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tartan bows





Okay, okay, little hamstahs, before you say hoots man, I am sure you do. The devil’s instruments not exact quote–being very careful here–  is by Scottish literary giant, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. g1


The blood will have blood one…well that’s Macbeth the famous ‘Scottish play.’ g2


A third His Judas Bride out take could be the original ending of chapter one.imageswyc5owfyww


as opposed to the final cut one.



My editor–who I adore– didn’t want two books out back to back with a heroine masquerading as someone else, the joke on me being being I wrote this His Judas Bride first. So there you go.  A sort of quick rewrite and the annihilating of a highland clan.  Ah the joys of cobbled sentences….

So?  Scotland’s rich folk history and devils being flesh and blood? Well in His Judas Bride the Black Wolf and Kara take one look at each other and their story goals which they’re mired in hell and blood about, sort of …er….get obscured.  Lust is an awful thing.



I mean both separately vowed  that blood will have blood, which brings us to superstition. I mean…let’s be clear, trees don’t move and stones don’t talk ..do they? Hamstahs might, but come on. Kara and Callm are Scots, just how supernatural do you think they are in a land of witches,  warlocks, sea beasties and Loch Ness monsters?

Personally, I think the power of suggestion is a wonderful thing. Callm’s wife is murdered and, tired of raids on Lochalpin, he sets up the Brotherhood of Wolves… motto live together die as one. grunge

And when it came to working out how a small group of men could defend a clan from more brutal forces, I decided the trees would be doing a lot of moving in the land of kilts and haggis. .

Think Robin Hood Prince of Thieves—I did a lot after seeing the Russell Crow version–that scene where good old Kevin winds up in Sherwood Forest…   Spooky, haunted Sherwood Forest.

The outlaws know they can’t fight the Sheriff, so what do they do? They hang up a few wind chimes and put it about that the place is haunted. That way anyone going in is doing it at their peril.

And that is what the Wolves do….really…sort of.

Today’s bit of fun?

Which Wolf from His Judas Bride are you? (There’s more than in the above picture.)

grunge 23

Take the quiz and find out.

1 There’s a stranger trying to get into Lochalpin Glen which you have sworn to defend with your life, do you

a Cut their throat and ask questions later

b Cut their throat and ask questions later

c  Cut their throat and ask questions later

d Cut their throat and ask questions later

e Cut their throat and ask questions later

f Bite their throat and bark later.

e Cut their throat and ask questions later


2 A beautiful woman has just tried to get into your bed. Do you

a Warn her off big time about the kind of man you really are

b Go wooh wooh, this is good.

C  Say, this is not my fault

D Cut her throat and ask questions afterwards

E Ask what is the right thing to do here

f You’re only interested in dogs.

g Ask if this is your mother

grungey 1

3 Now this beautiful woman has cleared right  off.  Do you

a Go on a mini rampage  and take down the man she’s with

b Get someone else

c  Say I told myself so. I told everyone so.

d Cut her throat.

e Agree it wasn’t  for the best.

f Look for a canine pal.

g You never knew your mother so it’s ok

grungey 3

4  You’ve just seen this lovely deer and you’re damn nearly dying of starvation. So now it’s a dead deer. Do you

A Wager for it

B Wager for it

C Wager for it

D Wager for it

E Wager for it

f  Eat it.

g Think that’s a bambi


5 You’ve been asked to give up everything you know and go live in a cave do you think

a It’s simple. If you have nothing you have nothing to lose

b so long as there is woopo woooo

c I’m only thirteen but yes

d. Why not?

e So long as I can have my say

f Fine if I can be with my master

g But I’m only a baby, come on.



A’s The Black Wolf

B’s  SHug

C’s Snosh.

D’s Big Murdie

E’s Wee Murdie

F’s Dug

g’s Fallon


But if you guess the Conan Doyle book the quote is from, add 5 points. I leave you with another extract fromHisJudasBride_ByShehanneMoore-453x680He wanted no reminders of how he’d had to face his men with the shameful knowledge burning in his breast that he’d bedded a damned traitor for the best part of four days. They’d not laughed. They were his men after all. But their pity… Never in his life had he wanted anyone to feel sorry for him.

“Callm, I’m just saying—”

“Well, don’t say. Let’s just get out of here. This ground’s not exactly going to cover itself.”

“Could I have a mouthful is what I was saying.”

Callm handed him the flask. He hitched himself up into the saddle. They were all of them, man, woman, and child, lucky to be alive. So would she be, when he found her.

“Have ye not considered the possibility that just maybe she might not have survived out here in the open? I mean, how likely is it? And if she froze or fell into a gully, it would explain the lack of—” Wee Murdie’s confidence wilted. He averted his gaze from Callm’s freezing stare.

“Do you think I’ve spent the last forty-eight hours straight turning this place upside down in the hope of finding a corpse? The time before that either?”

“Some of the men do. They think we’re wasting our time.”

While he felt like it, he refused to fist the reins. “That’s their prerogative. But it’s not mine. The damned bitch has questions to answer. So she better not be dead. She can save that for when we’ve done.”