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Hey, hey, hey fellahs, can we just be a bit nicer here?


Ok..but you see that this here button….?




zwqwqw9Okay…..Deno, firstly  tell us a little about your good self?

Deno. My name is Deno Sandz, originally from Chicago, Illinois now residing in Ohio, a U.S. Army Veteran.



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I’ve published horror novels such as: “Miss Mary Weather: A Southern Nightmare”
(2000), “Pen of Iniquity” (2008), “I,AM” (2010), “Blood Plantation” (2011), “Cry
Heaven Cry Hell…The Return of Miss Mary Weather(Sequel)”(2013), “Icabob Shaw”
(2014),  “The House of Shangri-La” (2014), and “7even Dreams: A Dialogue with
Evil” (2015), and  have numerous unpublished novels in the works.  I have
written articles on every aspect of society.  deno

My short stories transcend the heart, soul, and mind of the reader.  For example, my story, “Awakened” is a teaching tool in the Oakland School District for the last five years.


I have other short stories published in the pages of magazines across the country.  I
also write poetry/prose.  I am the creator of Deno Sandz Productions/Six
Shortyes Films.



Shey…. Horror writers come in many types.  How would you describe
your work?

zfkli9989Deno. I would describe my work as “Soul Frightening,” “Consolidated Horror
Fiction,” “Thought beyond reality,” and “Optical Fear Provoking Entertainment.”

Shey. So? Scary Maries eh! zwqwqw9

What drew you to write and get into this ‘murderous’ business?


Deno.  The love I had as a young person to read and
imagine propelled me to write, creating an acronym I call today: “V.I.C.”: This
is Visualization, Imagination, and Creativity.



Shey.  Who would you cite as your main influences?

Deno. I would have to say the Lord my God, then my grandparents
and parents.

Shey.  Your grandparents must be very special to you Deno. Where does your actual inspiration come from?
Deno, My inspiration comes from the world’s mind, body, soul, and its parallel existence to another world that we cannot see, thrust upon us in our nightmares.zfkl7777

 Shey.  Can you tell us a bit about your next release?

Deno. My next novel is entitled: “Whorehouse on Penguin

zfkl77aaazfkl77aaa99999 It’s a paradise gone bad. If you are ever driving, pass a sign that reads, “Whorehouse on Penguin Creek” next exit–keep driving…  Because not every pleasure is good for you. In the summer of July 1834 in Arkansas, during the time of the, “Wild Man of the Woods,” believed to be a Bigfoot…a gigantic hairy man-like creature with huge feet,  six people of a secret cult  brutally sacrificed themselves  in the name of Satan. One by one their bodies fell and descended beneath the shallowly waters of Penguin Creek………  Until they were reborn with a drop of human blood….




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Shey. What is this King of Cleve biz?


Deno.  It was an honor and privilege to receive a TOP AUTHOR AWARD from the Land of Cleve Achievement Awards: Raise the Glass Ceremony 2014.  Cleveland has shown me true artist adoration.  In addition, through these great accomplishments/awards bestowed upon me.  I am humble and grateful to receive the accolades such as King, Acclaimed, Master, and Prolific from artistic enthusiasts, fans, and friends.

Shey.  A lot of aspiring authors follow this blog, any writing tips?

Deno.  If you are not inspired to write on your own, why write. If you are not willing to be inspired, why write?  Bad reviews should not discourage you from continuing
to write. In addition, remember: “If a writer’s work is to be read, the writer
too must be read.”


Shey. That’s cos you ate it. Thank you Deno, for joining us today. Now I do believe Bobby Bub wants a word. Just let me press this button…….



A reinvention of the 19th Century Dime Novels

What happens when you curse God and touch a book of Dead Dreams written by the (Son of Satan)? This book makes the reader wonder if the Dialogue with Evil is a
distortion. Is the mirror reflection of reality without a mirror his (Omar

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