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I talked yesterday about bagging the back story, so I really was planning on giving the hamsters a break today, let them go play in the wheel or tear chunks out of each other, or something. But there are days one should celebrate in this crazy biz. Days when you open your inboxconv

 and see….


conv1Night Owl Romance is a pretty prestigious US. site.  Getting reviewed there is tough enough. Getting a Top Pick award from a top reviewer is..conv

Especially when you’d no idea  your publisher had subbed it.


No.  Brand is what I’m here to say. You see I never thought I’d write genre romance. Are you kidding? If there were images of fanged, gothic hamsters, you’d be seeing them now. Ah, the library  I wrote…….




So I thought I might write ….conv

So I did. And then I thought. conv

Holy moly.  Several times too.

 Talk about trying to fit the mould when I have always been the cross between the Mad Hatter and Wednesday Addams at the tea party.

Now, getting and putting books out there that are not traditional period romance –Scottish and Regency–has not been easy.conv

I still feel it is vital to go with your gut, think of your niche,  and build your brand to find that same niche. Otherwise you’re just a  sad old record stuck on someone else’s tune–someone who can sing far better too.  And identifying your brand you should stick to it and not go hopping all over the place after the latest trend.

My brand isn’t traditional romance and I wanted to go out there on that, all or nothing, with the black humor, the ballsy bad boys and girls, with backgrounds that would make your hair stand on end.  I’ve been out there nearly a year now, sometimes finding the going……crying

But I’m happy that reviewers are starting to get what I try, even if I may fail, to specialize in. That is difficult, flawed people, ruthless anti -alphas and ballsy heroines who utterly refuse to bow to what life chucks their way, to the anti alpha either. And I wanted to share Night Owl Romance’s review about my drug addict bad boy and my self harming bad girl cos I’m out of wine and I’ve no other way of celebrating!

  Loving Lady Lazuli London Jewel Thieves, #1

As a fan of Regency romances, this is the type of novel that I thought would appeal to me. I was most assuredly not mistaken. This novel is not by any stretch a typical Regency romance. Oh, don’t get me wrong. It has all of the characteristics of a great romance, which it most definitely is. It’s also significantly darker than most Regency romances I’ve stumbled across. I loved the characters…., and the story? Well, let’s just say that it was not what I expected, and it was a very pleasant surprise. This book has earned a very treasured place on my bookshelf, and I have absolutely no doubt that other readers will adore this book as much as I did.

It’s been ten long years since anyone has heard from the notorious Sapphire, jewel thief. The Last time Sapphire was heard from, Lord Hawley was left holding the proverbial bag as the infamous jewel thief escaped. Time has passed, and now Lord Hawley has returned home to his ancestral lands and reclaim what is rightfully his. Or so he believes. During an impromptu welcome home party in his honor, a young widow captures his attention. Her name, he learns, is Cassidy. Lord Hawley is almost certain Cassidy is Sapphire, and sets about trying to ensnare the beautiful young widow. Cassidy sees the trap, and flees. She knows that she must find a way to prove her claim is valid, and still avoid the gallows. As the sparks fly between Cassidy and Lord Hawley, each has their own deep secrets in their past that must remain buried. Who is Cassidy, really? Will Hawley ever catch Sapphire and clear the suspicion around his name? Come along on a fantastically fun adventure that is not to be missed.