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Have them…





Well, I m so  glad that’s settled. Now then, firstly the lovely Kate L Mary who dropped by here a few weeks back was kind enough to interview me on her Monday Meet the Author and some of their fav things spot.

Author Monday with Kate L. Mary


She sure asked some interesting questions, like what to do in the event of a Zombie apocalypse. I guess I can expect the Soc for Prevention to Cruelty to them at the door any day now. But fortunately it’s not


so I think I got away with it. What it is, is Pirates week. Why? Because I’m having a bookfest on my books. Last week it was Scottish week for His Judas Bride, this week it’s Pirates Week for The Unraveling of Lady Fury.unr  I do rather like that quote… It kind of sums up Lady Fury and Captain Flint. Not pictured two pictures above by the way, even if they are known for going ten rounds with one another and then trying to look as if it is all perfectly normal.


We had Kara from His Judas Bride, forged in granite in Scotland….


…..what kind of heroine is Fury, born in Jamaica?



Well, she’s what author Aimee Duffy calls a despicable heroine. That is one who starts the book down with her back against the wall, fighting to survive.woman in red

It went down really well with publishers I subbed her to—NOT– that her hubby was lying dead in a box in her cellar…sort of courtesy of her…and she was interviewing potential sperm donors, so she could get pregnant, thus keeping a roof over her head.





At the end of Chapter one, there’s a further revelation about her plus the fact people do seem to die around her.  posfuggOf course what really troubles Fury is that Flint doesn’t seem to like her, although as the lovely, Jane Hunt, author of the Dragon Legacy pointed  out, they are yin and yang, vital for the other to survive.

So, further tips on creating a despicable, hard sell,  heroine.

Well, give her one or two goals, Fury’s isn’t just as simple as wanting the money for herself. No. She is quite the woman of secrets.

She’s not exactly relishing what she’s going to have to do to get that inheritance. Or who initially she’s going to have to do it with.

She’s also very misunderstood.

Really put her in a corner and make that corner tight.   billsWe can all get that can’t we?

Bring in the backstory. Fury’s mother died when she was young and her father ran a brothel in Jamaica she knew she was going to end up in one day, so she took the first proper chance she got and ran away….unfortunately right into Captain Flint Blackmoore.water-boats_00383320

So all her dreams of getting to that lovely new life in England where she had everything ended in a puff of smoke and an abusive marriage when he dumped her in London.

And oh dear me…this drop dead gorgeous, fabulous in bed guy has just  turned up again….

We can really sympathize with that now can’t we?


   Drawing a breath to quell her hammering heart, she raised her quivering hand to tap on the door. A low, American Southern voice drawled. Not from the other side of the door where she expected to hear something, but close by in her ear.

“Hello, sweetheart. Imagine seeing you here.”

Fury jerked up her chin and swung around, the candle flame sputtering. “You.” Imagine, indeed.

Flint. Not just a voice in her ear. A voice from that place she had locked it, locked him, and thrown away the key. A voice from memory’s dark swamp. But as if it were yesterday, he stepped toward her and she fought the swell of panic. She couldn’t help it. She parted her lips in shock.

“No. Don’t scream.” He held up a warning hand.

“Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t.” She had had seven years of acknowledging this man did not exist. She did not want to see him now. Not when she stood on Malmesbury’s doorstep, on the very trembling edge of—this. Go away, she nearly hissed. She must be mistaken. He couldn’t be here. It wasn’t possible.

He loomed over her, and her whole body stiffened. He was here. “Because I doubt you want your guests out their chambers any more than I do right now, sweetheart, with what you got sitting down in your cellar.”


TheUnravelingOfLadyFury-ByShehanneMoore-453x680Genoa 1820

Rule One: There will be no kissing. Rule two: You will be fully clothed at all times…

Widowed Lady Fury Shelton hasn’t lost everything—yet. As long as she produces the heir to the Beaumont dukedom, she just might be able to keep her position. And her secrets. But when the callously irresistible Captain James “Flint” Blackmoore sails back into her life, Lady Fury panics. She must find a way to protect herself—and her future—from the man she’d rather see rotting in hell than sleeping in her bed. If she must bed him to keep her secrets, so be it. But she doesn’t have to like it. A set of firm rules for the bedroom will ensure that nothing goes awry. Because above all else, she must stop herself from wanting the one thing that Flint can never give her. His heart.

Ex-privateer Flint Blackmoore has never been good at following the rules. Now, once again embroiled in a situation with the aptly named Lady Fury, he has no idea why he doesn’t simply do the wise thing and walk away. He knows he’s playing with fire, and that getting involved with her again is more dangerous than anything on the high seas. But he can’t understand why she’s so determined to hate him. He isn’t sure if the secret she keeps will make things harder—or easier—for him, but as the battle in the bedroom heats up, he knows at least one thing. Those silly rules of hers will have to go…


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