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I interrupt this all things Scottish series cos you know me–big gub–who couldn’t just say….convto the lovely and talented Sharon Struth


author of TheHourglass_BySharonStruth-600x900and lander of a 3 book contract –oooh– when she asked me to join the My Writing Process Blog Hop, I said…


SO here I am. Answering the specified questions and handing on the baton to three other lovely authors who will each post about their writing process on their blogs, next Monday. Ooh lucky them! You can check Shaz’s answers to the set questions here.


as well as  the answers of Ellen Butler http://www.ellenbutler.net/ and another fab writer pal, Noelle Clark, who Sharon also chose. http://noelleclark.blogspot.com/2014/02/my-writing-process-blog-tour.html

All brill when it comes to showing how things work….or don’t.

What am I working on? conv

Right now? Finishing that cup of coffee, the bag of peanuts and NOT eyeing up the vino. Sorry was I meant to be discussing my writing process? Do I have one? Oh. Okay. I am working on book 2 of conte

….Splendor, who is not actually a Starkadder Sister as such, more their general do-it-all skivvy, and her obviously sizzling (Ahem) romance with the somewhat difficult and a tad bad tempered Earl Stillmore.


But also–why stick at one–a  sumexy little, presently at 80 thou words,  something involving a sumexy bed-slave owning Viking….

How does my work differ from others of its genre?conv

Okay? In a nutshell? I think The Book Review probably says it better than I can.

If you are looking for the traditional regency period historical romance, you won’t find it here. This is one of the darkest Historical romances I have read in a good long while.’

I guess I just don’t do flounces very well and I don’t have my characters falling easily either. To quote another reviewer on Amazon –

Ms Moore specialises in thrawn, feisty, troubled characters who refuse to bow down to what life throws at them.

My absolute preference is for flawed people because let’s face it, we are all flawed in some way. No-one is perfect. Every saint has a past. Every sinner has a future. Think of the realism it adds. Does my sumexy new hero, Hawley, go down on bended knees to declare his undying love for Saff for her cooling hand on his brow—— dev abos—–he suffers battlefield flashbacks coupled with  paralyzing fevers caused by his opium addiction and a poisoned leg? No. What he goes is titz cos she’s used all his shaving water.

In terms of plotting….To me… conv

Completely… Cos I am, so why not think outside the square? Throw the pieces in the air, do the exact opposite of what is expected? A bed-slave owning Viking? I know what you’re thinking this is going to be about and how it’s all going to pan out. But you’re wrong.

Why do I write what I do?conv

Lol. Because what I would like to write doesn’t fit neatly into tropes and genres. For example you get told that you can’t have a book with several mains when it comes to characters nowadays. Pass.

convBut there it is.  I loved books like convAgain the kind an author would get told to red pen these days .It’s got to be about one main….

Romance as a genre, is so popular you can break into it. And believe me I despaired of ever breaking into print. Period. I had to think long and hard about tailoring my writing, learning to write a romance –it’s actually not easy–and ok, doing it my unflouncy black-humoured way because that’s the niche I want to carve for me. The bits of me I didn’t want to sacrifice to get into print. I chose historical because my passion is the past. Lol. Probably I was influenced by all these creaky old movies I adore…. convBeautiful women, Handsome men.


Let’s face it, the fundamental things apply, whatever.conv

Of course I have a little raunch in it. Why not? That’s fundamental too!

How does your writing process work? conv

Er…… does it ? Do I have one? Well. I sit down and I hit a few keys. Then I go have a coffee. Then I go have another. conv

Honestly? I have no idea where I am going next. Something comes on the page and I think WTF? Hawley is an opium addict? Fury got up to stuff in Jamaica? The Black Wolf gets it page one the heroine is a lying be-atch. What?

COVER REVEAL! Loving Lady Lazuli


Scenes never go the way I want them. Right now I am ready to blood eagle that damned Viking. Instead of being nicey-nicey  to the heroine -FINALLY- as I’ve set it up for him to be,  he went and got in another  fight with her. Don’t ask. So long as I get there in the end is all that matters.

So now I am handing the baton on to three lovely ladies who will post next Monday. Please check them out! They are worth it!

My Naughty Days of Christmas blog hop buddy.  Anne Lange


Anne is a wife and mother who works full time and lives in Canada. Books and shoes are her passion.

She started writing in late 2009, realized she needed to figure out what in the world she was doing, and began her trek of workshops and networking, and writing. She finally got her break in October 2012, when Etopia Press asked if they could publish her novella, Worth the Risk. Her second book Friends With Benefits was recently released.

My doodle buddy . Elyzabeth M. Valey

convDefined as weird since she was about eight, Elyzabeth honors the title by making up songs about her chores, doodling stars and flowers on any blank sheet of paper and talking to her dog whenever he feigns interest.

Losing the battle to the voices in her head is her favorite pastime after annoying her younger sister with her singing. Writing stories full of passion and emotion where love conquers all is her happy pill and she’ll forgo sleep to make her readers live the dream. www.elyzabethmvaley.com/

The latest addition to Lady Fury’s book club.  Debut author- Jane Hunt. 

convAs a child Jane  had a complete stable of make-believe horses and her  imagination remains as vivid. Now it creates characters and scenarios which provide the inspiration for her stories. The Dragon Legacy is Jane’s  first published novel and she is excited to be sharing it with a wider audience.
When  not writing Jane  enjoys reading, book reviewing, social media and walking in the countryside. She is passionate about animal welfare. She is mum to two children and was, of course, a child bride. www.jolliffe01.com/