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Aye…right, as we say here in the land of the tartan pigs, the flying ones.ham5454545779990ham676Right, Enough is enough. Today it is indeed….. girl friday



and next up for the grilling on heroines, what kind do we write, how do we create them and what tips do we have for making them believable, etc, etc, etc, is the fabulous Antonia Van Zandt, who–(yep, I know we’ve seen here before but never like this) –is going to share some special heroine tips with us.

Are your heroines nice or, well, you know?ham545

They are all different. Amanda (Seducing Amanda) isn’t particularly nice. She’s actually a very disturbed and lonely young woman. There’s bitterness there as well. Nina (Vienna Valentine) is totally different. She’s a girl you could have a glass of Sekt with. She’s highly sexed


and up for new, naughty experiences, with both sexes, but when she finds her man, she’ll do anything to save him.imagesv92jwg6t7









Now, Eve, on the other hand, in my latest – as yet unpublished – novel, Freya’s Choice, is a smart girl, with a warm personality – but she’s nobody’s fool. You would want her on your side because she would fight in your corner.

In a word, or maybe ten, how would you describe them?images3463496

Amanda – searching for happiness. Nina – sexy, adventurous. Eve – strong, determined, romantic, with a strong streak of independence. Eve represents the kind of heroine I will be writing about in the future.

What is it about Eve that has led you to that decision?


She is an ordinary girl-next-door type who is caught up in extraordinary circumstances. She lives in a small, sleepy English village where everyone knows everyone else’s business – usually before they know it themselves. At the beginning of the story, she’s embarking on a relationship with a drop-dead gorgeous guy and, all of a sudden, her future happiness is threatened by the arrival of Freya Nordstrom – a woman who is definitely a lot more than she at first appears to be.



ham545llOnly Eve can sense the danger in her, at first, and as Freya’s plans become clearer, Eve knows she is the one who must act. I love Eve’s strength – even though she’s scared to death half the time. I love her never-give-up attitude and the way she fights the charismatic, but, evil Freya. I am drawn to strong, determined, heroines. I could be good friends with Eve and I like to write about people I could be friends with.



What kind of hero do you match your heroines up to?  

Ah well, Eve’s man is called Mark, and I modelled him on this guy…..




He has been drawn to Eve for a long time, but was prepared to wait for her as she recovered from a traumatic divorce. He is tall, sexy, warm and has a tender, caring side. It’s hardly surprising Eve falls for him in a big way.

A line from the book to describe your current heroine, Eve from Freya’s Choice.

Freya is the most powerful of Norse goddesses, but Eve isn’t going to let that stop her. She confronts her and this line, sums up her whole attitude:

“You can’t have him. He’s not yours to take!”


Her favourite line or motto?


Trust and believe…


Tips on creating a believable good heroine?

For a start, she can’t be too good!  Too much sugary goodness will have readers reaching for the sick bucket – and will send the hamsters scurrying off, shaking their little furry heads in disgust. ham5-



ham67She has got to be well rounded and you, as the author, have to identify with her, get to know her until she becomes your new best friend. untitledpo

Let her show some of her weaknesses as well as her strengths.

Let her make a few mistakes – and then have to rectify them, perhaps not perfectly because life isn’t like that.

She will show more character if she has to make the best of an imperfect situation. Just as we all do.

Freya’s Choice isn’t published yet but Antonia’s previous two novellas are. Here’s where you can find them– let me tell you, it’s worthwhile!  


Seducing Amanda SeducingAmanda_ByAntoniaVanZandt-200x300


Amazon.com   Amazon.co.uk    Barnes and Noble All Romance Books Kobo


Vienna ValentineViennaValentine_ByAntoniaVanZandt_200x300


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It’s also worthwhile following Antonia’s wonderful blog, especially for   her Whatever Happened To posts. http://t.co/AIE1TeBnVL