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SO….today we do indeed have a very special guest. Jane Hunt is not only a champion writer, she is a champion of other writers as you’ll see from her social media. She’s also refreshingly honest about the writing game. Her new book, The Revenge Masquerade,  is set in Venice.

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Thank you  I am sure she will really, really glad of that, turning cartwheels with the general in fact.zreneajan78999888


So Jane,  The Revenge Masquerade is your second book. And there’s this thing, isn’t there, about the ‘second album’ How hard did you find this second book?

Jane: Once I’d decided on my setting and characters, the second book in the series was easier to write than the first. To be honest. I’d written two books in the interim – The Dangerous Gift, a romantic suspense, (now finished and looking for a publishing home) and Past Shadows my current work in progress, which is a historical romance, so The Revenge Masquerade was actually my fourth book.zswwww7878799




zreneathis99My first chapter originally began in Venice, with Zane but my writing mentor suggested that new readers needed to know more about Jasmine and Zane’s relationship. So I wrote the prologue, which is the last scene between Jasmine and Zane from The Dragon Legacy #1 but this time written from Zane’s point of view. I think it works, although it does give my story a sexy, passionate beginning. Hopefully new readers won’t be scared off.



Shey Can we expect characters from the Dragon Legacy?


Not at all. The general represents law and order on this blog.


Jane The Revenge Masquerade is Jasmine’s (witch) and Zane’s (wolf shifter) romantic adventure. They were in the first book and often threatened to steal the show, so it was fitting they got their own story. Fleur, Lukas (dragon lord) and Grace (guardian witch) also make an appearance in The Revenge Masquerade. There are new characters too, notably we meet Lukas’ sexy dragon brother Lorenzo and party loving sister Larna.





 Shey Venice? Why Venice?zrenrev1565690909


Jane, The setting of my stories is very important to me. I write in a descriptive style so the surroundings need to be iconic and memorable. I love Italy and Venice has many attributes that are integral to my story. Firstly, water is an essential element of my dragon fantasy world and Venice has hundreds of canals. Venice is a vivid historical setting with its palazzo and piazza, I could easily visualise my paranormal characters there, living in plain sight among the tourists but part of a dangerous, secret world. Finally, Venice is the city of romance, many of my readers will have been there or want to go there for romantic breaks so it was a great setting for my fantasy, romantic adventure.

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 Shey Tell us a bit about your sumexy hero.

Jane  Zane’s a wolf shifter his role in my fantasy world is as ambassador for the infant dragon. He’s spent the last year travelling the world, meeting with shifters, vampires and fae, letting them know that the infant dragon is a force for good and ensuring their allegiance.


Strongly attracted to the fiercely, independent Jasmine, who is destined to be the next guardian witch, he refuses to consider a relationship with her. Zane equates commitment with weakness but after their only passionate encounter he finds she is hard to forget. His athletic build and long blond hair and did I mention his silver blue eyes make him pretty memorable too.zre-tt74


Dark and powerful Lorenzo, Lukas’ dragon brother challenges Zane for Jasmine and threatens their romantic reunion, when he abducts the young witch as she embarks on her search for Zane

 Shey. Sum up your heroine in a few words.


Jane Jasmine is courageous Intelligent, loyal, powerful and magnet of attraction to alpha, paranormal males.zre-tt74898989898989889

 Shey. How exciting has all this been for you?


Jane  Writing the story was very exciting. I planned very little and let the characters take me where they wanted to go. I also understood the editing process better this time around and hopefully the finished product will be an improvement on my debut novel.

 I’m not as optimistic about people buying the story though as I was. The market is ultra competitive and it’s so difficult to reach your potential readers. That’s why I appreciate my fellow writers and bloggers; they make the self promotion easier and more successful.

Shey  Jane listen, it just takes time. The market is also ultra saturated. I’ve heard it said this is a marathon not a sprint.


I know you will get there. SO just put down the stick you’re beating yourself with. Period. A lot of ‘new ‘ writers complain re the amount of social media they have to do. You have a lot of media including your First steps book reviews. Any advice?

Jane I enjoy blogging, book reviewing and Twitter. Promoting my books is much harder. Selling is an extrovert characteristic and I’m an introvert so it’s out of my comfort zone. I prefer to share the work of other writers and hope they like mine enough to do the same.




Zane Lupus, the wolf shifter who loved and left Jasmine broken-hearted, is in danger. Haunted by nightmares, Jasmine risks her fragile heart and travels to Venice to find her one-time friend and lover, hoping she can save him and rekindle their passion. Abducted by Lorenzo, a passionate dragon, Jasmine is tempted away from her quest to find her wolf.
Zane is confronted with what he suspects is an enemy from his past. He tries in vain to warn the dragon lord, Lukas, about the threat to the infant dragon. The horror beneath The Revenge Masquerade is ancient and terrible and determined to capture the infant dragon for its own ends.
The Dragon Legacy faces its greatest test. Is Jasmine, empowered by the guardian witch’s snake ring, strong enough to restore the natural balance? Or will the sacrifice she must endure destroy her before she embraces her destiny?

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