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Firstly, before getting to today’s lovely visitor I want to thank my special Naughty Days of Christmas Blog buddy and regular visitor here, awesome author, Anne Lange, http://authorannelange.com/

for inviting me along on this

met my–lucky you –tour.




Anne isn’t just one fabulous author who writes very steamy BUT very grounded…yes, I know that seems a contradiction but it’s not…contemporary erotic romance, she’s one helluva nice lady. Her big news is she just signed with Totally Bound, so we can all look forward to even more steam.


This September in fact. More info over on her fab blog..the link is above

Anyway, the notion of this tour is we get to meet a main character.  zxzxzxzx9889888787g50505050500ooo

Of course all you ladies are queuing up and knowing how much you are desperate to meet the hero of my recently out on submission book, The Viking and The Courtesan. Smexy, smouldering, six feet of lean muscle, tanned, blue eyed, Viking man, Sin Gudrunsson, I’ve brought along Lady Malice instead.zxzxzxzx9889888787g50505050500ooo9

Later. It’s not that Malice would knock Fury into a cocked hat.



I wouldn’t say that to Lady Malice. I’d stop calling Fury, Furry too.


Moi? Scared of either of them? ham7

Oh, will you shut it and stop being silly.


Oh, all right, I admit it. I am quaking. Malice insisted on being here today. BUT, it might be she vanishes into thin air. She has this little habit you see.  We just mustn’t get jealous of what she’s probably up to with the sumexy Sin when she does. Young couple kissing by fireplace --- Image by © Mika/Corbis

Q So…Lady Malice…Lady Malice, let’s start with these things the hamsters probably think I’m quaking in… Shoes. If I may be so bold as to ask, it is true that you will ruin a marriage for a pair of them? shoes 2

Malice.  How scurrilous is it that, just because my name is Malice, people think I am the kind of evil person who would do such a thing?

Shey.  So this is a lie?

Malice. What it is, is a concept I believe many women are familiar with. If one cannot have a man, one has shoes. Hundreds of pairs of them. shoes for m

Shey. And does one need a big wardrobe to keep them all in?

Malice.  One does. Or rather one did, till one was made homeless.

Shey. And whose fault was that?

Malice. As if you don’t know. My husband, Lord Cyril Hepworth, was entirely to blame. picture f

Shey. And that was why you stuck a cushion up your dress and told him you were pregnant?

Malice. A case of needs, devil and driving. When he had gone to magistrates complaining he had not had his money’s worth, what was I meant to do?



blogh1Shey. So Lady Malice, this little business you run…

Malice. Strictly Business. Do let me give you my card.Mist_on_Bodmin_Moor (2)

Shey. Thank you. Can you tell us a little about it?

Malice. But of course. It is very simple really. For a hundred guineas I will get you that hard to obtain divorce. And myself a pair of shoes, or ten. Perhaps even twenty.

Shey.  And you don’t feel guilty about this?

Malice. Would I draw so many lovely picture of daisies on my blotter if I did?


hollllShey. Then the unexpected happens and you meet Sin Gudrunsson, who has a fiancée, his childhood sweetheart,  I believe…

Malice. Do not get me started on her and what a perfectly dreadful, bossy woman she is. picutre frame sn

Or how terrible and unhygienic it is in Viking times. Do you know they have piglets trotting about the floor?


Malice. Then there is the quite scurrilous matter of them wanting to have bed-slaves.

Shey. But I thought you liked Sin?

Malice. But not his piglet.


Shey. (Aside) His fiancée either the trouble you started there.  




hamw0Malice. Unlike Fury, a less imperfect person could not exist on the face of this earth…which is why I cannot, for the life of me understand anyone naming me Malice. Can you explain this to me Shehanne?

Shey. Oh look at that hamster there…


Shey. Well, what counts is that Sin doesn’t see anything wrong with it.

Malice. Hardly surprising. You called him Sin.

Shey. Anyway, putting the piglet biz aside  the whole bed-slave idea is that he just wants you to make a few noises. Are you telling me you did more than that?

Malice. I am telling you nothing. For that your readers must wait and see.  But running a marriage wrecking business has its uses. Did I give you my card?

Shey. Well. if any of you readers need a marriage wrecked you know who to contact. I leave you with a short, unedited extract. AND the five fab authors  I’m passing the blog hop baton to.  These ladies will be posting next Monday, So please make a note in your diaries.                            

 “You might as well know Malice, I’ve chosen you for a reason.”

maLICE m9Malice raised her chin and faced him in the dim light. Oh really? Now, let her just see what it was. Goodness, him having lugged her firstly aboard the Raven and now having lugged her up here, it couldn’t possibly be…oh, no, just wait. Just let her think a moment. He couldn’t possibly want her advice on how to improve his illustrated biceps could he? Or maybe even his revolting house?

Or was it just possible? Oh heavens, why did she not blush to think it, he wanted her for a bed slave?

“I’ve chosen you because it’s something you’re good at.”

Her? A virgin? Well. Her fame had certainly spread. Across several centuries at that.img015

He raised his chin, his silver gaze, iced, but with the faintest trickle of warmth  meeting hers in the candlelight.

“Whatever you’re thinking, I just need you to make a noise.”

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