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hamlet 6

Sorry dudes, I hate to break it to you but it’s not. The lovely horror author, Catherine Cavendish pic_6

had GRAVE doubts concerning Hamstah Dickens’ work. The Misspellings. The chewed paper. What can I say but that the world, especially the publishing world, is fickle?  And brutal?


You believe in yourselves and that’s what counts.

Now then. Bear with me doing the inspirational bit here. The last several months have been pretty difficult in places.


Not seen Greeting Teeny for a while. But one thing they’ve twice taught me is never underestimate what is just around the corner. And it’s not just another bang in the chops either. zqwp88999888

So…anyway, in the middle of total chaos I subbed my fourth book, The Viking and The Courtesan. Then I got antsy. Hey, I’m a writer amn’t I? I like to work. I’m also the most horribly driven person that way. It’s a family flaw. So, I started the three weeks, three books blogs thing on the nudge from the fab author Incy Black, HardToHold(Nudge? She gave me a boot.)

I told myself you will  have an answer by the end and that last blog would be all about it. (Told myself? Hell, I get like Scarlett O’Hara, as God is my witness, in these moments)


Well guess what? hamg4

hamsdiiIn the middle of It’s Scottish Week…..


ham676lok88having no nails to speak of–oh, ok, being in total  dark despair,  having made my Scarlett speech and thinking I need to get something to show for it, but also things are about to get even more horrendously busy, and I need this book off my plate, I subbed the partial to Debby Gilbert at Soul Mate Publishing, a house I liked the look of. Two days later she came back and asked for the full.

Going into Pirates Week….zfff

Oh do give over, Tink… Is it my fault Hamsta Dickens ate his manuscript?




Anyway, going into pirate week

there was still zilch. Then Debby mailed to say she’d just got to the manuscript and would be back in a month with an answer. With that offers came in–one of which landed in Spam– but that’s another story. I stopped breaking my ankle leaping about the place,  slept on it all, emailed Debby the next day letting her know.

She was literally leaving for the RWA Nationals but mailed right back saying she would read the manuscript on the plane


and come back to me by Monday.


Would that do?


How about…..faI mean these things don’t happen to little old me from a housing estate in Dundee. Originally anyhooz.

As Monday came and went, I thought how right I am. They don’t. But then the next day, the 28th July, I’d no sooner put Interview with The Pirate up when


This landed in my inbox.

Dear Shehanne,

Great news! I enjoyed The Viking and The Courtesan so much we’d like to publish your book.

The contract did too.


I know that is how it seems just now little fellah, but you never know.

And hey…we are so gonna be having a Vikings week soon as, to celebrate!

You just got to interview the lovely Kate Furnivall and arrange some new guests  first.