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All right, so it’s that day. You know the one we either love, hate or dread, depending on how we’re placed.


Oh, all right, just teasing….conv

But love it, loathe it, whatever it, we can’t ignore it any more than we can that first kiss. So what I’m doing today is asking along a very special group of romance authors from various kinds of romance, to answer some tres simple questions to do with first character kisses in their chosen work. let’s face it, ut is so-oh easy to write romance…NOT.

… Let’s just see how these answers all differ shall we? As well read a few hawt kiss extracts!  Kicking off with the lovely Antonia Van Zandt….Happy Valentine’s day to you all by the way,


Why did you choose Vienna Valentine?

This novella actually ends on Valentine’s Day but the events leading up to it start during a blazing hot June in Vienna.


 On a hot summer’s night in Vienna, wolves dream of passion…

But do they dream of love?

When and where did that first kiss occur?

Karl and Nina’s first kiss takes place in a friend’s apartment. Their first meeting was, to say the least, unorthodox. (This is a very naughty book!). Nina hasn’t been able to get him off her mind since she first laid eyes on him. She simply has to see him again…

Well, Antonia, having seen the muse,  no wonder…Okay, what happens next?

As for what happens next… as I said, this is a VERY naughty story.

Oohh.. But is it love at this point?


It should have been a simple, enjoyable holiday romance, but Nina finds out that there is more to Karl than she could ever have realized. When he is severely injured in a fight, she realizes the depth of her feelings for him. But she has to love him enough to leave him behind in Vienna and return to England. (I’m not saying why because that’s a spoiler). But here’s an extract that shows her feelings about that moment when she does know…

When they asked me at work how my holiday had been, I told them it had been wonderful. At least part of it was true. But as the weeks drifted by and became months, with no word from Karl, I began to lose hope.

I had no way of contacting any of them. I didn’t even know any of their last names, much less where they would have gone after the hotel. Had Karl even survived his ordeal? Did the police catch up with Jakob? Was he arrested for murder? I checked the Vienna newspapers online, but couldn’t read well enough to learn very much.

As summer gave way to autumn and then winter, I resigned myself.

convEven if Karl had made it, he had probably decided our relationship was doomed before it had even properly begun.

Christmas came and went. The weather grew colder around the middle of January and snow fell day after day, freezing overnight. Wrapped up in my own miserable thoughts, I barely noticed. I was too busy being in love with someone I would never see again.’convv

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AND NOW from Sharon Struth


Why did you choose to call your book THE HOURGLASS?

The Hourglass title first came about when the book’s hero—an author—rises from the darkest moment of his life over his wife’s death and finds therapy in writing a dark thriller about a serial killer who uses an hourglass as part of his killing ritual. CJ is in a very dark place.What he fails to see, but learns as he deals with the heroine—a psychologist he’s hired to help him with his latest book—is that there’s always room in our lives for second chances and the hourglass is made to turn, restart time.


When and where did that first kiss occur?

Brenda has been hired by CJ to help with a profile in one of his books. As a trained psychologist, she sees the punishment he’s put himself through over his wife’s death and believes it’s carried into his characters. She has no idea why and presses him to tell. He cannot tell her the truth, but her persistence makes him furious. The role he played in his wife’s accidental death one he’s never forgiven himself for. conv

 Brenda has been forced to live with the suicide of her husband, a man who would never discuss his problems. Forcing CJ becomes a vehicle to deal with her own past. The fight gets nasty and Brenda’s about to leave, realizing her true feelings for CJ are getting in the way of the work relationship. Only he doesn’t let her leave and instead, take her into his arms and kisses her.  conv

What happens next?

‘She moaned, low and guttural. CJ’s strong hands traveled the curve of her waist. She pressed herself to him, urging for more. He possessively reached around and pressed his hand firmly to her backside, pulling her hips against his body. Every nerve ending sizzled, untouched for too long. CJ finally pulled back and gazed into her eyes. He traced the side of her face with a single finger, one possessing the power to further weaken her knees. “I’ve wanted to do that for some time.”

“Me too.”

The doorbell chimed.

CJ’s forehead furrowed. “I’m not expecting anyone.” He kissed her softly. “I’ll be right back.”

Brenda ran her fingers beneath her lower lashes to wipe away any signs of tears. The next words she heard sounded like shattering glass.

“Surprise!” Autumn’s high-pitched voice resonated through the house.

OOOPS. His girlfriend walks in.. Right. conv

At this point in the story, is it love?

I believe it’s right on the edge of love, where they both want it to be but know they each have some personal issues to address before they can commit to each other.

Awww. When it is love and how do we know?conv

CJ makes a horrible mistake in drinking, an unforgiveable in Brenda’s world. She’s had to face alcoholism in her life. More than once. Yet together they face hard moments about each other’s pasts. I believe when they come clean with each other, can accept the others problems with forgiveness in mind, is when the foundation for their moment of true love rises.


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Why is this story called All Fired Up? (Like I don’t know)

Sparks fly right from the get go. Cindy is a feisty gal, used to defending herself from men having grown up with a brood of teasing brothers. She’s no wilting lily. So being the first female firefighter at Hillwood Station doesn’t faze her at all.

The more they try to douse the flames, the hotter it burns.

Cindy also has a high libido. She loves men. She loves…sex.

When she spots a hunky, handsome, muscle-bound Adonis peering at her from a glossy Firefighter calendar, she is interested. Very interested.

Well… I can’t think why…….

Footsteps approaching make her look up – into the green eyes of the calendar model! It’s him! Only it also happens to be her new boss – Captain Dave Johnson!

When and where did that first kiss occur?

On her way to Zumba obviously…


Does she go? I mean what happens next?

I really can’t say too much. Suffice to say, Captain Dave and Cindy are compatible in the bedroom department.

Cindy also faces some testing times as the new recruit at the fire station. It’s a hot and dangerous job after all. No – I mean being a fire fighter is a hot and dangerous job. But Cinders, as they call her, is equal to the task. Of fire fighting. And other stuff.

But is it love?

Cindy isn’t in the market for love.

convWhat!!! Well, when it is love, how does Cindy know?

When the mutual admiration they have for each other on a professional level merges with the hot chemistry they share outside of the fire station.conv

Number Four is Really Usual-NOT

Now I did say various kinds of romance. Next up, the lovely Aubrey Wynne has a most unusual romance where the hero is in love with a………….. portrait. conv

Why did you chose to call your book, Merry Christmas, Henry?

I changed my title several times. The Portrait  didn’t seem to jump out at anyone. Then I tried Christmas At The Museum but it reminded everyone of the movie. So third time was a charm.Henry_small_cover (1)

 When and where does that kiss occur?

There is not an actual kiss in the story because he is in love with a painting.


In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I created a scene where Henry imagines kissing the woman in the painting. It was great fun getting back into his head and finding out how it felt for him.

You mean you wrote that kiss there specially? Aww.. Way to go girl. What a sweetie! conv

What happens next?

He becomes obsessed with Rebecca (yes, he even names her.)

Dare I ask….is it love at this point in  the story?

Absolutely, it’s love at first sight. He never gives up on this woman.

Can you share the moment of realization?


 To me, that’s love: not being able to live without someone.


Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00GHWQHYS

Amazon.co.uk: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Merry-Christmas-Henry-Aubrey-Wynne-ebook/dp/B00GHWQHYS

Barnes and Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/merry-christmas-henry-aubrey-wynne/1117352015?ean=2940045373494

Melange Books, LLC: http://www.melange-books.com/authors/aubreywynne/merryxmashenry.html

Now for something naughty


So ANNE, naughty blog buddy, why did you choose Friends with Benefits


Can a summer of sexual exploration, lead to an unconventional forever

Actually, in this case it has few meanings within the story.  Let’s see, Tyler O’Neil has a friend who has awesome carpentry skills, so Tyler gets a new deck for his hot tub.

Carpentry skills…WINK? conv

Connor needs a place to stay, so his friend, Tyler, finds him a bungalow right near where he lives.  Tyler asks Connor to help him fulfill a few of Angela’s (Tyler’s wife) fantasies – ah, benefits galore for Connor J.  Tyler’s friend, Scott, hooks them up at an exclusive club…the list of benefits just goes on and on J

When and where did that kiss occur? 

In my case, the story is a ménage, so I’ve got two kisses for you. Since the first kiss between Tyler and Angela (husband and wife) actually happened a long time ago, before the story takes place, I’ll tell you about their first kiss in the story. It happens after he gets home from a business trip, and takes place in their hallway after he walks through the front door…

What happens next?

Well, he pushes her back into the family room, strips most of her clothes from her body, and decides to have an appetizer before dinner.conv

A martini of course. So, is it love at this point?

Oh yes, it’s definitely love at this point.  He’ll do anything to make her happy.

This brings me to Connor, Tyler’s good friend.  You see, Tyler wants to fulfil a few of his wife’s fantasies, so he invites Connor to help him with the task.

Now, the first time Connor and Angela kiss, is in her backyard, in the pool, after he spent a few hours sweating under the hot sun, working in her yard (building that deck)conv


convWhat happens next?

They have sex in the pool, of course.

Of course.

Is it love at this point? No. Not even close. It’s her living out her stranger fantasy with the blessing and full support of her husband.

When it is love and how do we know?

It’s not love until much later in the story, after he’s willing to walk away from his best friend in order to preserve Tyler and Angela’s reputation in the community, and for her when Connor’s ready to walk out of their life. She realizes then how very much she’d miss him if he was goneconv

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Now be dragons….


Jane Hunt, why did you call your book The Dragon Legacy?

‘The Dragon Legacy’ revolves around an apocalyptic battle for the last dragon egg buried over a millennium ago by Lukas the dragon lord. I chose this title because the hero of the story is a dragon. ‘The Dragon
Legacy’ is to protect the human world and will be lost if the dragon egg
hatches and falls into evil hands.

Where and when is that kiss?

 Chapter two sees the first kiss between Lukas and Fleur. Alone for the first time they kiss outside Fleur’s room at Hallow’s House, the venue for the murder mystery weekend.

What happens Next?

As the kiss deepens and his control is threatened Lukas’ rationality kicks in. He remembers where they are and what he is really there to do. He ends the kiss despite Fleur’s reluctance.

What a gent! But is it love at this stage?

Lukas doesn’t understand his feelings for Fleur but he knows duty comes first and lust or love will weaken him. Something he won’t tolerate.  Fleur’s emotional response to their kiss overwhelms her. She must discover why Lukas both attracts and repels her. So if it is love at this stage neither Fleur nor Lukas recognise or accept it.conv

So, when is it love? Give us the low down.

Fleur knows she loves Lukas when she accepts his dragon identity.conv

Lukas suspects Fleur is his soul mate shortly after their first kiss and in his heart he wants her to be. He ignores his feelings. It is only when Fleur proves her strength and her ability to exist in his paranormal world that he accepts he truly loves her.convv


Now for Noelle


Why did you choose Rosamanti?

Rosamanti is a villa. A 400 year old villa. In its lifetime, it’s witnessed its fair share of happiness, sadness, loss, even violence. When you’re 400 years old, you gain a bit of wisdom.

convRosamanti seems to have a hand in causing good things to happen to good people who deserve happiness.

Do you believe in magic? I do.

When and where did that first kiss happen.

In Capri obviously,  out on the headland with a full moon climbing in the sky!


What happens next?

After they lay back on the turf, their kiss becoming more passionate? He cooks for her, gives her a whole cellar of gorgeous wine, charms her with his smooth Italian ways, makes her laugh again.

But it is love at this stage?

Well, he makes her feel very good, very warm and very happy.

When it is love, how does Sarah know?conv

Taking her coffee outside, she sat at the little white wrought-iron table under the pergola and waited for the sun to rise. Her thoughts turned to Ted and she felt the weight of sadness deep within her. When he was first diagnosed, they talked a lot. She remembered his words: “You’re still a young woman. Promise me you’ll love someone else.” She drew an involuntary breath as she realized she may have just done exactly that. The vision of Ted’s sick, pale face dissolved into a brown, smiling countenance brimming with life. Pietro’s black eyes twinkled as they gazed out from his handsome face. She felt like she was sixteen years old again. No way—no way at all—had she expected this to happen. Not so quickly. Maybe even never.conv


And lastly……………..

Well, obviously I have to be there somewhere….


Why did I choose Loving Lady Lazuli?

COVER REVEAL! Loving Lady LazuliIt’s me new release, so why not!

Where and when did that first kiss happen?

Well now, sticking to the very first kiss, that was in the backstory, in a coach, on Christmas Eve.

What happens next?

She vanishes into thin air don’t you know, after sticking a stolen necklace on him.

But is it love?

You know, it probably is. That night ruins both their lives, so how can they forget each other. convIt’s unfinished business what licks up between them, in that coach. She recalls that there was a short time when she’s recovering from losing her brother and being beaten senseless because she doesn’t have the necklace, she imagined Dev turning London upside down to find her…. to save her…

When is it love? And how do we know.

The first would be telling but how’s this for the second. hawley-bad-but oh

SO…actually Cass is right about that!!



Have a great day and thank to all my gorgeous ladies for helping me celebrate.