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.The hordes of
McGurkies had swept in from the sea. On their way from Ireland, they said…..

Shehanne Moore. His Judas Bride.



courtesy of the lovely CeeLee



Your damn crowd of thieving Irish tinkers would want to join in for a start.”

My crowd—”

Shehanne Moore His Judas Bride.

Well, be still your little beating hamster hearts. That is coming later this week. For goodness sake it’s….

17th March


Even google is decked in green. Begorrah and begor… We got to celebrate …the day not the fact Google is decked.


There now….Better?

Maybe not…give you the tights oh hamster honey you might pass for Robin Hood.

Okay…what is it they say? conv


Seriously. Why am I,  a Scot celebrating? Is it just any excuse for a knees up with the hamsters? Oh..Hi Fez…conv

to sing…


While waving a few bottles and getting trolleyed?  No. Because Britain is an island and people have always come to that island. Maybe I count the odd Pictish ancestor…probably very odd..primarily my ancestors swept in from the sea. Vikings..yes the hereditary disease is there, Normans, mercenaries…ooh and Irish. They swept in at the height of the famine. conv

At that time Dundee was probably a quite nice place to live. Its population in 1830 was 40000. A new jute mill had been opened. It needed 5000 workers. It got them overnight. And more. From the hunger fields across the sea.  The affect on the infrastructure of a town unprepared for what hit it was horrendous. I look at the census records of 1851 and see my famine ancestors living 12 to a shed in the arse-end of some ‘land’ (what the makeshift boarding hours that sprung up were called)  and doing 14 housr a day, or whatever the hell they were,  stints  in jute millsconv

 and think…obviously their situation had not improved much.     By 1900 the population was  170000.

Anyway, the important thing….the point of this blog, like the city itself they were survivors. So yeah, Morgans, Lees, Colemans and MOORES, hell yes, I do feel entitled to raise a glass to you. Did I just say one? Time to get green….

As a writer, when it comes to inspiration  I firmly believe

convErin go bragh!