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Excuse me dudes, who said anything about you interviewing Erin? Erin is my guest and a fellow Soul Mate author. erin

A Viking gal, like myself, although her books, despite having romantic elements  aren’t purely ‘romance’ . So, what we are going to do is sit up, be nice little hamsters dudes and hear what she’s got to say, without moaning or interrupting.

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Shey.  Firstly Erin tell us a little about yourself?



Yes. We did interview you once and you told us all about how to eat your manuscript in ten easy steps if you remember. Now let’s hear from Erin.



ERIN. I am a lover of the written word—fiction and non-fiction, historical to YA to the classics. I will read anything as long as it’s well written. I am also dyslexic, which makes life very interesting! Dyslexic writers have two best friends: spell check and their editor. My educational background is in psychology, but I’m also a lactation consultant and a car seat installation technician. Why? Just because. I’m interested in lots of random things: archaeology, quilting, tarot cards, making YouTube videos, football (American), past life regression, and so on. I just truly enjoy learning about new things.


I love history and I have a special place in my heart for warrior societies. Vikings and the ancient Greeks are my favourite. I have two children, a girl and a boy, and I’m married to the best looking man on the planet. We’ve been together since I was 16 years old.

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Shey :What drew you to write Viking Romance?




Erin : I don’t necessarily consider my books to be a “romance” in the traditional sense. They have strong romantic elements, yes, but they are more a mixture of genres, with adventure and suspense just as important as the romance. I enjoy writing characters with psychological depth who grow and change as the series progresses. As to why Vikings, I just love them.

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The danger and violence of that time in history is definitely an attraction. Seriously, who doesn’t love a big blond man with an axe?



Shey  : Now Sons of Odin isn’t just a series, it’s your first set of books, why did you decide to start with a series as opposed to a standalone?

Erin:  Well, the story in my head was too long to do in one book. By necessity, I had to put it into three separate books. Trying to fit everything into one book would have felt rushed. Each book leads into the next one.

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Shey :  Do the same characters appear in each of the stories at all?

Erin : Yes. They all do, except the ones who don’t make it. These are Vikings, remember! Violent times.


Shey : Where are your books mainly set?

Erin : Mainly Norway. A bit in Ireland and a bit in Wales.

Shey :  We are all big Viking fans here.





Can you share an interesting fact about Vikings?

Erin There is a rare genetic mutation that causes a type of inherited breast cancer (BRCA1 and BRCA2 are the damaged genes) that is directly traceable to the Viking invasion in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Most people who carry these faulty genes also carry Viking ancestry.

Shey : Wow. Interesting indeed. My father had a hand condition that is unknown outwith Scandinavia. He had some Scottish ancestors, but originally his people mainly came from Normandy which was also overrun by the Vikings.  Our last guest here brought recipes which the dudes loved. Do you have any?

Erin :Blood Pudding and Sheep’s Liver.Slaughter one sheep and drain the blood into a clean bowl…. ha ha, just kidding. I don’t really cook, sorry.



viking sheep

erin 2

Shey. No worries. Erin. Dudes, do not start that sheep biz again. Thank you. A lot of aspiring hasmsers- sorry,  authors follow this blog, any advice for them?

Erin : Write about something you’re passionate about, get a good editor who understands your vision, and promote the heck out of it. Repeat.

Shey ; Thank you Erin for being our guest today.

Although Facebook launch party is a dirty word with the dudes here, A FLAME PUT OUT, book two in the Sons of Odin series, releases on August 26th! You can join Erin on Facebook for an evening of games, prizes, guest authors, and lots of Viking fun. Invite your friends who love Vikings, history, adventure, and romance–there will be something for everyone!


What’s more Odin’s Shadow in on sale for 99 cents.



Blurb…. Odin’s Shadow.

Obsession. Treachery. Revenge. Redemption. Certain themes resonate across the centuries.

Selia is a girl on the verge of womanhood, frustrated by the confines of her gender and resentful of the freedom her brother boasts of. Intelligent and resourceful in a time when neither is valued in a female, she longs for an escape from her sheltered existence. Fascinated by the tales of Viking raids told by her maidservant, her hunger for independence is fed through the stories of heathen ferocity she hears at the woman’s knee.

A decision to sneak to the city’s harbor to view the Viking longships leads to an encounter with Alrik Ragnarson, a charismatic Viking warlord whose outward beauty masks a dark and tortured mind. With the knowledge that her father is about to announce her betrothal to a man she doesn’t love, Selia marries Alrik and within a day is on the longship bound for Norway and a new life.

While Selia’s relationship with her new husband grows, her friendship with his brother Ulfrik grows as well. And as Alrik’s character flaws come to light and tension mounts between the two brothers, Selia begins to have misgivings about her hasty marriage . . . especially when a secret from the past is revealed, one that threatens to destroy them all.

Erin S. Riley Bio

Erin S. Riley has an undergraduate degree in psychology and a graduate degree in clinical counseling. She is also a board certified lactation consultant and has had extensive training in maternal-child health. Since Erin was a child, she has been fascinated with human nature and what motivates behavior. Erin’s books feature complicated, imperfect characters who love deeply, make reckless decisions, and try again until they get it right.

A lifelong lover of books, Erin taught herself to read at the age of four and hasn’t been without a book since. She is an equal-opportunity reader of fiction and non-fiction, and her shelves are filled with books on psychology, archeology, anthropology, and general history. The social history of women and their place in society across the ages is a favorite reading topic of Erin’s. Erin is drawn to any creative pursuit, from making hand-stitched quilts to producing mini-movies for family and friends from home videos. But writing has always been her passion. When Erin isn’t writing, she enjoys spending time with her two wonderful children, reading anything she can get her hands on, watching football, and renovating her house with her husband of 17 years.