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You can tell they’re getting bolshie. But that’s just tough. Especially when my Naughty 12 Days of Christmas buddy …anne-3here kitted in Regency gear, Anne Lange, needs a favour. Yep. It’s okay we’re not about to land any Christmas songs on you. Anne has gone onto other things since we decked your halls. Circuses in fact.

convWho doesn’t love them…the smell of the greasepaint, the roar of the crowd…except maybe the poor guy above. Who hasn’t wanted to be the pretty trapeze star? conv

Sorry…wrong picture..


the funny clown?


Oh…okay..the not just scary, the downright terrifying clown.

Anne hasn’t joined a circus… Heavens…things aren’t that bad for us authors. …YET…

But look at all the inspiration a circus can provide. the potential for love, for horror… for everything really. convI  have a crumby manuscript somewhere about a lion tamer and a knife thrower in this beat up, down on its luck outfit in the depression. So, it’s no wonder oor Annie …..and her bunch of writing buddies have mined the seam cos circuses are sumexy… .  Naturally I’ve brought out the whip and cracked it convto ensure she does more than show us dah cover… OR rather


Fez has……..

So with no more ado…. Let’s welcome Anne Lange to the…..


Greatest Show on Earth

Hey there, Shehanne. I’m so happy to be here today. You know, I should have known you would be the one person who wouldn’t be satisfied with doing a simple straight-forward ta-da cover reveal. LOL J  I love to spend time with you and answer your questions. Because quite frankly, I just love to see how you respond. And your pictures. I LOVE your pictures. And, of course I’d never let my 12-days of Christmas bud down.  Never. Ever. Ever J





ANNE, Right……There are eight authors involved in this adventure.  I’m so lucky to have had the opportunity to work with them on it, especially with Rachel Firasek.  When she asked, I dropped everything to say yes. She’s the best.  Did you know she’s the one who helped me get Worth the Risk out?conv

the  dominating Ringmaster, a lion tamer’s bratty kittens, and a dark Harlequin King?



ANNE. Absolutely NOT. I mean…the overall idea was Rachel’s. But each of us came up with our own storylines using the various performers or other people you’d see involved in a circus. Until I started thinking about it, I didn’t realize there are so many.conv

 ANNE. You think?   Let’s just say this isn’t your typical small town carnival. This one is for a mature audience only.  Sure, you may see a few clowns. You’ll definitely see a few animals of the strong, dominant variety…

coniyou know…lionsJ.


There will be whips, bars, some rope–you know, typical implements of the trade.

There are some very interesting performances, both in the air and on the ground. Ones you probably won’t be able to pull your eyes away from.  Some that may get your heart (and other body parts) pumping. And what you see may increase your desire hunger…but not to worry, there are plenty of refreshments.  And what’s a circus without cotton candy?conv


ANNE. Yes. They all relate to The Sin Circus. It travels and stops in various towns throughout the US.  You’ll recognize some of the characters throughout the stories.conv

 ANNE ; LOL.  Clever title huh? J Yes, we are definitely referring to trapeze.  Did you know that the flying trapeze is one of three types of trapeze? There’s also Static Trapeze and Swinging Trapeze.  The flying trapeze was first performed by a Frenchman named Jules Leotard at the Cirque Napoleon in 1859. The costume they wear to this day is, obviously, named after him.conv

My story is about three people raised by families who belonged to the circus. The hero of my story left to pursue other interests, but returns to his roots when he’s needed.  Once there he runs into the girl he left behind, along with an old friend, a guy who will do anything to see her happy, even if it means sharing her.


 ANNE. (Answering carefully here)  Actually, I’ve only been to the circus a time or two in my life.  Let’s see, I guess I would say any of the aerial performances. YES…. They’re thrilling to watch and makes you wish you could be up there with them.  I imagine it’s quite the rush.conv.

ANNE.  The sounds. The gasps. The moans.  Oooh, you mean my personal favorite. *blush* sorry.  I got caught up re-reading my story.  It’s the scene where they’re…well, you’ll have to find out on your own. J For me, I’d say probably the cotton candy; I was a kid after all. Though, now that I’m an adult, I think I’d kind of like to visit The Sin Circus. 😉


ANNE. Errrrr… Well.. I’d love to wear a sexy costume, be partnered with the sexy man, and I’d love to ride…hmm…I’ll let Shehanne fill folks in on the blanks.    And the giveaway!!!!


eryone remembers their first trip to the circus–the home of fantasy and dreams. Where the idea that anything is possible meets a creative reality of alluring tricks and amazing acts of defiance. The big top is known for inspiring lust, awe, and happy memories, and now you’ll see it like never before.

Some of today’s hottest romance authors combine the decadent memories of the center ring with all the flavors in erotic fiction in The Sin Circus. Whether it’s with a dominating Ringmaster, a lion tamer’s bratty kittens, or a dark Harlequin King, this show is sure to shock the audience with its dazzling dares and tantalizing tales.

Dark Surrender by Rachel Firasek
He stole her control, but she hasn’t completely surrendered her heart…yet.

Claimed by the Blade by Mina Carter
He’s waited years to claim her. Tonight, she’s all out of excuses…

Ring of Fire by Lacey Wolfe
The Ringmaster must figure out his feelings before his ballerina goes up in flames…

Unmasking Her Dom by Jennifer James
Tormented by touch, the King of the Harlequin resolves to release his bratty sub before she strips away the last barriers between them, and discovers his secret shame.

The Bratty Lioness Tamer by April Angel
Two sexy female lovers. A new master ready to tame them. And the performance they’ll never forget.

Sweet & Sticky by Sabrina Garie
Recipe for forever: Mix a flailing writer with a down-on-his-luck agent, toss in a pound of cotton candy and an empty bleacher. Let simmer.

Twice the Pleasure by Georgina DeBurca
As the bindings unravel, two brothers race to save the woman who has captured their hearts.

With the Greatest of Ease by Anne Lange
He traded a trapeze and the catch of a lifetime for a life in a courtroom. Now he’ll share her, to catch her, one last time.

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