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The hamsters and I just won....

Okay…technically speaking, I’m breaking a few rules here on follower numbers but to quote Lady Fury who went and nominated herself for this award yesterday…..

Some rules are made to be broken

It is an absolute  pleasure to receive an award and an even bigger one to pass it on. Puhew, it takes care of the next two blogs for a start! So, what are the rules? Well, display the logo …DUH, obvi to quote Fury again and link to the blogger who nominated me. That is the lovely Harliqueen,


Mishka Jenkins. Mishka has a fabulous blog, not just sharing her journey to publication but writing processes and she’s well worth checking out.

Mishka set ten questions for me and the hamsters to answer. We then need to set a different ten for those we nominate. So, here goes…

1. Who is your favourite author and why?

Right?  Next question please……. Okay.. This is difficult I mean the hamsters probably like convRabbie cos he wrote a poem about a mouse- -close–or maybe even Steinbeck…of Mice and Men ….close again.  I love so many authors, but probably one I read and read again is conv  James M Cain. Why? Cos I love the way he wrote  women.

convI love the fact he wasn’t afraid to write not just flawed charactersconv

 but tackle taboos.

convMost of all I love his tight  prose.  Hard-boiled yes but creamy centred.

 2. Do you have a favourite type of character?

Oh yes. Gimme flawed, gimme bad,  every time. I need the reason to keep reading. The hamsters I can’t speak for but I guess they like furry. Picture 328

 3. Is there a part of writing that you struggle with and want to improve?

All of it quite frankly.

 4. Apart from writing, what are you most passionate about?

Oooh.. You’ve not asked me an erotic writer that have you? My giawwd when I think of muses…..Okay being PC like Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality…conv1

convThe hamsters now..they just like their food. it helps them scamper up them there hills.

5. Favourite colour?

At the risk of sounding chronic, all colour is beautiful. Being gothy in some respects, probably black.

 6. Are you currently working on anything? e.g. Novel, novella, short story, poem, etc.

I’m editing one just completed manuscript about a very sumexy Viking and half way through writing my second London Jewel Thieves book, Splendor. Meet the Starkadder Sisterhood from Loving Lady Lazuli https://shehannemoore.wordpress.com/the-starkadder-sisterhood-london-jewel-thieves/The hamsters are just busy on the wheel. Like I am looking at muses..

 7. Do you remember your favourite childhood book?


Okay….Sorry.  Obviously that was the hamsters. But it was interesting…

Oh..Okay. you twisted my arm,

Tough choice here…. .I can’t make it.

 8. Have you ever cried over a book? If so, which one?

I’m a tough cookie. But I tell you now, it was. conv

That shit about how the dying swallow stands by him. And, let’s not even go there re how traumatized I was trying to read this stuff in my best ooncle Paul Scofield…your mother cannot be with you any more Bambi bloody  accent.  To a kid of three? conv

The hamsters now….they cry all the time.

 9. Your favourite song of the moment?

Hmm… The hamsters like… a Hamster lived in a Windmill in Old Amsterdam…conv

Me? Right now? I’ve been loving listening to Vogel Im Kafig. Oh not a song I know but nicely inspiring

10. Is there anything you do particularly to get inspiration for writing?

Think of the deadline.

Okay… now we have the hamsters questions….. for their nominees… Lady Fury better be holding her breath here after what she did yesterday, I tell you.

1 Which fictional character would you most fancy having a fling with and why?

2 You’ve been shipwrecked on a desert island, what book can’t you be without?

3 Do you have a favorite literary series?

4 What are you working on right now?

5 Who is your favourite author and why?

6  Favourite colour?

7 Are you a plotter or a pantser

8  Have you been known to ‘torture’ a character and if so why?

9  Do you prefer sweet or angsty?

10 Which part of the craft have you found hardest to learn? conv1

and hereby nominate…

Ellis Vidler http://t.co/aBdBygwLCX

Sharon Struth http://t.co/fwHWRlJXmk

Christine Elaine Black http://t.co/0mtcFYgj53

Noelle Clark http://t.co/f36t0xR1dx

Catherine Cavendish http://t.co/un1uiotgNq

Aubrey Wynne   http://t.co/QmoxBcf3rD

Amelia Curzon. http://t.co/G9CmQkNot9

EE Carter http://t.co/PnzIrl890o

CeeLee http://swimintheadultpool.com/2014/03/14/its-been-a-star-studded-week-the-lighthouse-award/

Renea Mason  http://reneamason.com

Poet Quinn http://perspiringpoet.wordpress.com/2014/02/19/no-be-lang-noo

Faith Ashlin http://t.co/uoOgTgVyXY

Oh,,,very well… as she already pinched it and nominated people, what can I do. And NO Fury, do not think cos the hamsters like FURRY, that means you.

Lady Fury http://furiousunravelings.wordpress.com