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Ok…ok… It is but first we have a special guest. We can’t ignore our special guests, especially not the lovely Erin Moore.















Well, Erin was asked before Scottish week kicked off.  It will be continuing tomorrow with a look at….hmmm.. Why do we find men in kilts sumexy?

But a few of you ended up being Snosh in my Which Wolf quiz


Here’s his letter he wrote to Noelle Clark when His Judas Bride first came out. snosh lettham676lok=ham676lok166mooimagesv92jwg6t7p19Launch of It's Girl Friday with INCY BLACKOur weekly series with the spotlight on the galz, headed up this week by the fabulously talented Erin Moore, author of

















AND very recently,


Are your heroines nice or, well, you know? Not so nice in other words?

They are generally pretty nice, but they always seem to be struggling with some sort of major messed-up head stuff. My latest heroine, Lara, believes that she is unlovable and a total f-up in life, despite her outward success.



In a word, or maybe ten, how would you describe them?

Feisty, troubled, searching, yearning for something larger than themselves. Seekers.

Why do you choose to write heroines who do that?

Oh, jeez.



I don’t know – I guess we all write a little bit of ourselves into our heroines, right? ertt


And then just sort of exaggerate certain traits so that no one recognizes us anymore.


What kind of hero do you match them up to?  j

Brooders. Strong men with very deep attachments to their clan/tribe/land. Teo is my latest hero, and he feels such a strong attachment to his island (Crete) that he’s willing to do anything for it – including becoming a minotaur against his will.

A line from the book to describe one of your heroines.

The familiar drumbeat of her mind, the dark demon that hovered in her head, murmured over and over again unlovable, unlovable.


Her favourite line or motto?

I don’t need anyone else. (of course, we know how that turns out!!)

Tips on creating a believable good or bad–again it’s what you write–heroine?

You’ve got to dig deep and not let the ideas of anyone else influence you. For me, this means shutting off the voice that tries to tell me what readers want; I have to write for myself and hope it finds the readers that will love my stories and heroines as much as I do.




When man becomes minotaur, dark passion takes hold…

Lara Castille always plays it safe in both love and life. But when she arrives on vacation in Crete, she is determined to enjoy herself. Old habits die hard, though. Drawn to her tour guide, the enigmatic and sexy Teo Lambros, she cannot let down her guard—until she takes part in the ancient and sensual rites at the ruins of Knossos. She dreams of the minotaur who takes her upon the altar, and wonders if it could be Teo who brought her to ecstasy.

A gray haze clouds Teo’s memory of the rites; he knows only that the bull has chosen him for his own. He fears that the land will once again need a sacrifice, as it did when it claimed his fiancée the year before. Though he cannot deny his need for Lara, he knows that protecting her from his desire is the only way to keep her safe.

As the island’s magic demands everything they have, Lara and Teo must discover what’s real and what’s imagined if they’re to survive the passionate sexuality that draws them together…


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Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Awakened-Minotaur-Erin-Moore-ebook/dp/B00KSO296Q/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1402444544&sr=8-1&keywords=awakened+by+the+minotaur

Barnes and Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/awakened-by-the-minotaur-erin-moore/1119688750?ean=2940149416295



Erin has been writing her entire life, and only recently found her voice in the paranormal romance world. Lover of travel and all things mystical, she spends way too much time at Starbucks. She loves to hear what readers really want. Find her on Facebook or Twitter.

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