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frame1Firstly I really to apologise to those of you who received this earlier. it was quite a new departure with wordpress to press publish and have a post wiped. The drafts too. That was after binning several because the media wasn’t showing. Anyway, this week is the biggie in the Rom writers’ calendar. convSo I’m shelving the films right now in favour of getting ready for


when the above good ladies are going to share first kiss extracts from one of their books. Plus what happens next AND is it love or lust, the million dollar question?

Instead I want to go back to the

My Writing Process Blog Hop …conv

.the following lovely ladies I passed the baton to last week now have their posts up by the way…

http://t.co/pCH9iJ4b6y Elyzabeth M Valey

Jane Hunt  http://t.co/Iy6JD2Cg5F

http://t.co/RsvaD5wHEW    Anne Lange

I may have talked why I write what I write but that was more how I fell into it to break into the market. What I want to talk is why I write sex.  It comes up in the conversation and reactions are mixed. Some folks like to …….conv

some conv


‘Yes, but do people really want that?’ One erstwhile wanna- be- a- writer- and -I -know- everything- about- it mate interestingly wanted to know. Another family member needed to know  that I didn’t use words like…you know.. (I didn’t. Know that is. She might have meant different ones.) My daughters probably think…conv

Although of course a lot think…

convI’m telling you now I’m not ashamed of what I write. If folks want to get sniffy that’s up to them. It was my conscious decision when I set out to leave the bedroom door open.conv

I’m not saying I  have a burning need to do that which is why I try not to be gratuitous. HONEST.

Anne Lange– I said that without blushing! conv

Oh okay there’s seven scenes in my new release

That still doesn’t make me gratuitous. Just a believer in the fact if you shut the bedroom door you’re not getting that glimpse of your hero and heroine. And I’m not meaning if they’re hawt stuff between the sheets, smexy as hell, or not. I’m talking their hopes, fears, dreams, emotional involvement. Not only do I believe you can’t separate these things, don’t tell me  sex is not a fabulously powerful  bargaining counter.saffdev 10

In Loving Lady Lazuli, we have a man who is a roué. A woman whose experience isn’t what you might think. All he quickly wants is to end his inconvenient, getting in the way of his thirst for revenge, fascination for her. He never wants a woman for more than  one night. So he’s hundred percent sure that’s what’s going to happen. he’s pretty certain it will be good too…

‘ She was London’s premier jewel thief. Was he meant to believe she wasn’t equally skilled in the bedroom?  ‘

saffback But because she is— the premier jewel thief that is –she hates to be owned. She will also die rather than seem less than what she is, than look stupid in any regard. Some of these seven are  a disaster. He can’t believe the mess even he starts to make of these ones as the battle for control, who has it and who wants it back, hots up.

hawley bad butWhat I’m really looking at how a man like that could want a woman like this in the long term and how we can be assured of that HEA because I’ve never bought the idea that someone who knows their stuff could be satisfied with someone who doesn’t.saff deb poooooosss

As for the bargaining counter bit. Well, of course Sapphire is going to turn that round on Hawley after he gives her the ultimatum about being his mistress or dangling on the end of a rope. She’s too smart not to the second she learns his life threatening secret and you can guess what her own ultimatum involves. I call it


When it comes to women getting what they want, to return to my first picture, as this little progression clearly demonstrates, we learn at an early age…frame1But now she gets  the racerimg002by fair means or foul…..He tries to look dead chuffed about how badly he’s been had with that grotty dinky toy…….img001