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Anne Lange the 12 Days Blog Hop Buddy, I don’t know about dah hamsters, I’d be thinking twice. Do you know she pinched two of my guys for a ménage…



She called it an interview….but do we ask for water in the middle of interviews? Still maybe her stays were too tight….so, okay I’ll believe her although hundreds…… MIGHTN’T. Sharon Struth and Incy Black to name two.

Anyway the lovely Kate Furnivall….presently in Italy, researching, so maybe I might not forgive her either… Oh okay I sent her a  Maximus Decimus Meridius  commander of the armies hamster…BkaTsVLCYAA7kTY

to show there were no hard feelings. The lovely Kate, author of

From Russia WIth Kate Furnivall. The March Author Interview








to name but a few of her fabulous books, passed me the Writing Processes Blog Hop baton, last Monday. http://www.katefurnivall.com/blog-hop/

Yay! So now the hammies and I are going to answer some questies for you. Oh, it’s only four, you can take it. I’ve so much doing getting the PC back in order I am not even going to delay.


Obviously this blog. But then there’s the trying to get the younger daughter out of the hair and the emails answered etc etc etc. I am working hard on that you understand, so just maybe I can ratchet a newly added  scene up several notches in my recently completed WIP, which I don’t want to say too much about…other than it has a Viking in it with a name that sums him up. And an equally delightfully named heroine who has a big choice to make.

Sil and Bobsleigh here, they are working on holding up placards.


Er… Well, I guess I just can’t do frills and flounces. Or nice people,  from nice backgrounds either.BkaTsVLCYAA7kTY

 Because I was that desperate to break into writing and I was tired of rejection, of being told I could write but… But even then I HAD to have my characters my way. And I have to say that while genre romance isn’t my first love, or choice, I do love writing about what makes people tick, and I do love having them knock all the lumps off each other. I leave the bedroom door open because I feel you’re seeing all their hopes and dreams and vulnerabilities there and because sex is a great bargaining counter. And I guess at one stage or another in each of my books my characters use it for just that. Naturally. it backfires.



GAWD.. Well, I’ve said before with a lot ofconv



and hair tearing.

I don’t know how it works. Works… if only! Okay.   I get an idea flash first.  In His Judas Bride, it was Kara baring all to the wrong man  to get into Lochalpin. bbbbbbbbbb1

Loving Lady Lazuli, it was the coach on Christmas Eve and Saff planting these emeralds on Dev.


In The Unraveling of Lady Fury it was her former lover turning up just as she’s ..er..interviewing suitable candidates, I won’t say for what.

Then I think a bit about the characters, their goal, motivation, conflict, what kind of people they are and start. But the thing is what goes on the page is never what I was hoping. Captain Flint was meant to be a nice helpful ex lover. Honestly. sje

The Black Wolf was meant to be patient and Hawley a poor, much abused soul….

Marveling at him too, that when he suffered so muchit did nothing to stop him making other people doing the same.

SO that’s where the trouble starts when they .come off the page the exact opposite.  Then I never have any idea of the plot. I just run like the white rabbit with it. I usually end with roughly 100000 words. That’s really when I start thinking what is the main theme here. I go through and cut 20 thou to centre stage that theme. Then I add 10 thou of what is missing regarding the theme.images3I7Z3QOJ

I do not set out to do any of that. It just happens.  What I know is it is like being on a tightrope. I never look ahead. I never look down. I just put the next foot on the rope and hope. This far my faith has been rewarded.


I can but I have to pass the baton so I am.


Catherine Cavendish http://www.catherinecavendish.com/


Noelle Clark http://www.noelleclark.net/

both lovely ladies, both fabulous authors, Catherine of horror, and Noelle of romance set in exotic locations. So please pop over and visit them. Their blogs will go up next Monday BUT  they always have some fabulous posts. I’m just heading over to catch the last few of Cat’s, which I kissed with having no pc last week!