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Carolee : I come from the west coast of Canada, but I’m currently living with my boyfriend in Oxford, UK. My favorite things to do are reading and writing adventure and romance stories, and once in a while I get the urge to go on an adventure of my own, such as surfing or horseback riding.

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Carolee.  I wrote and self-published a short romance story. It was just a sweet romance story, but somehow it became grouped with erotic stories on Amazon. I could see what customers who bought my stories had also bought, and it was things like werewolf erotica and forced seduction! I saw that those books were selling better than mine, and then the whole Fifty Shades of Grey thing came about, so I became more and more interested in writing erotic fiction. Because I’ve always enjoyed historical fiction, I decided to fuse them together by writing historical romance with plenty of erotic elements.




Carolee. I don’t know if I would be capable of accurately portraying the hamster experience. Do you think I could pull it off? On that note, why has Hamstah Dickens never written a book about humans?



Carolee. I started writing when I was seventeen, and I’ve written three adventure novels, none of which are published. My novels kept getting rejected for over ten years. I was like “Man, I ain’t getting nowhere. I’m sick of sitting here tryin’ to write this book…”

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Carolee . Then, I was inspired to write my first erotic story. I wanted to write a humorous sequel to the classic poem “The Rape of the Lock”, and it came out kind of S&M-ish! I called it “Belinda’s Revenge” and it was taken up by New Concepts Publishing, the first publisher I submitted to. Encouraged by this, I followed up on it right away with another humorous erotic romance, “Engaged to the Earl.” I submitted it to Black Velvet Seductions, and after a couple of months, they accepted it. So, now I consider myself a romance/erotica writer since I seem to be having much more success with this genre than with anything else I tried.

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Carolee. My favorite film is The Princess Bride. (I guess I should have known I’d become a romance writer!)

I would probably cast Emma Stone as Martha (hoping she can do an English accent), Ryan Gosling as the Earl and Chris Hemsworth as Tom.


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Carolee. As with any scene, it’s easier to write when you really get into the character’s head. What would they be doing in this situation? Do they want to tease or be teased? Are they confident or self-conscious? Do they just want to fling themselves into it with full abandon and unbridled passion? It all depends on where your characters are in the story and how they feel about each other.

Then, the next challenge is describing the action! Some prefer dirty language, while others will write euphemisms such as ‘orchid’ or ‘flower’ for certain parts. It’s a good idea to decide how frank you want your language to be and be consistent.

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It’s an inspiring place, and I’m really enjoying it. There is so much history here and also a few birds and squirrels, though I haven’t yet seen any hamsters.





Carolee Don’t take it personally, and don’t give up! Another editor might love what one editor has rejected. If you’re getting constantly rejected, try to write a different query letter or just write a new story.



It’s an arranged marriage, but young Martha Darrington wants to do a little arranging of her own.

Her fiance is an arrogant knave, and she will not marry him until he has learned to love her.

But is Martha getting just a little carried away in her romance with her own servant? Maybe she could find a way to satisfy all their desires…

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