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Okay….Okay… Can we just get back with the program here.




Today we have some very special ladies, not just with a FREE Christmas ebook



but some seasonal good wishes. Dudes, let us welcome…..

 Eva_and_Elizabeth_Ellen (1)

Eva Scott. Elizabeth Ellen Carter.




Noelle Clark and Susanne Bellamy



Now then, the exciting part, ladies, give it to us straight….what is your all time fav Christmas song and very briefly why?zqwewewe888000---


Noelle  –  O Holy Night. I just love the way it soars. Hearing it never fails to make me tear up.

Eva – Little Drummer Boy for me. It’s the perfect combination of solemnity and joy.Gets me every time.

E.E.I agree with Noelle I love O Holy Night, but since she got there first 😉 I love Joy To The World

Susanne – Love IlDivo’s version of “Oh, Holy Night” too but for me, it’s “Six White Boomers” which is inextricably linked to my children’s delight in all things Christmas when they were little.



Ladies your favorite Christmas film and why?


Noelle  –  Can’t not watch Home Alone 1 and 2 each year, and now my grandchildren love them too. Extra fun. I love seeing the snow and especially the scenes in Central Park in HA 2.


Eva – While You Were Sleeping. Never gets old for me. And if I can be cheeky and pick two films the second will be Love Actually.Another great Christmas flick.


E.E.The Thin Man (1934) with Myrna Loy and William Powell. A murder mystery set at Christmas with the most sassy, romantic detectives you will ever meet. And, Die Hard (1988), just thing to watch while Christmas lunch settles.


Susanne – “White Christmas”. My family used to watch it every Christmas Day when I was a child. It’s tied in to my Mum and Dad and sister who are no longer with us.



Noelle. Can you give us favourite Christmas memory?

I have three siblings and ten nieces and nephews. When the nieces and nephews were all little, and mine were tiny, we all gathered at a local park at one of our nearby beaches for Christmas lunch. We’d all take food to share, play games, swim. Was fun. But then our families grew up and we now celebrate separately, with our own little broods. I miss those big gatherings.


Eva. Share a special Christmas recipe.

I host Christmas Eve dinner and my guests get to vote on what stays on the menu for next year. This is a huge favourite which I think you’ll enjoy for any special occasion.


Chocolate and Raspberry Cheesecakezcheese

  1. Grease and line a 24cm spring form cake pan with baking paper.
  2. Preheat oven to 160C.
  3. Process 300g chocolate biscuits until smooth.
  4. Stir through 125g melted butter and pour into prepared cake pan.
  5. Using the back of a spoon smooth the biscuit mixture evenly into the base.
  6. Cover and refrigerate for 30 minutes.
  7. Beat 3 eggs and ¾ cup caster sugar for 1 minute.
  8. Add 2 x 200g soften cream cheese blocks and beat until smooth.
  9. If your cheesecake does crack simply smother the top with whipped cream and serve! Enjoy!




EE. How will you spend this Christmas?

My husband and I are ‘orphans’ but we’ve been adopted by some very dear friends, so after church, we’ll be going up to Mt Tamborine and drink champagne.


 Susanne.The low down on a fav Christmas Day game.

Our Christmases are spent at the beach with family. Games centre around the pool and usually involve a ball. “Piggy-in-the-Middle” mixed with baseball practice is the closest way to describe it!



Noelle.The hook for your story.

Look back on memories with fondness; but be excited about the future. Time stands still for no one, so love every moment of life.



 Eva.Two lines about the heroine in yours.

Molly is a gal who struggles to see that she’s fine just as she is. She’s warm, earthy, caring and just needs to see herself through Love’s eyes.

 EE. Tell us briefly about your hero.

Lieutenant Michael Renten is a naval officer who has been charged with exposing smugglers on the Devon Coast. He is tall, handsome and very resourceful.



 Susanne.  How does your story fit with the title? –

Christmas is about families coming together and the idea of giving, preferably not in a materialistic manner. The greatest gifts are life and love and “A Touch of Christmas” offers both in unexpected ways. The most memorable gifts are those made with love, time and effort. I hope my final image sums up this concept.

 Who or what would you most like to find in your stocking.



Noelle  –  A bottle of elixir that cures all sadness, illness, and poverty for every person on this planet.


Eva – Such a hard question! But I think I’ll settle on a housekeeper. (Are you listening G.W. Gibson?)


E.E. Actually, can I have the stocking? I love soft and silky stockings and they’re so hard to find now. Stay ups just aren’t the same with suspenders.


Susanne – Daniel Craig 😉 Failing his availability,


I’d be thrilled with a new Il Divo CD.










Title:         A Season to Remember

A Christmas anthology from four Australian authors

Eva Scott, Susanne Bellamy, Elizabeth Ellen Carter, and Noelle Clark

Release Date:  November 17, 2014  –  Available now

Free download from Smashwords:  https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/493542



Four Australian authors

Four great stories

One anthology


‘All that Glitters’ by Eva Scott

‘Three Ships’ by Elizabeth Ellen Carter

‘A Touch of Christmas’ by Susanne Bellamy

‘Sands of Time’ by Noelle Clark



Noelle Clark is an Australian author of contemporary romance and commercial historical fiction novels. Her books weave romance, intrigue, and adventure into colourful and often exotic locations around the world. Widely travelled, Noelle uses real life experience of places, culture, and people as a backdrop to her stories, giving the reader an authentic taste of the location. Her novels feature strong, mature heroines and heroes, who—often without knowing it—are ready for new beginnings.      She lives close to the sea and shares her home with two cats and two dogs. She has two grown up children, and five very small grandchildren. When Noelle’s not writing and travelling, she plays guitar, tends her vegetable garden, enjoys the company of family and friends, and—of course—reading.



Eva Scott writes contemporary romance set in her homeland of Australia and historical fiction set in the Ancient World. Her books offer passion and adventure in some of the most beautiful and intriguing places in the world. Her heroes and heroines are strong, sassy and ready to rise to their challenges, and learn a little bit about themselves along the way.

She lives on the Redcliffe peninsula with her husband, small son and an assortment of animals. When Eva is not writing she enjoys mentoring first-time authors, cooking up a story, practising yoga and getting out on the bay on her stand-up paddle board.



A future with words was always on the book for Elizabeth Ellen Carter who started writing her own stories when she ran out of Nancy Drew mysteries to read when she was 10.

Using her mother’s Olivetti type writer with the italic keyboard, she spent endless school holidays making up her own stories and then using the Dewey Decimal System to arrange and categories her bookshelf.

Somewhere around the age of 13 she determined to become a journalist and at 17 was awarded a cadetship to the Gold Coast Bulletin.

She covered news, council, education, health but had the most fun as the paper’s entertainment and features reporter covering film, TV and music.

Best of all she met her husband there and together they started a small award-winning media, marketing and advertising agency and now she works as marketing manager for an international organic skin care company.

In 2012, Elizabeth also returned to the keyboard to write stories (and laptops are so much better than manual typewriters).

Her debut, Moonstone Obsession  was shortlisted for the 2013 Romance Writers Of Australia’s Emerald Awards for unpublished manuscripts.

It was published by Etopia Press on October 18, 2013.

Her second historical romance is Warrior’s Surrender, set in England in the years after the Conquest of England by William in 1066.

It will be published by Etopia Press on November 7, 2014.



Susanne is an Australian author of contemporary and suspense romances set in exciting and often exotic locations. Her heroes have to be pretty special to live up to the real life one she married. He saved her life then married her. They live on the edge of bush land on a mountain in beautiful sunny Queensland, Australia with two children and their dog.

Paris will always be one of her top spots, and she fell in love with Scotland when they visited the west coast (nothing to do with fine single malts!), and recently had her first real trip to Italy–tick off one Bucket List item!  She has enjoyed New Year in Kathmandu and trekked in the Annapurnas, sailed in Ha Long Bay on a junk, and stayed on a floating hotel beside a tethered elephant in Thailand. The Peak in Hong Kong and Mt Faber cable car ride in Singapore are favourite spots. Susanne loves travelling to new places and exploring the culture and history, and meeting new people. These experiences are gradually being incorporated into her stories.

Her as yet unrealised dream is a trip into Earth’s orbit.

Susanne is a member of RWA and enjoys mentoring new authors. She is published with Escape Publishing, and will be a 2015 release author with Entangled Publishing.



A Season to Remember

 Four short stories on the Christmas theme, spanning time, places. Uplifting, funny, thought-provoking, heart-warming, ‘A Season to Remember’ will make your heart sing.



Author contact details:

Eva Scott     http://www.evascottromance.com/

Elizabeth Ellen Carter     http://www.evascottromance.com/

Susanne Bellamy     http://www.susannebellamy.com/

Noelle Clark     http://www.noelleclark.net/