion for all soul travelers. “You: who aren’t seen. You who are lost in the masses. I rise up. I wake for you.” Wake up with Ka, through these heart-infused pages.’