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Hi Shey, thanks for having me here today to talk about my heroine in Honor’s Debt.








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Okay Noelle, as you can NOT see, it’s IT’S GIRL FRIDAY where we dress up in pink hair bows to spill beans on our heroines.


So Noelle, what can you tell us about your latest heroine?


Honor Quirk has seen her fair share of tragedy in her young life. At the age of twenty-seven, she sets out to fulfil a promise that will repay a very old debt. She arrives in Ireland determined to carry out her mission. When she visits the old family farm in Tipperary, she finds conflicting welcomes. One person makes it very clear he doesn’t want her there and does everything he can to frighten her away. Another greets her warmly. Another wants her in his bed.









Right…..that’s it. Finitoville.



I don’t think anyone would want to be like you. What kind of hero do you match them up to?  jkk

Not you, you klutz…Noelle..

In Honor’s Debt, Honor meets three men. There’s warm and friendly Dermot; there’s cold, brooding, bad-tempered Bryan; and there’s gorgeous, charming, flirtatious Sean.


Are your heroines nice or, well, you know?

Honor Quirk comes under the ‘nice’ banner, but she’s feisty and won’t put up with the antics of some people who seek to make her take responsibility for all that goes wrong on Robinhill Farm. She gives as good as she gets, but in private moments, she shows that the harsh criticism levelled at her hurts.untitledlllllhhhhhh


In a word, or maybe ten, how would you describe them?

Honor is straightforward, loyal, a fighter, likeable, and strong.



Why do you choose to write heroines who are nice?

I like writing heroines who are ordinary people – those with flaws, weaknesses, and strengths – just like most of us are. Readers are inherently good people, they can resonate with an ordinary person who gets some problems and issues thrown at them. Sometimes they stumble, sometimes they fall, but ultimately they are victorious. It’s good for the soul to read about nice people.imagesZB3Y9TX1k


A line from the book to describe your current heroine?

“Shush.” She held up a hand. “Stop right there. Bryan, even I get angry sometimes, and I apologise for swearing at you, but you infuriate me sometimes. Other times you’re an okay guy. But I’ve let off my steam now, so let’s just get back to being friends again. Okay?”



Her favourite line or motto?


There’s a promise in a debt of honour, and forgetting a debt doesn’t mean it’s paid.

Tips on creating a believable good heroine?

A good heroine is one who engenders some sort of emotional response from the reader, whether that be love or hate. There can be no compromise.

That’s it for today. Honor’s Debt is the fab Noelle’s WIP.


 But if it’s anything like Let Angels Fly and Rosamanti, it will be a winner.

Fate drew her to Rosamanti. Love made her stay…conv

After the death of her husband, best-selling mystery author Sarah Halliman has lost her desire for just about everything. Desperate to break out of her funk and rediscover herself, she answers a newspaper advertisement—For lease: Isolated villa on Capri, Italy. Must love cats. Traveling alone to the beautiful island of Capri, she locates Villa Rosamanti, a gorgeous 400-year-old dwelling nestled in the hillside of Monte Tiberio. Above it lies Villa Jovis, the 2000-year-old villa of Emperor Tiberius, ripe with history and intrigue.

Sarah soon discovers a strong resonance with Rosamanti and its gardens and quirky pets. She begins to feel a deep connection to Elena Lombardi, the deceased owner. But it’s not just the villa Sarah’s fallen in love with. Elena’s grandson, Pietro, is handsome and charming, the epitome of the passionate Italian. His dream is to own a restaurant of his own, but such dreams are for wealthier men.

Between the sparks that Pietro kindles in Sarah’s heart—and her kitchen—and the mystery of nearby Villa Jovis, Sarah’s muse begins to stir. She senses stories in the ancient stones, and romance in the phosphorescent blue waters of the Blue Grotto. But when her curiosity takes her to Elena’s library, a child’s notes and maps lead Sarah to a mystery that could be the answer to everyone’s prayers—or perhaps, be the destruction of everything they hold dear…

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