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imagesECIH2F17 article-2526835-0065E9D100000258-417_306x423 imagesECIH2F17 article-2526835-0065E9D100000258-417_306x423 imagesECIH2F17 imagesECIH2F17   You think that didn’t happen? Read on Macduff… But firstly let me show you this… clogsarticle-2526835-0065E9D100000258-417_306x423 No. It’s from Her steal the Liebster and turn it into a Lobster, Ladyship http://furiousunravelings.wordpress.com/ And who am I to argue with that? Especially some of the rounds it is doing. Her own Skipper Jane and Crow landed a nomination…not from her. Then there’s all the bloggers who only do weird… While Noelle Clark got so excited she forgot to answer the  questions. Or name 7 recipients. The award is for those who enter fully into the FUN of blogging. Either by being nutz themselves, or supporting those who are. Anyway, being Lady Fury there are rules. Amazingly, only five.   conv Tah dah! So the first two are dealt with. While I am sure you would rather I gave an interesting fact about the Cabin Boy…like did they survive…I am sticking to the rules. You have no idea how interesting lobsters are. Incy Black uncovered their interesting mating ritual. This bit of it made me wonder if Lady Fury was a lobster.

To mate, the female chooses the male in his den, usually after checking out many male dens.

Oooh… You can picture the fellahs making their pitch….article-2526835-0065E9D100000258-417_306x423imagesZC0ASTVSimagesWO146K77


That brings us to Fury’s 7 questions.

1 Have you ever written a book involving sea scenes?(That is sea. Do please make sure there are no typos here).  If not why not and do you intend to?

Indeed I have. It is called – TheUnravelingOfLadyFury-ShehanneMoore-Draft2 and it is all about you. Your plank walking escapade, your posing as another woman, all these fights, some physical, you had with Flint on board both the Calypso and the Palerna, what you did to his shirt, oh  and that business of climbing over the side.

2 What is your current WIP?

Well, would you believe it, it also has sex…sorry sea scenes in it. Quite stormy ones involving a ship wreck. ( I never planned that honest). A ship like this.  imagesWO146K77 and folks  who look like this.imagesWO146K77It’s finished and I am pillaging editing my words.

3 Do you have a favorite sea film? And why?

Titanic. Oh come on, gotta love Leo and Kate and all that nothing can keep them apart …..MUCH…stuff. imagesJWDHPP9WLeo gives me the young, free as the wind guy. She seduces him. What’s not to like?

4 A favouite fish recipe to share?

Well. Hmm.. I am not a big fish fan. Though I do like Basa fillet done in Cajun and I would go to the ends of the ocean for a Scottish fish supper. Or maybe to Bridge of Allan and the Allanwater café, or the Petergate Chippy in York.  Fish done in batter with chips on the side after a York pub crawl. YES.imagesJWDHPP9W

5 Your favourite sea going book?

Oh come on. As a kid it was untitledArr mateys. Then there was a point where it was untitledHeaving bosoms. Now…now I could probably list a dozen. Obvi I have to put my fav writer in untitledcos there’s a sea going bit.  Tastes change. I’m just looking back a bit here.

6 Can you share a fav sea-side memory?

Oh GAWD again. Probably just going to Stonehaven. To think we  were regarded as posh cos where I grew up people just didn’t have!untitledBut the harbour beach there was brilliant. The Old Tolbooth sold ice drinks. And then there was Dunottar Castle, boat trips in the bay. So yeah!

7 Most memorable sea-going journey?

Well…I’ve had a few. But I guess overall it would be the time a group of us thought it would be a blast to take a cruiser on the Norfolk Broads. Yes. That was until we got there and saw the size of the boat. None of us could drive. untitledBut hey, as everyone stood there listening to the mechanic explaining the technicalities of turning on, driving, steering, reversing,  and thinking, ‘Man, when is the next train north?’ I couldn’t help wondering how hard can this be? You know what they say re greatest strengths, biggest flaws, right. untitledWell, after leaving one of our party stranded on a sand bank in the middle of the river, on my first attempt to park and spending our first night with half a tree coming through the cabin window, img001 heaving up and down every time another boat passed, I thought hard indeed. I could go on all day about the time the engine caught fire, the time we lost the anchor…it wasn’t attached… the time we had to be rescued and towed in, after nearly hitting the private yachts. (This is one of the party here afterwards, you can see she was wet and obviously getting wetter. ) img002 The time we did nearly lose the cabin boy. Oh all right I nearly lost the cabin boy.img001      (Me looking tired and emotional between nearly losing the cabin boy and bashing the bejesus out the boat of a lady from Dunbar, trying to get out of our berth. Note the mop in the background. We were now using that as an anchor. I can’t swim by the way which made the whole trip really stupid, especially the moment the anchor rope went right through the Admiral and my hands in the middle of a storm.) But hey, it’s time to write my 7 questions and name my 7 nominees.


1 What do mermaids comb their hair with? 2 Which song from The Little Mermaid would you choose for your karaoke number at the Admiral Benbow? 3 Most memorable sea going journey? (Sorry got to keep that one) 4 What is your favourite sea going film? (This one too) 5 What fish recipe would you rather swallow uncrushed mussel shells than eat? 6  Who would you rather be? Long John Silver? Or Captain Hook? 7 If you had a pet lobster what would you call it?

 I hereby nominate

Sharon Struth http://t.co/fwHWRlJXmk Kate Furnivall http://www.katefurnivall.com/ Catherine Cavendish http://t.co/NekQqtJiEc Jane Austen http://t.co/giVRPd6POV Mishka Jenkins https://awriterslifeformeblog.wordpress.com/ Anne Lange http://authorannelange.com/ Aubrey Wynne http://t.co/QmoxBcf3rD