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Okay Jane Risdon, firstly, ignoring all the rude dudes,  PLEASE tell us a little about yourself.

Shey, thanks so much for inviting me to tell you something about myself and my writing journey.

My early years were spent in Singapore where my mother and I joined my father who’d been posted there after serving in the Korean War. 


Go on Jane

He was a stranger to me, having gone off to war soon after I was born and I didn’t see him until I was 3. We lived in what is now the city of Singapore, so different to the country you see today; it was still mainly jungle back then.  Dad actually worked over in Johore Bahru, Malaya, where the British were battling bandits trying to wreck the rubber plantations.

As an Army family we were posted all over the show; I recall living in Dortmund in the late 1950’s with bomb sites at the end of the street, and kids living in the rubble.


My best friend was a much older black American girl called Marika, and she and I were on our roller skates all day.  I have the scars to prove it. 


But it wasn’t me dudes. So…the writing when a large chunk of your life has been spent on the music biz? Spill….

I’ve always wanted to write but life with a musician was far too hectic, besides I was the main bread-winner in the early days  Years later when my husband’s band broke up we both went into management of singers, songwriters, record producers and actors, and with all the studio time, touring and crazy life we led, it was not possible to sleep let alone write. We worked internationally, living in America, Taiwan, and Singapore mostly; constantly on the road and worn out. 


So, it was not until recently that I’ve been able to do something for myself, when I was not promoting and creating a career for someone else.  If anyone is interested in reading about some of my music business experiences do pop over to my regular blog spot with Creative Frontiers.  I write every fortnight about some of my experiences. The early says when my husband was playing to our days working with the guys from Queen, Alice Cooper, David Cassidy, David Hasselhoff, and Pamela Anderson, and many others too numerous to name.

Working with Rock, Pop, R&B, and even Chinese Opera; television programmes such as Baywatch to Power Rangers, and movies like The Jersey Girl, we’ve had a long and varied career in the entertainment business.  So lots of fodder for writing.

One word. WOW! Once you’d settled down, how hard was it to get published?


A friend I made via my blog is Margot Kinberg, an Associate Professor at an American university, a mystery writer and blogger.  She liked my work and when she wanted to publish an anthology of Crime stories by successful crime writers, in memory of her friend and Crime writer/editor and blogger Maxine Clarke, I was thrilled she accepted two of mine.  In A Word: Murder came out in print and eBook and has proven very successful.


In 2014 I decided to try my hand at finding a traditional publisher and after trying six I was turned down by three, and didn’t hear back from two, until last month when one of them wanted to take things further.  Fortunately for me, unfortunately for them, I was contacted by Accent Press in the summer of 2014, who’d read some of my short stories and asked if I’d like to contribute to two anthologies they were publishing for Halloween (Shiver) and Christmas (Wishing on a Star).

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I sent in the stories and in September 2014 I signed a publishing contract with them, the reviews for the book have been good and I have received some 5* reviews personally. They’re waiting for my novel, Ms Birdsong Investigates, which is part of series and so I am working hard to finish it.

You’ve written for quite  a few anthologies? Is Mrs Birdsong to be longer?

I have a back-log of short stories and novels which I need to go back to and finish.  Last count there were about 26 WIP waiting to be tidied up.  Most are crime or espionage themed and some are in other genres, such as humour and observational stories.  I have all 3 Ms Birdsong Investigates books almost completed.

Lavinia Birdsong is a young 40 something former MI5 Officer who is ‘voluntarily’ retired after a mission goes wrong.  Finding herself in a rural village in the Vale of the White Horse she tries to make a life for herself. Soon she finds herself involved in a missing person investigation involving a Russian Oligarch and other villains, which brings an old flame – a former colleague -back from her past, complicating her life.  Before long murder is foremost in her mind as she helps track the killer down.




What are your Easter plans?


This Easter I shall be working on Ms Birdsong Investigates and awaiting news of another book I’ve been working on which is to be published later this year – not crime strangely enough!

Any advice for an aspiring writer?

Just go for it and write.  Don’t let someone put you off.  Get it down and go back and tidy it up afterwards, having taken a few days away from it.  I do think writing about something you are familiar with helps, not that I have murdered anyone, zdile


but I think the words and scenarios come easier and are more believable if you know what you are writing about.

Thanks so much for inviting me to tell you about my life and writing.  I do hope you will provide fed-back and if you are feeling very generous, please do check out my work and blog, letting me have your thoughts.

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