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SO today, we have a special guest on this blog–

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Fun Felicity Kates, who has been here before and is so talented she is sure to be here again, with her latest, her newest  book…..


part of……

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 Q. Shey. Your book is called Peyton’s Doll, why isn’t it called Peyton’s Hamster?

Q Shey.  Who wrote these crappy questions?

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A. Kate. Unfortunately there aren’t any hamsters featured in this book series, just humans, androids-that-are-almost-human, and robots. So while having a fluffy hamster on the cover and in the title would be undeniably cute, it would likely confuse the readers. (Sorry Hamstah dudes! Luvs yah!)

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2Q Shey. SO who is Peyton and why a ‘Doll’?


A Kate. Peyton is Dr. Peyton Chase. He lives on a future Earth where the human race is struggling to survive, 1000 years after a viral plague has nearly wiped everyone out. There aren’t enough people left to keep things running, which is where the android Dolls come in as live-in companions. The story is about a certain Doll that is gifted to Peyton by his concerned friends, who think she will help him get over the loss of his wife. Peyton is furious. He doesn’t want a sex-droid Doll. But it turns out, when he opens that box to unpack her, that she isn’t a regular Doll at all. In fact, she’s quite something else entirely. I won’t spoil the story, but there’s a lot of intrigue, sizzling smexiness, romance and humour that goes on while Peyton and his ‘Doll’ try to sort things out.



Q Shey. What is the hardest thing about writing a book?

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A.  Kate.  Hummm. Well, I hate to break it to any new writers out there, but writing is the easy part. Selling is where things get hard. And by selling, I mean convincing the world to give your stories a try. You really need to believe in your stories deep down inside, and be willing to take chances for them. But you also need to be willing to learn from your mistakes and keep learning. I’ve seen people mess up both, either losing faith in their work, or feeling like they don’t have to listen when advice is given. Both will stop your career in its tracks. Don’t sweat the small stuff, enjoy the little things, and above all…don’t stop writing!

 Q Shey  This series is different from your Little Miss Kick-Ass series, what caused the change?

A. Kate  Well, that’s a bit of a story in itself. I blogged about that very thing on my website. If you want to read the full story, please check it out by clicking here: Kates Blog.




Have I turned my back on Little Miss Kick-Ass? Absolutely not. The story isn’t finished there yet. But this series had been waiting to be told long before Race and Lucas came to be, and I felt it was time for Peyton to come out and meet the world.

 Q Shey.  Would you consider writing a series about hamsters?

Q Shey. Right, that’s it. Which of you hamster blog idiots wrote this?



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A Kate. Sure I would! We can call it 101 Temptations, and it can be all about The Hamsters living in the attic of a cheese shop, having to decide between cheddar and Gouda and fighting their way past an angry old cat named Pickles to get their dinner every day.

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Q Shey  Can you tell us a bit about your plans for this series?



A Felicity . The New Earth series is a set of short stories that release monthly as a sci-fi romance series. In the age old tradition of serials, they are not standalone books and do have a tendency toward cliff-hanger endings that will leave you wanting to read the next part (In a good way, not the scream at the book and throw it against the wall kind of way. I don’t believe in doing that to people, lol). Currently there are 4 books planned, perhaps 5 or more, depending on how much trouble Peyton and Helen (he calls her Hell by the way. He has a sarcastic sense of humour) get into before finding their happily ever after. And yes, they do get their HEA in the end. This is a romance after all, even if it’s set in the future with robots. Part 1 is out now. Part 2 is setting up for pre-order with Amazon, Kobo etc as we speak and is out on February 10th. Part 3 is scheduled or March 23rd an so on….

Q SHey . Way to go girl. Way to go. Where did the idea come from?

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A Kate.  You know, it’s been so long since I first started writing this book series that I really don’t remember. I’ve always been a big fan of sci-fi and sexy romance, however, and I have a mad sense of humour. Mix all 3 together and you get Peyton’s Doll.

 Q Shey I am thinking of doing some blogs on the actual writing process soon.


What is your writing process?

A Kate. Write when you can, as much as you can and try not to revise anything until the first draft is done. And try to always have fun with whatever it is you are writing. Thanks for having me on your blog today, Shey! It’s always fun to visit with you and the hamsters.gone



A new adventure in science fiction romance begins…

The New Earth Series, by bestselling author Felicity Kates, is a serial science fiction romance story set in a futuristic dystopian world, where hope for the future of humanity is in danger of being lost to despair. At times humorous, and filled with sizzling chemistry, the series will take you on a journey through intriguing twists and turns, smiles and tears, as Dr. Peyton Chase and his android companion, whom he affectionately calls Hell, must discover the true meaning of love before they can reach their HEA.

The series of books are scheduled to be published on a monthly basis beginning January 2016. Each part of the story is meant be read in sequence.

Peyton’s Doll—Part One


Release date: January 6th, 2016

Book info:  The beginning part of the series where the conflict involving the New Earth colonies is introduced and Peyton and his android Doll meet.

Genre: science fiction romance

Tags: android, dystopia, post-apocalyptic, futuristic, cyberpunk, short story.

Length: 20 000 words approx.

Heat level: High

Formats: epub, mobi. Paperback TBA. Audio is not available at this time.

Price: 0.99 cents US/UK/CA/AU

~Buy Links~

Amazon US / Amazon UK / Amazon CA / Amazon AU

Kobo / iTunes / B&N


She isn’t what the doctor ordered, but she’s just what he needs

1000 years after Earth has been devastated by a viral plague, the few survivors turn to genetic engineering and advanced robotics to ensure the future of the human race. But not everyone is happy with artificial life living amongst humans, least of all Peyton Chase, a doctor with a harrowing past.

When he’s ‘gifted’ with a state-of-the-art companion that he can’t send back, Peyton is far from pleased. She’s sentient. She’s sexy. She’s everything he doesn’t want complicating his life. He nicknames her Hell. She nicknames him lots of unladylike things, at least in her mind. Because there are rules to a relationship like theirs. Master and Slave. She’s supposed to obey him in all things. But if that’s true, why can’t she stop meddling in his life?

Unfortunately, time is running out for Hell. Her own desperate past is about to catch up to her with deadly results.


“You saved my life when it would’ve been easier to let me die,” said Hell. An incredible realization, especially considering killing her had been the thought most on Peyton’s mind when he’d initiated the scan. “Why?”

The warmth of his arm pulled away, but his comforting scent lingered. He picked up a nearby cloth and busied himself with wiping down the scanning array’s control panel. “I swore an oath once, to help those in need regardless of personal opinion.”