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I sense a little rebellion in the ranks today. hamst24

ham 2

which I would never have believed.




Excuse me, Fez, Ratsy and you others,  there is no need to be quite so aggressive. The squirrel is here to make a point.  The point is that as writers we need to be a bit like that…that is the cute little fellah


squirreling stuff away. I don’t just mean the hoards of stuff we accumulate in drawers.images1


Sorry…wrong picture. Of course I meant…imagesThough, seriously, yesterday Mr Shey was wondering how an area looked c1914 and there, to my squirreling credit I was able to unearth from a rom someone sent me when I used to edit, an exact picture. imag0067-1-1

There is it, the long gone, Carbet Castle, home to certain Dundee Jute Barons…And not just Carbet, there’s Kinettles Castle,

images fo kinnetles There ‘s Broughty Ferry from Carbet Castle….


carbet 4


Some of the inhabitants of Carbet Castle out for a stroll in Angus Glens.

glamz couple

In fact that rom is an archive. I could bore on all day on the subject of Carbet Castle. Interiors, dogs, motor cars,

images45 fashion, not to mention everywhere the family and their servants went.

This is  judicious squirreling. Then there’s the other type. You know the kind where non writers just see a house, or a street, but the writer type is busy cataloguing it all for later use.


My apologies. Of course that should have read….

imagesGI6DAE6DYes cataloguing.  And not the most obvious bits of places  either.

Mount Grace priory in Yorkshire


didn’t interest me half as much as what was built on the back of it-imagesmmmmhere seen as a model obviously…I am saying nothing this time… the monk’s cells, or rather the only one that was left… imagesmmmmOoh look, Saff and Dev are even standing there…not quite, since he probably had her pinned to the door for immoral purposes…  but I have to say I loved the idea of a cell that wasn’t. A place  that, to quote the  hero of Loving Lady Lazuli, was a

‘nicely appointed dwelling. An upstairs, a down, with pleasant rooms and a square of garden.


 It helped me create the character of a woman who was done with certain things and wanted to hide away, so she lives there instead of in the house itself. And its simplicity does quite interest Devorlane too…

Christ. All there was, was a bed. If he ignored the candelabras, the bedside table, and the simple wooden chest in the furthest corner that was.


Let’s face it , it is mainly what he is interested in…. Did I say hero?  I lied. He’s an anti hero.

Vikings? Well, obviously when a rat ran over my foot in a recreated farmhouse…I think it was at the Hollufgard…I certainly squirrelled that one away.

I don’t have a photo. Don’t be silly. I think the camera is still in there unless the rats stuffed their ratty gubs on it.

Glencoe…..?  I have blogged Glencoe and all the bits of it that appear in His Judas Bride to bits.laz glenc 022

That little jewel of the Regency north…Richmond? imagesmmmm

Well, what really interested me about Richmond was the Georgian Theatre


certainly before Mr Shey got a parking ticket  and then into a pissing contest with the head of the roads services or whoever he was. But you can see it is an amazing place. imagesWBLUJTYW33

And I’ve just loosely used it in a scene in my second jewel thieves WIP. Not the parking ticket bit. There weren’t any traffic wardens in Regency London.

As for the history and that of the amazing Butler family who owned it as part of a circuit of five theatres and the actors and actresses who trudged that circuit on foot in all winds and weathers? Well, that  may  turn up yet in another story. Who knows? What I do know is……..