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Settle. I know I said films But do you have any idea of the kind of week it’s been? Galleys and wips….and all that? Sounds kinky, it’s not. And desiring to clear off today for a  little ….conv

Oh all right. A lot.  A Shey pub crawl in fact. What is hair for if not for letting down?

SO instead……I have places…..what more can you want? Don’t answer. Especially as ok…it IS  a reblog from a post I did a year ago. Also it will soon be that big day in the Romance writer’s calendar. Even for a dark, twisty one like me…conv

I’m planning on having a pile of writers here as you can seeconvki

They’re going to be talking about those literary first kisses…. Now come on, you do not want us spilling more about our own. Lust? Love? Or what? Anyway, it being that romantic time…what could be better than romantic places…in–still being true to Rabbie — Scotland.

Gretna Green.

gretNo. Being a visitor centre this isn’t my favorite. Not that I’ve anything against them, apart from the fact you can’t get parked and then people stand on your feet when you do. Guided tours now… Did I really just say the Scots weren’t romantics? Well, I don’t know about that but Scotland was the only place in Britain where you could marry at the age of 12 without parental consent. What was more you didn’t need a priest or a minister. Just a blacksmith to perform the ceremony, so keen were we Scots to – quote my hero – get to it.

Loch Lomond

lochOh please, don’t ask me why this is here – apart from the fact it’s beautiful. I mean no famous star-crossed Scottish lovers met here that I know of. But there is a song. And the song is famous. And it is about two lovers, so…of course it’s here.

St. Margaret’s Hope  st-margarets-hope

Hotly rumored to be the place the  English princess Margaret, first clapped eyes on Malcolm – the third Scottish king of that name, after a storm drove her ship north. Margaret being a very pious woman I am behaving myself. Whatever the truth of that storm story, the uncouth warrior king and her polar opposite, adored her for the duration of their married life.

Sweetheart Abbey

seeAll right, I’m not sure about Lady Devorgilla loving her man so much she carted his embalmed heart about in a silver box with ivory trimmings. Personally it sounds a bit like the kind of thing some of heroines might do but not because they’re in any way in love. But how can I ignore a title like that?


Lower Falls GlencoeOkay, Glencoe has had some bad press lately, with the Savile abuse scandal and  climbers killed there last year on the Bidean and Buchaille. But those who know it will argue it deserves its tag as most romantic place in Scotland. And I am one of those. And the most romantic place in it is the Lochan. You can read of it here. All right a bit of self promo – it’s on this blog.https://shehannemoore.wordpress.com/2012/09/10/she-had-seduced-him/

We also know Glencoe had bad press before in 1692.