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I’m not actually a dragon, though I think some people think I am.


Apparently I can be very fierce. My alter ego, Dracomagan, the heroine in Dragonscale Leggings, is a Dragon Slayer, and she is pretty nifty at slaying such monsters with her trusty giant potato peeler.

If I was a dragon, I’d be a beautiful, sleek, blue-scaled good dragon, with an iron-clad agreement with Dracomagan in which she’d agree NOT to try and kill me!


No, I don’t think I’d really want to be a hamster. Why? Because there are too many predators to look out for; cats, dogs, birds, hungry humans… I like to be in control and to be independent – I’d hate to be always on the lookout for someone who might eat me!


Vintrig was the founder of Vintrig’s Kingdom. (Funny, that!) About 966 years ago he travelled with his people from South Haven all the way to the northern mountains and built his Castle on Mount Hvitr. He was a tall, strong man who could endure the harsh climate.

He left a bloodline which, nearly a millenia later, results in the birth of the Princess, Isu Magan. That’s really the background for my novel, Vintrig’s Kingdom.


My writing is usually categorised as Fantasy. I actually prefer the term Speculative as it embraces not just Fantasy, but Science Fiction and Parallel Universes etc. Plus, being a Speculative Fiction Writer sounds really cool!

Yup! Rebellion is easy. Just think and act the opposite to the way you’re supposed to think and act. Only, if you’re living under a dictatorship, it will probably get you killed! You have to think outside the box, or your cage, and get out there into the freedom of choice. But if you’re a hamster, you still need to look out for predators!


I was born a writer. I learnt to read and write when I was 2 years old and it’s just developed from there. I’ve always written – poetry and stories. Now I am a serious writer – I write novels and publish short story and poetry collections! I love words and the sound of my own voice.


Always write from the heart. Never, ever let anyone tell what makes a story work or not. Write what you want to read. Don’t write to a formula – your readers will get bored. Don’t write what is popular – it will quickly become unpopular. Don’t write to please anyone, only yourself.


I don’t think Vintrig actually did any cooking.

He left that to his servants and womenfolk.

(We’re talking about a medieval world here!) But I do know that his favourite dish was snowrabbit casserole with dumplings. (He refused to eat any other kind of rodent though. Apparently rats, mice etc just didn’t have enough meat for him!)


To be honest, I never really think of it as world building. When I get an idea, I explore it in my head for a while and make lots of notes. As the plot grows and the story outline takes shape I discover more information about the world, or at least the bit of the world I’m writing about. It’s a very organic process for me and I find it very easy!


Hopefully more published books! But I am in the process of moving house and starting up a new business, so publishing is on hold for a few months! I’ll let you know when the next book is due out though. I’m hoping it’ll be the sequel to Vintrig’s Kingdom!

Book Cover


Book Blurb

When Isu Magan, heir to Vintrig’s Throne, finds the journal of a vanished Scriber, her perceptions of history and the truth are challenged. A growing distrust of her loyal and powerful Counsellor, initiates rebellious and frightening thoughts within her heart. Adding to this disruption of her ordered life, Isu finds herself attracted to the itinerant musician, Sama Conn. As the endless winter thaws, and a brief summer returns to the Castle, Isu longs to learn to dance, but fears her feelings towards Sama. Knowing she cannot love a mortal, the princess flounders in her increasing infatuation that could lose her the throne, and possibly her life.

Told from five viewpoints; Isu Magan, her maid, her steward, an elderly mute and an anonymous Scriber, Vintrig’s Kindom is a tale of romance, intrigue and dark history.

All the characters are challenged and empowered by the arrival of Sama Conn and his travelling musicians. But Jya, the Counsellor, appears set against them and the change they bring to Vintrig’s Castle. The balance of power is threatened, and each character has to decide which party they will ally themselves with. Against this backdrop of scheming and fear, rises the question, again and again; what is the importance of Throne Peak?

This tale is set within the mountainous, winter-bound walls of Vintrig’s Kingdom. Instead of the usual “quest”, the journey each character treads is a journey of the soul, into the innermost recesses of their fear to question the validity of the history they know.

Vintrig’s Kingdom is currently reduced to just 99c / 99p at most online stores ($1.23 at Amazon.com), until 26th March 2017.


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