Aren’t the hammies on their best behaviour today? So far anyway. It’s only 10.am.

The reason? The lovely fabulous CeeLee, author and pool attendant and proud companion of the duck, gave them a Lighthouse Award. Oooh. This is her here….


and here by the way.


She’s a fabulous writer. She’d a great short the other day, http://swimintheadultpool.com/2014/03/20/prompted-home-is-where-the-harpy-is/

So I’m telling you now…Keep your eye on this lady. Nudge, nudge and wink, wink, don’t say you didn’t read it here first, she is going to make it…


Okay….so the hammies and I are thrilled to accept a Lighthouse Award. What’s more Her Furyship hasn’t pinched it….yet.  Quelle’s the roolz?


I must say Bobsleigh there is really brave coming out here, given some of the Great White Temptress, Solmage, Magic Maker and Dragon Tamer’s  tweets this week….

SolMage     ‏@SolMage                       Mar 21

convRT @ShehanneMoore
Hello, Grey Claw! Gee, it’s #FF, and I haven’t had any hamsters 2 eat 4 AGES! Send some my way!


Oh hamster up Lovelace, do you really think I ‘d let SolMage away with that?conv.



EXACTLY. That’s what I said.


I think we should actually ask SolMage for a nice talk…. Hell, SolMage is a Wolf. Ok maybe not a Hot Scot Brotherhood one but nobody’s perfect. Now, the rest of the rules…conv



  Okay so 3 ways I like to help others?


Oh I know! To finish their chockiesconvTo finish their booze.


As for the hamsters, they just like to tell others to hamster up. Isn’t that so dudes?conv



And here’s the nominees

Puleaze check them out.

Antonia Van Zandt. http://t.co/AIE1TeSqXL

Harliqueen https://awriterslifeformeblog.wordpress.com/

Susana Ellis http://t.co/1hrfAD9n

SolMage http://t.co/gcMXdmDlnH

Noelle Clark http://t.co/f36t0xR1dx

Tracey Rogers http://t.co/a7Z0OZABI2

And the lovely Aubrey Wynne who is featuring my books on her blog today! http://t.co/QmoxBcf3rD 

 Just the sort of thing she does for others.

Yay!  A Lighthouse Award