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convVery well, it’s not actually Burns Night. That’s tomorrow. But dates aren’t  my strong point and I’m kind of busy tomorrow. Boy does that make a change….not. 

I don’t know if you’ve seen my doodling buddy, Elzabeth M Valey’s blog. It’s got absolutely sod all to do with Rabbie. But there’s a fun quiz,  http://inadreambeyond.blogspot.com/2014/01/tntconfidential-author-spotlight-on_23.html?spref=tw  It’s on the jewel thieves. Which one are you?


Sapphire, Pearl, Ruby, Amber, Jade, Splendor or Diamond? Also, one must share one’s news. Her ladyship is coming out in print.LadyFury_3D

     Tres exciting and a big thank you to my publisher, Etopia Press.  Tails and chasing? Been doing it all week! So Rabbie…. Why is he Sumexy?conv

What is a Burns Supper as opposed to a fish supper….?


 Why do we have them, not just in Scotland, but worldwide? Especially when the food  is……


YES. You are seeing that….conv

                           (Saying nowt….with regard do quizzes what it might be)


……..except  I always avoid the food.

AND finally, what can we expect at a supper to take our minds off that food?

Well, let’s be clear Robert Burns was a total babe magnet. Just look at him in the shades.

convOkay. So there were no shades around in his day, fifty or Ray Ban,  just the naff sideburns. But. despite being dirt poor,  he was a clever, educated guy. And when you consider the average farm labourer of his day, you could see why the ladies dropped their drawers for the sumexy Rab. img101

What was more he liked women.  He wrote them nice poems and he knocked up his ma’s servant, while courting his later wife. Move over Mr Byron!

But men liked Rabbie too. And not just cos he  wrote love letters for yir average tongue in knots local to give their amour.


Men liked a drink with Rabbie, his easy understanding of human ways. You know to me that’s the mark of a truly sumexy person. Male, or female, both sexes like you.  When he died rock bottom broke, at the tender age of 37, 10.000 people came to pay their respects. Imagine that amount. His friends held a night on the anniversary of his death to remember him. That’s the origin of Burns Night, except they got a bit mixed up as to when his death was and celebrated it in July….

What can we expect? Well… I’m getting a few characters from my hottie Scottie book, His Judas Bride to show us Burn’s Night Kara and Callm style….. Which ones would I choose and why….. hansa-great-dane-dog-stuffed-animalimghsahsa1080_l

Okay…..Firstly before author Anne Lange runs off screaming, I need to clear up the confusion caused by the lovely author, Sharon Struth. Dug really looks like this white p

Yes, don’t you fall for that other  eyelash batting cur one bit. Given that the real Dug would tear the haggis and half the guests to bits, she will have been skilfully locked up, not for the first time,  by Kara. kara3

even if she and the Wolf cross swords about it. So the first item is the howling –oops—piping in of the guests. Shug would do that, he’s the musical one of the live together die as one  Wolves.  grunge


Followed by the Selkirk Grace. NO. That is not some weird sister. Some hooker either.  The Selkirk Grace is the Selkirk Grace.  Only this being Lochalpin, I think we can forget anything religious. I think we can probably forget the soup too, if that dinner party that was thrown in Kara’s honor is anything to go by….

If she was able to get her teeth into the fossilized chicken leg Ulla now set before her, it would be a miracle on a par with the loaves and the fishes

  SO let’s head up to the piping in of the haggis. ewen

No. I said the HAGGIS.conv

Not Ewen McDunnagh even if he is one. Certainly not Ewen McDunnagh  when the Wolf is going to do the address to the haggis.

 Trenching your gushing entrails bright,conv1a

In fact whose idea was it to give Callm that knife when he won’t be happy unless he attacks it from 30 paces, attacks Ewen too? Then chops both up in a frenzy.

Next up? The whisky toast. So now there’s a rammy over that, Ewen refusing to part with a drop.  Lastly the  official toasts..

The Immortal Memory

to Rabbie’s life and memory, except now Ewen’s scoffed the whisky I doubt we’ll be having that and unless it’s all about him he won’t want to listen either.

The toast to the lassies

Well, if Ewen’s giving it, I doubt any one will want to listen.

The reply from the lassies

Who gave Kara that knife? ……Right? Fallon…it was you, what a surpise. fallon

  I think we can all agree that asking Kara and the Wolf to run a supper would be a mistake.

Personally when it comes to replies from the lassies… and I’ve twice done them,  I like the notion of this one.

And whaur do you   suppose was Kate
When market days were wearin’ late.
While Tam frequented wretched dives
And fooled around with landlord’s wives.
And rode poor Meg through mud and ditches
And had an eye for handsome witches.
Played ‘Peepin’ Tam’ at Alloway
And yelled and gave the himsel’ away
And fled from there amid the din
While Maggie barely saved his skin!
Whaur was Kate?-

Next up Scottish literary giants……..