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Er, Caboodle is not exactly a hamster Caboodle, though I’m quite sure that hamsters the world over will like it all the same as it also includes short stories of interviews with all kinds of characters as well as other stories, and poetry about all kinds of things. (Why oh why didn’t I do an interview one with a hamster?!!!) But…..dudes! Let me start by saying, it’s a real honour to be interviewed by such famous outstanding hamster dudes who have graciously provided me with an opportunity to talk about my latest book release, Caboodle & The Whole Kit.




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Kev.  Well… Er, Caboodle is not really about people and things as much; it’s more about experiences in life. I’m quite sure you dudes will be able to relate to some it it… sort of… (Big open smile)



Kev. Er, no. (Kev fidgets with his fingers and toes and moves about uncomfortably while waiting for the next question.)


The wonderful collection of short stories, poetry, and songs has been grouped together to bring a variety of tales that are mostly based upon true events, people can easily relate to.


Kev. (Oh dear!) Mm… Good question! Yes. You do make an excellent point. I think somebody should, er, definitely write something about you. After all, you are the most excellent hamster dudes I’ve ever met.





Kev. I had several completed works lying around and several others that I was still working on which didn’t seem to relate to one particular genre or topic, so I thought, Why not throw them all into one work, grouped into their respective genres/topics and that way, I will have everything I’ve written to date (apart from my memoir and fantasy sequel which I’m still working on) published and out there for folks to enjoy… That’s pretty much how Caboodle & The Whole Kit came about.


Kev. That was my most difficult challenge. I couldn’t for ages think of a suitable title, then one day while I was musing over it and having a really good talk with myself (as you do) I said to myself, it’s sort of like the whole kit and caboodle… then it hit me (a stroke of genius, I must admit) I’ll call it Caboodle & The Whole Kit! I love my mouse!



Kev. Er, I mean muse. I like hamsters too…


Kev. I’m more of a songwriter than an artist. I’ve had four single releases so far, three of which will become part of my album: The Right One when it’s finished. Christmas Time was my first release, last year. I will be promoting it again this year and it will probably become part of a second album I’m working on which I haven’t decided upon a name for yet.



Kev. My music is varied, but The Right One will bring together all my love songs and ballads with a couple of folk & country songs in the mix.


My second album will focus more on my less serious topics including The Boogie Song and a few other bouncy, dancy, wobbelly jobbelly type of songs… Pretty much all humour.






Kev. I perform live in my spare room and around the house occasionally if that counts. Aragorn likes to hear me sing and watch me play the guitar. Sometimes, we dance together. Rico looks at us like we’re stark raving bonkers then tends to disappear which is probably what my audience would do if I performed on stage… Don’t know why though, I do all my own moves. We should do a gig together sometime, we could call it Kev and the Hamster Dudes. Play that banjo!







Oh yes, definitely! I’ve seen him, or her, didn’t exactly get to ask about the gender.

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But that’s how I got to know the hamster dude called, Clarence.


I was having a stroll in the woods one day, minding my own as you do when this big, wet blobby grassy, er mossy things jumps out of nowhere and blocks my path.

“Yuuu’man!” It growled

“Who me?”

“Yuuu’man!” It repeated

I looked around. Nobody. “Oh, you must mean me.”

“You, yuuu’man!”

“Oh, you mean, I’m human! It’s actually pronounced with an H, you know. Like this, Hu… man. Go on, give it a try.”

“I eat yuuu’man for halloween treat!”

“Ah, right, well… That changes things a bit doesn’t it?”

Just as the moss monster was about to pounce upon me, some strange music started playing… it sounded like a clarinet. The moss monster turned and ran towards the music. Living with cats for all these years, curiosity got the better of me, so I followed it to see who was playing the clarinet.




Turns out it was a hamster dude called, Clarence who upon seeing me in danger had gotten out his clarinet to distract the moss monster. Then he ran to the edge of a cliff and hid behind a rock while playing his clarinet. The moss monster, confused by the echo the music coming from the cliff’s edge ran over it and fell into the ravine.

If it hadn’t been for the hamster dude, Clarence and his clarinet that he played like the pied piper, I would have become the moss monster’s Halloween treat.

This is an exclusive for the hamster dudes. Copyright. Kevin Cooper.









Well, I’m currently working on my final memoir: Miedo 3: Fragments of Fear. I’m doing it as an unedited serialisation on my blog at the moment. Since, my son had a hamster, there will most definitely be a mention of that later on in the book. I still have fantasy sequel to write as well, but I’m also thinking about writing Animal Tales 2 which will definitely have a couple of hamster tales in it along short stories of other famous animals.

Thanks again for having me over on your site hamster dudes. I’ve really enjoyed it.


Kevin Cooper was born in Hull, East Yorkshire, England in 1963 and moved to the USA in 1985 when he was 21 years old.

Having left high school in England with only three CSE’s (Certificate of Secondary Education) in English Composition, Maths, and English Literature, he spent his first year in America studying for a GED followed by ACT. After passing his college entrance exams, he studied both music and religion for two years at Western Kentucky University before transferring to Asbury College to enroll in their pre-professional track in psychology. He obtained a recognition on the Dean’s List, and graduated with a BA in Psychology with a minor in Classical Greek.

Kevin started post-graduate studies in counselling and psychotherapy at Asbury Theological Seminary where he remained for two years before transferring to the Grand Canyon University in Arizona where he was awarded a research scholarship in their M.Ed program. He did his teaching practicum at Phoenix High School, completed his student teaching year at Peoria High School, and graduated from Grand Canyon University with a M.Ed.

While in America, Kevin has been a College Lecturer of General Studies, a Manager for The Hertz Corporation, who acknowledged him with awards of recognition for his service and dedication to the company. He was a Substitute Teacher for several years, a Private Tutor, a university tutor, and even did volunteer work as a children’s reading mentor in a Phoenix library.

Kevin now resides in England with his wife, and is an established Author of several works.

Connect with him  here https://kcbooksandmusic.wordpress.com/


Caboodle is filled with relaxing episodes of life, family, love & romance, faith, and even the odd, inadvertent run-ins with some quite unsavory characters.
The wonderful collection of short stories, poetry, and songs has been grouped together to bring a variety of tales that are mostly based upon true events, people can easily relate to.
The whole kit is designed to ignite a mixture of emotions to bring smile, laughter, and moisture to the eyes. There is something for everyone in Caboodle.