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zwe660898929090Well, dudes, this is an interesting  turn up for the books. Do you really think you can reverse this poll?

Christmas is still a few weeks off. You will have to keep it up, obeying all Noelle’s rule…Let’s just recap ok ?


Rule 1: Thou shalt not whinge, whine, or carry on when Shey constantly overlooks you in favour of some fancy US Best Seller author, or some tramp who writes naughty books.

Rule 2: Thou shalt not interrupt when Shey is speaking. The consequences of you continuing to do this are awful. Heck, you’ve seen what happened to Mr Shey! He’s lost all his hair from being told to shut up all the time. A bald hamster will be a very cold hamster in the freezing Dundonian winter.

Rule 3: Thou shalt learn to bring Shehanne her slippers without her even asking; fill her wine glass before it’s empty; and help her in her new garden. Reason is, a happy Shey makes for a happy day.
Rule 4: Never, never, NEVER, interrupt Shehanne when she is on a deadline, or has edits to do. This will make her angry, and she will withhold certain important…favours…such as feeding you, changing your water bowl, and letting you visit her blog posts.

Now let’s see how well you do today, marks out of ten folks ok, welcoming a very unusual combo. A mum and daughter who write together.


Dudes, I give you Sarah and Shannen Brady a writing team out of Washington State.

Together they write paranormal romantic suspense. Ok? And if you’re good, very good, to them and our remaining guests, we will be having that Hamstah Christmas week.



Temporarily. In case you didn’t notice, they gave you back.  Once they’d recovered their sanity. We’ve talked about this. zmit

Well, let’s just see. We have a little guest post here, a very good one all about partner writing and just how the galz work it out.



zwe660000000He eats them too. So, let’s put our paws together to welcome two fellow Soulies to the blog, or rather one,  and hear what they/she have/has to say about writing a book together.zfathhh97777SMPbanner

Partner Writing.

Sarah Brady


‘Partner writing with anyone else would be hard but writing together with Shannen is easy. After all, we’ve been doing this very nearly all her life.zqkd100000000

I’m an accountant but Shannen has always been a writer. When she was a little girl, for a while limericks and Doctor Suess-style rhyming poems were her thing. The whole family, (Shannen and I, my husband and Shannen’s younger brother,) would sit around the living room brainstorming poetry, both kids shouting out lines from their beanbags on the floor and cracking themselves up. I know, normal families play board games or watch TV. Even that far back, “just a little weird” was our normal.zxzxzxzxzxzxx1


zxzxzxzxzxzxx1000My Ugly Dog

I paid a call on my best friend Jerome,

To find just the right dog for me to take home

And when I got there

I knew just what I’d find;

A puppy so ugly I’d want to go blind…



zlove9999888zxy-666188888OK, even I know that’s terrible. It’s been a long time and I never claimed I could do this by myself. Together we’d have come up with something better. Just like our novel writing, the end result is greater than the sum of its parts.ztonyr99999888888


When Shannen and I are ready to start a new book, we simply sit down together and tell each other a story. We argue about plot and characters, motive and heat level. It can get both loud and graphic as we work out all the details for a full length romance novel and we’ve learned to do most of it in private, as it drives the rest of the family bugnuts. zqkd100


We eventually drag them in for some of the details, as my son is now a martial arts instructor (and our fight scene choreographer) and my husband has a very analytical mind. He often finds plot holes and asks questions that never occurred to either of us. In just a couple of hours we can come up with the bones of a novel, characters, romance, and action, beginning to end.

After that it’s a matter of trading the notes back and forth until we have what amounts to a primitive rough draft, a 10-12 page, scene-by-scene outline with a thick paragraph spelling outwhat each scene has to accomplish. Whoever is most attached to the characters at that point takes it over and writes the first draft, with the other editing it scene by scene along the way.

After two years of this craziness, our first two novels are either published or in the hands of a publisher, waiting for the release date to come around. We have at least five more Gifted or Gifts of Fate novels in the works and we’re still having a blast.


When Shannen and I first sat down to write,

We thought maybe the books would be good.

“You write that with your daughter?”

The other authors all cried.

No way could most have understood.

 But we kept right on writing, more stories to tell

Might not get famous or make us a dime

We might land on our backsides

Or fall on our faces

But at least we’ll have had a good time.


Oh, man. This is why I don’t do this alone…





Blurb for Healer:zcheese

Alexandra Grayson is an empathic healer, flying under the radar as a Spokane Valley EMT. Protecting her family’s secret from Homeland Security’s Gifted Agenda and the bigotry of a fearful populace is the most important thing to her. Getting close to men, especially super sexy cops, isn’t an option.

Tyler Kincaid is a man who knows what he wants, and what he wants is Alex. When she outs herself as Gifted by healing a child, Tyler helps her escape, but even his love is not enough to protect her. When Alex is taken by HOMSEC agents, Tyler has to lead a motley collection of Alex’s Gifted relatives in a daring rescue.


Buy link   http://www.amazon.com/Healer-Gifted-Sarah-Shannen-Brady-ebook/dp/B00NX8X8IM/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1413857974&sr=8-2&keywords=healer


Shannen Brady lives in Western Washington with her boyfriend and their child, a rambunctious corgi named Chubberus Maximus. When she’s not writing her latest sexy story, you can find her hiking, watching terrible SyFy movies and avoiding cooking of any kind.

Sarah Brady lives in Eastern Washington with her husband and teenage son, dividing her time between her real life and the voices in her head.

Sarah and Shannen are a mother/daughter team and together they write paranormal romantic suspense.  Their first book, Healer, is book 1 of The Gifted, a series that will be four m/f romances, and published by Soul Mate Publishing.  Their second book will be Sweet Fire, book 1 of a related series of m/m books, to be released January 2, 2015 by Dreamspinner Press.

Sarah and Shannen love to hear from readers.  Check out their website at www.sbradybooks.com, like them on FaceBook at SBradyBooks or follow them on Twitter @sbradybooks.